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How to inbound your social networks: turn your followers into records

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How to inbound your social networks: turn your followers into records

Do you know how social media can be the best opportunity for lead generation? Believe it or not, these platforms serve much more than to show the content of our website and impact with it exactly those who interest us.

What’s more, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn are an essential pillar of an inbound VP Business Development Email List strategy.

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Why lead generation is key to our social media strategy
What does it mean to inbound and how is it related to social media?
How to generate leads on social networks? 6 methods to achieve it
It is a fact. In social networks, companies find a very interesting channel in which to develop their brand image, increase their visibility and find users related to their target audience. With them, a community is built with which we can maintain common interests and generate a relationship that can last over time. However, sometimes we are not aware of the potential of having these followers, and our strategy remains at the surface of the marketing funnel.

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It is true that we can get a considerable number of followers, engagement, a growing reach and even generate web traffic. But why don’t those followers turn into customers? This is the question that the most frustrated Social Media Managers always ask themselves.

Day after day these followers follow our publications, interact with our brand and, to a greater or lesser extent, show interest in our products and services. To tell the truth, among all these followers there are different types of buyer persona , but if we do not develop the appropriate actions we will not be able to take advantage of them.

In this article I want to explain how to generate leads thanks to inboundization , why this step is essential to be able to advance in our online marketing strategy and what is the way to convert your followers into potential clients.

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Why lead generation is key to our social media strategy
First of all, we must refresh what are the leads : h ablamos of lead in the field of online marketing when a user has provided personal information to a company voluntarily through a form, so that becomes a record in your database.

It is, therefore, a contact, which can be used by the company depending on the moment of the purchase process of the user himself, that is, the interest that he has shown us and the objectives for which he has become. However, in this form it is essential that the user authorizes us to process their data for commercial purposes and everything is in order in accordance with the legislation of the RGPD.

In this conversion from user to lead there is a transaction that is key for both parties, since the user gives up his data on the condition of getting something of interest to him: specialized content of value, a discount code, a purchase, participation to a contest, etc.

what is a marketing lead

For our part, we can use this data to launch an inboundization process and a series of automated Forex Email List techniques with which we can advance through the phases of the purchase process.

We usually get these leads through a set of strategies (organic search, direct traffic, CPC, mailing, etc). Especially social networks will be a very important channel for this.

What does it mean to inbound and how is it related to social media?
As we know, inbound marketing is the set of marketing techniques designed to accompany the user in each phase of the purchase process through the appropriate content at the most suitable time and place, in order to convert users into customers and, even beyond , get to retain them.

Well, the term inboundization is practically the same, only that it guarantees more results in the short term.

This inbound process involves setting up a whole machine: studying the buyer persona, using marketing automation tools, segmenting the audience, studying different strategies for each type of user, etc.

A process for which we must invest more, especially in the initial phase, and with which we would see long-term results, progressively increasing our return on investment.

But inboundization can occur once the company has already implemented a series of digital advertising actions (in social networks, Google Ads, mailing, etc.), it already has considerable organic traffic on its website and, therefore, with a good database.

The goal of inboundization is to increase the conversion of traffic to lead, reducing the chances of spoiling that qualified traffic (and for which we have paid), which lands on our website and leaves it without converting.

There are many formulas to carry out this inboundization, but the key lies in offering valuable content that the user, who has already entered a purchase process, cannot ignore, although to do so they must become a lead.

inbound marketing free guide
How to generate leads on social networks?
6 methods to achieve it
Social networks have changed a lot and also the way of using them, both for users and for companies. If we put Facebook as a reference , which is the king par excellence of social networks, we can verify that it is a channel that connects with the data of our website through cookies and the Facebook Pixel . That is why they can be very useful in our online marketing strategies and in generating leads.

In general, social networks provide many benefits to companies , they have become essential when it comes to improving their relationship with their potential clients, reinforcing their brand image, gaining visibility and low-cost content management, among many others. Applications.

