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How to integrate Sales Navigator into your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy

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How to integrate Sales Navigator into your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy

The account-based marketing (ABM) is a customer acquisition technique that focuses on accounts (companies) to which you reach by a method based on inbound and a different approach to the usual.

The most practical and widely used tool as an ABM resource is LinkedIn Sales Navigator . Would you know how to use the best valued tool in the professional network of companies to improve your sales opportunities?

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What is an ABM strategy?
How to integrate Sales Navigator into your ABM strategy
How to apply Sales Navigator for an ABM strategy
Talking about using Sales Navigator for an account-based marketing strategy means knowing not to waste time on no-return strategies. Unlike other marketing techniques based on developing the brand image or gradually getting users interested in the product, an ABM technique on LinkedIn targets exactly company profiles that are made for your products and services. .

A marketing strategy for B2B businesses that gets to the point from the start and is designed to align the Software Managers Email Lists and sales department to impact a set of high-value accounts.

And it is that sometimes companies target users or profiles of other companies that do not do an active search on the internet for the keywords for which they position themselves. Other times, the market is very niche. So, how to reach the target online and start an inbound marketing method?

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Identifying profiles of potential customers precisely and individually in which, a priori, there is no demand, is the function of the ABM, which uses highly personalized and specific campaigns. In fact, if we find the accounts or profiles of the social networks of these high-value users, the ABM is in charge of creating a fruitful relationship with them that can be commercially exploited. In other words, we start the other way around: first we choose the profiles of the target customers of a business, we establish relationships with them and, in this way, sales opportunities will be created.

Let’s be clear: if you don’t know what an ABM strategy is, let’s start at the beginning.

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What is an ABM strategy?
The account-based marketing is a strategy that uses campaigns and resources specifically for individual accounts within a particular sector, bypassing the initial processes of the funnel of those general marketing campaigns that try to lure a whole market.

Benefits of an ABM strategy for your business
Thanks to its precision and immediacy in identifying potential customers, these can be transferred directly to a sales team to contact them or involve them in marketing automation processes to build a relationship between the customer and the brand.

Here is a summary of the main benefits of using account-based Marketing:

It is the best formula to impact the decision-making profiles of the companies that are part of our target audience: choose exactly who we are targeting.
It allows you to design a strategy for a single company through the appropriate contact and the sending of highly personalized and valuable content.
You have shorter sales cycles than in a B2C marketplace marketing strategy: the sales and Forex Email List funnel becomes shorter, so fewer resources are wasted.
Get leads who are willing to receive the value proposition that we have to make to them. Therefore, they are more likely to close sales and improve the customer experience along the way.
When is it convenient to do an ABM strategy?
The ABM is a solution especially suitable for B2B companies that are in the following situation:

Companies that have few potential customers in the market (not by volume of business, but by number of interlocutors).
The profile that the company is looking for is a profile that it does not search online:
Non-digital profiles.
Senior management positions.
Other specific cases, such as, for example, doctors.
These are, then, companies in which the first phase of inbound marketing (attraction of organic traffic through content) is not effective: they capture low-quality traffic far from the profile of the buyer persona.

In these cases, the attraction phase is worked in a different way. More artisan, finding formulas to access the profiles that interest us the most and the entire decision profile that is around it.

If you want to go deeper into what account-based marketing is, what type of companies can work best for them and what are its phases, I recommend that you take a look at the following content:

Account-based marketing: what it is and how it works
How to integrate Sales Navigator into your ABM strategy
To accurately follow the phases of an ABM strategy, you must apply this method in the most optimized tool for sale on LinkedIn: Sales Navigator .

What is Sales Navigator and what characterizes it?
Sales Navigator is the premium tool that allows you to connect with the profiles and accounts of companies that we want and build better professional relationships with them.

Although a free LinkedIn account allows you to apply a series of filters to search for profiles, you will know that it also has many limitations. That’s why with Sales Navigator you can optimize your LinkedIn campaigns to follow exactly the details of an ABM strategy . Specifically, Sales Navigator is the advanced version of segmentation on LinkedIn to find exactly the people and companies you want to reach, in addition to sending personalized messages, saving leads, analyzing your sales statistics and receiving alerts, among others. many functionalities.

One of the most outstanding features of Sales Navigator corresponds to a crucial strategy for applying ABM: the ability to fully personalize each message we send to each account in order to establish a quality relationship between company and client (or group of clients) .

Therefore, this tool is specially designed to generate leads and guide the marketing team in prospecting for sales. What’s more, any sales and marketing team targeting B2B business should have this tool.

Depending on what your needs as a company are and what volume of potential customers you are targeting, Sales Navigator has different prices and levels of contracting .

Sales Navigator Professional : It is the most basic and economical version of this tool, but it could help you to begin with. It allows you to save up to 1500 leads and send 20 InMail messages per month, email integrations, etc.
Sales Navigator Team – Intended for sales teams that already have a CRM and can integrate their data with LinkedIn to improve the effectiveness of their ABM strategy. With more features than the basic version, it allows you to save up to 5,000 leads, receive organic marketing alerts, make warm presentations with TeamLink, etc.
Sales Navigator Enterprise : the Premium version can also be integrated with your CRM, manage a consolidated volume of customers and take full advantage of the benefits of an ABM strategy for effective customer acquisition. In this case, it allows you to manage up to 10,000 saved leads and have a more complete and personalized database configuration.
Benefits of attracting customers with Sales Navigator and not with other tools
Why use Sales Navigator for our ABM strategy? Here are some of the benefits you should consider:

We can find active profiles on social networks.
Great ability to choose the decision-making profile from all the accounts of the company-client.
It allows filtering the LinkedIn database in an agile and simple way.
We can directly attack the accounts that interest us.
It is not too expensive a tool in relation to the value we get.
We receive the news of the accounts that we want to attack at the moment.
Analysis and performance of shipments: rate of openings, responses, percentage of rejected and accepted messages, selected profiles …
Can you think of any other online job platform that is more active and dynamic than LinkedIn?

How to apply Sales Navigator for an ABM strategy
With all the information you’ve read so far, here are some key points about implementing Sales Navigator in an ABM strategy:

Use the search filters to discover your potential customers: the search functions developed by Sales Navigator are ideal to identify the accounts or organizations that align with your buyer persona and to develop your prospecting tactics.
Configure search alerts to find your profiles at all times and, thus, know all possible updates.
Build your ABM team: together with a sales representative, coordinate the work for the creation of personalized content and the administration of each account, creating an orderly database. The alignment of your marketing and sales teams will share common objectives to work on each account (profiles).
Attract high-quality leads by customizing the content for each account and forging a relationship with the members of the organization. For this, Sales Navigator provides a filter that allows you to reach those who have published content in the last 30 days, but you can also manage the sending of InMails.
Channel the best prospects through the sales funnel to increase your conversion rates and close more sales. As we move through the lead nurturing process , sales professionals will find more opportunities to generate quality leads and maintain connections that can lead to a sales opportunity.
In conclusion, if you want to start increasing your ROI in attracting customers in a B2B environment through an ABM strategy, Sales Navigator is the ideal tool to do so. Work step by step through the phases of account-based marketing and attract your potential customers (your target accounts), contact them, offer them quality personalized content and coordinate your results with your sales team. And remember: if the numbers fail you, you can analyze in detail each action taken and resume your marketing strategies.

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