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How to make a strategic human resources plan

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How to make a strategic human resources plan

An HR director has to know their workers, as well as the needs of each job position in order to be able, in the event of vacancies, to follow an action plan to hire new staff. But he must also know the costs of remuneration, issues related to the prevention of occupational hazards, careers that lead trained workers to promotions and promotions, etc. And all this is prepared and implemented through a strategic Human Resources plan that we will develop below.

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What is a strategic Human Resources plan
We can define the strategic plan for Human Resources as a document that will include the strategy to be followed for a certain time in different functions on its pages. It will have a general base, where the history of the company, objectives of the department, mission, vision and values, etc. will be reflected. It will also be nourished by the plans that are going to be carried out related to the personnel policy, such as the steps to hire new personnel (and how to select them), to offer courses to both new workers and those who are already in the company. company, to solve problems that arise in the workforce, etc.

How to make a strategic human resources plan – Human resources management for an entrepreneur
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In general, the plans included in the Human Resources strategic plan are: selection, hiring, staff training, promotion or promotion and motivation (which would include fixed and variable remuneration, awards, etc.). Of course, some others can be included, such as the prevention of occupational risks or the resolution of conflicts, which will establish the bases for those issues related to personnel.

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In the case of personnel selection, for example, an analysis of the job should be carried out to know which candidate would be the ideal based on the tasks or functions that must be performed in this job. In the selection process, the criteria for evaluating the different candidates who are presented will be established and, depending on the work, some selection techniques or others may be carried out.

Other plans, such as occupational risk prevention or promotion or promotion, may be related to other departments, but this does not mean that they should be left aside, but rather they should be discussed and shared with the other departments.

Prepare a strategic Human Resources plan
Now that you know better what a strategic Human Resources plan encompasses, it is convenient to know the elements it contains and that will vary depending on the company.

These points are global , since afterwards each plan annexed to the HR strategic plan should focus on that department function .

Roughly speaking, we must focus on the following:

As we have told you, this will be made up of several plans in turn, depending on what it is. However, all of them will be a set of an even bigger, and general plan, which is the one that lays the foundations. And that is the one that must be started to elaborate.

Human Resources strategic plans are usually carried out on an annual basis. A strategy to follow for the following year must be taken into account, which can be retouched later. This year does not have to coincide with the calendar, but could start on the same dates as the school year, or adapt it depending on the company.

Each of these points are different from each other.

The mission of an HR plan is very similar to that of a company, only focused on the department itself. With it, you look for a reason why that plan is carried out. Questions such as what is to be achieved with that plan, who will it affect, and what is it being developed for give an answer to the focus of the plan.

For its part, the vision of the plan focuses on the image of what you want to achieve. For example, if you are looking to expand staff, a vision would be the consequence of an increase in the workforce that is efficient and is faithful to the company.

Finally, the values of the plan must be governed by the ethical principles of the Forex Email List and the specific Human Resources department.

When establishing the objectives of the Human Resources plan, these three types must be taken into account:

The explicit objectives are those that are based on achieving specific and concrete purposes, such as keeping talented workers, hiring highly qualified personnel, etc.

The implicit objectives will be closely related to the objectives that the company has set for itself. These can be more abstract, such as productivity, worker loyalty, etc.

The long – term goals are those that seeks to meet throughout the year of the strategic plan of Human Resources. They are based on performance, competitiveness, effectiveness, good work, etc.

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SWOT analysis , also known as SWOT, tries to visually and more precisely put what are the weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats that influence the Human Resources department itself. It would not be at the level of the entire company, although it must be taken into account when carrying out the analysis.

Once all of the above has been established , the HR strategic plan is divided by activities such as hiring, personnel selection, promotions, training, etc.

All of these plans are covered in the strategic plan itself. But because the tasks of the Human Resources department are very broad, it is better to divide by activities. In this way, it is possible to focus on a single activity and to recognize what the means are available, the shortcomings and the achievement of the objectives based on the line of action.

1. Personnel selection plan

It contains the keys and techniques to be carried out. In this case, this plan will be prepared based on the possible hiring of new personnel and will include an analysis of the job position as well as the ideal characteristics that the candidate should meet.

In addition, the next point that will be collected in it will be to choose the different selection techniques to choose the ideal candidate for that job.

2. Recruitment plan

The hiring plan will be governed by the different contracts that can be formalized with the worker, establishing the contract with all the clauses, as well as the collective agreements applicable in the employment relationship.

3. Training plan

In this section, not only would the initial training of new workers enter , if necessary, but also the training plans that workers can carry out to increase their knowledge, retrain or even do a training career to promote towards jobs higher category.

4. Promotion and promotion plan

Establishing the bases for possible promotions to workers who have been with the company for a long time and who could take over a job of greater responsibility.

5. Motivation plan

The motivation plan focuses on establishing guidelines so that staff are comfortable in the company and in the workplace. In addition, it will focus on the remuneration policy and on extra rewards or rewards that may be given (due to increased clientele, productivity, etc.).

6. Occupational risk prevention plan

This plan will be drawn up in the event that the HR department has internalized this function and is one of those it performs. Sometimes, especially in large companies, this function is entrusted to an independent department but related to HR. In that case, the one who would develop the plan would be the risk department.

7. Conflict resolution plan

It will include the ways of intervening in case of conflicts, whether between co-workers, with superiors, etc.

As you can see, the Human Resources strategic plan can be complicated, but once the steps to be carried out, the tasks and what must be included are followed, it is much easier to understand and apply.

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