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How to make a Cover Letter: examples, formats and success stories

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How to make a Cover Letter: examples, formats and success stories

The first impression always counts, much more important is when it comes to applying for a job. The cover letter for the Human Resources sector is the perfect companion for the resume we present, it may be the first opportunity to get closer to your employer. Every detail matters, that’s why in this post we tell you how to make a cover letter for HR.

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There is no exact and detailed formula on how to make the perfect cover letter, but there are tips to captivate by presenting what you do best. The ultimate goal is to draw attention to the curriculum and get attention so that Human Resources want to continue to know about you, it is the last step that will reveal the most important information about professional concerns.

Captivating the reader of the letter is the first objective, it is an attention that should be captured in the first lines of the text and that must be followed at least during the first two paragraphs. To get it right, the letter has to be unique to the Hong Kong Phone Number List and present a genuine interest in the job . What makes a cover letter complicated is that they are always personal and there are many people who want to give their best in just a few lines, among which a few stand out, and here are the keys to do so.

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Keys to writing a cover letter for a company
The amount counts . For this reason, long and heavy letters are not the ones that triumph, simplicity prevails over quantity, so we recommend that you do not exceed more than one page for your cover letter and summarize the best of yourself in a few words.
Know the job offer well. Characterize your letter with the objectives of the job you want to apply for. Study the offer, examine what they ask for and tell them what you can offer, your skills and job expectations. It is also very important that the letter does not look like a standard model that is sent in bulk, be careful with the details.
Being too formal can sometimes feel unnatural . Do not use too many colloquial expressions or excessive use of formalities. The tone you use in the letter has to be adjusted to you, your personality and your way of expressing yourself, taking into account how you are going to communicate and what tone you will use when you present yourself at the Forex Email List and what type of job you aspire to. Writing for an advertising agency is not the same as writing for a law firm.
Choose your purpose There are several types of cover letters that can help you reach your goal. Therefore, choosing well what type of letter you want to write will help you to be closer. There is the traditional type of letter, one addressed directly to employers, one sent by email, or a more informal cover letter. You have to know how and when to choose each type of letter.
Reflect the culture of the company: It is very important not to stay only with the words that the job offer shows. The cover letter must be oriented to the demands of the company but originality also counts. The visual and lexical appeal should match the tastes and the sector of the company.If you want to work for a young and creative company, the cover letter should be more informal and fluid, using less formal words and that correspond to the people with the ones you hope to work with.
Focus on the needs of the organization. You have to be very specific when addressing the needs outlined in the job description. Present yourself as the solution to what the company is looking for. For example, if a sales employee who needs to know how the company’s revenue will increase or an IT professional who wants to find out how they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems, the question would be, “How can I help the company ?
There is no fixed rule that defines what should and should not go on the letter, the advice can vary. Essentially, the letter should explain why you have applied for the job, what appeals to you, and why you would like to work for the organization without using too much “me.” In addition, it is very important to highlight why your profile is suitable for the job in a different way than the information on the resume. Cover letters should always be short and concise . Another option is an introduction and a body that consists of two paragraphs that describe how qualified or qualified you are for the position and a closing paragraph that reiterates your interest and fits the job.

It is also recommended that the letter be addressed, if possible, to a specific person . LinkedIn is usually a perfect place to search, you can also call the organization to ask for the name of the person who will read the cover letter. Finally, if you want to avoid any form of formal expression, we recommend that you read it out loud.

Why you should make a Cover Letter
The surprise of receiving a second presentation in another format may come as a pleasant surprise to the employer. Not all companies will ask you to send a cover letter but it can be a point in your favor if the letter is attractive enough that it allows the company to get to know you better.

Cover letters for a company are usually personal and allow the company to get closer to the candidate.

If the letter is original, well written and adapted to the needs of the company, it is one more reason to write.

It allows to complement the curriculum and go beyond the simple functions and works written in one or two lines. The letter allows you to tell who you are, what you can contribute and why you want the job.

What data to include in business cover letters?
Your data: name, surname, address, email, telephone

Company details: name, department, employer name, postal code, address.

Reason for the letter: if you write the letter it is because you are interested in the job. Tell them what you like most about the company and why you want to work for it.

Qualities and experience: do not forget to tell what you do best and how you have learned it

Conclusion: ask them to accept you in the company and why they will not regret

How to write a cover letter step by step
What will be the structure of the letter ?: Before starting to write about how much we want a job and show why we are the perfect candidates for it, we will have to choose how we are going to structure the letter and what we will include in each one of the paragraphs:
– Introduce yourself to the head of Human Resources

-Explain why you are the perfect candidate for that job

Learn the most innovative strategies to design and manage every aspect of HR Management

I’m interested!
-Write what you could not detail in the curriculum

– Explain the latest details more precisely

Choose the language: Do you want to work in London? Do you prefer to work in Germany or Spain? The site is not the question but the language that the company needs to read the cover letter. Some more international companies ask for English or Spanish as a standard and specify in their job offer which languages ​​the applicant needs to be hired.
Content: To get started, write your contact information and that of the person who will receive your letter. It is important that it appears at the beginning and that it is fully legible. It depends on the country you want to send the letter to, the format will be different.
How to make a Cover Letter: examples, formats and success stories – cover letter scheme

This format is the most common among cover letters, but it does not mean that it is the only one. Today there are more ways to structure a presentation, which can be more original and more or less valued by the employer. It all depends on the type of company.

Start with a presentation, first and very important, taking care of the spelling and syntax, then know who you are writing for and try to put yourself in their shoes . How would you like someone to introduce themselves? Research online and find out what the deal is with the company through social networks , not everyone likes the too formal treatment.

In the first paragraph, you can start by telling the employer about the job you want so much and how you found out about it . The rest of the paragraph will have to present basic information about oneself: studies, career goals, courses taken, seminars, freelance work, etc.

In the second paragraph of the letter, you must specify and respond directly to what the company asks for . You can specify and detail more about your previous jobs and skills that the company needs from a profile like you. To make it easier, you can also include a function described in the same way as in the job offer.

If you want to go a little further, continue with the research and find out what they do, in which fields they work, how many people work in the company, why they do that work, etc.

And finally in the third paragraph, complementa information explaining why and how they fit into the company convince them that you are the perfect candidate who can not do without!

Conclusion: The last paragraph is the “call to action of the letter”, the one that definitely makes the employer decide for you. Close by saying how much you would like to be interviewed, have a first meeting with the company, insist and appreciate the time they have taken to read your letter.

Cover letter format
Keep in mind that a cover letter for the company could be something more formal than the CV , which stands out for all its visual elements and its originality (depending on the type of work). The margins, the style, the size of the font will also give a first impression.

-Margins between 1 and 1.5

-Choose a font size not less than 12 points, it can make reading difficult

-The style of the letter also matters. Try not to choose fonts of the “comic sans” type and go for those that give a more professional appearance and that fit the figure of the employer and the company.

-Don’t forget to say goodbye and say thank you

If a job advertisement does not specifically ask for a cover letter, it is always worth writing an email in the form of a letter, which would be simply a cover note that allows you to make sure that your CV has been opened and that summarizes what you would say. to the employer at the time of the interview.

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