Thanks to a good management of the profile of a company in social networks we can:

Identify the buyer persona and obtain information about their profile: geographical location, personal interests, consumer tastes, browsing behavior, age, gender, etc.
Perform a much more specific segmentation , being able to select exactly the target we want to reach.
Increase qualified web traffic: in social networks it is easy to share content that is interesting for your target audience, making known what is worth following you, which will improve your conversion rates.
Generate leads at a lower cost , reinforcing our strategies once the user has demonstrated an involvement with the brand.
Thus, social networks not only help attract leads, but are also the ideal resource to improve the relationship with them and become customers .

Here are some methods by which you can convert your followers into registrations, going through a form landing.

How to convert leads to customers: 6 tips
In InboundCycle we have designed and implemented some of the methods that we are going to tell you to generate leads through different campaigns on social networks (and thanks to sharing the posts at the right time).

Keep in mind that you will have to create offers for different stages of purchase , since some users may need more education than others. For example, while people at the top of the buying cycle may be more interested in an informational piece (such as an ebook), those who are more engaged in the final part may be more interested in a free trial of the product. . That’s where marketing automation comes in!

Through paid campaigns that we do, for example, in Facebook Ads, we can implement the following techniques.

1. Capture leads through videos
If we have a YouTube channel we have very valuable content to share on social networks. The video is the one that improves the ratios of the web, as it shows a high interaction on the part of the users. There are many techniques to capture leads through videos:

Optimize the image of the final screen of the video to capture leads, adding different links (subscribe to the channel, link to an optimized landing page of the website, promote another video, etc.).
Using the video itself for a person to encourage users to convert by downloading or visiting a web page.
Offer the video as a special downloadable content , so to access it the user will have to fill out a form and give us their data through the landing page that you share on your social networks.
2. Lead magnet technique
In Spanish, magnets means magnet . Precisely that magnet is going to be a powerful offer that we will show on the landing page whose URL is shared on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn …). For example, a downloadable pdf, access to a course, a discount, etc.

In B2B environments, a magnet of great interest is the content linked to training, for example, through webinars . If they want, they will have to fill in the form fields that we ask for and with which the user will become a lead.

If you want to learn how to create landing pages that convert, I recommend you take a look at this article with 9 keys and examples to create a perfect landing page .

3. Lead generation using the “exit intent” formula
What this formula does is that when a user visits the web page and, finally, decides not to buy or simply not to register, and clicks on the checkout box (X), a pop-up immediately appears in which offers you special content .

This offer or proposition will have to correspond to the search that led you to our site, in such a way that it satisfies your search intentions and is of such value that the percentage that decides to become a record is very high.


4. Contests on social networks to get leads
If you ask a marketing expert how to generate virality in social networks to increase the visibility of a company, it is almost 100% certain that they will tell you about this action. But the contests can also be directed to a more select audience, who have already bought on our website before or have been about to do so, thanks to the segmentation that we can do on social networks.

How to do these contests? They should be simple, clear and attractive : it offers a valuable reward and guides the user in the steps to take to activate their participation. To request the data you need for conversion to leads, you can use voting contests or quiz type. In return, we will have gotten our leads.

5. Capture leads through Lead Generation ads
In addition to everything mentioned, do not forget an advertising format for Facebook Ads with which you can get leads very easily. These are ads that have been specifically designed for lead generation. With this format, before reaching a landing page of your website, the user will go through a form that you can create with Facebook. This is why it is not always convenient, although with Lead Generation you can synchronize the data directly with your CMS. Of course, they should be intended for users potentially involved with our brand.

6. The Scarcity Element for Lead Generation
Another method that we cannot ignore and that is combinable with the others is to use the principle of limited supply . This resource has been very effective in all marketing strategies, since it has a psychological influence that invites action to achieve the benefit we want. We can use this on social networks through offers limited in time, in quantity or both (especially when it comes to ecommerces).

With these techniques you can inbound your social networks and get the most out of the followers who have shown that they are interested in you. They just need a little extra push to finish convincing them.

Finally, remember that in any strategy for capturing leads you must make sure to add a box in which the user accepts the terms and conditions. In addition, a Thank You Page can also be very useful when the user has filled in the data and has become a lead. What less than to thank him as he deserves!

Have you already implemented any of these actions? I will be happy to read your experience in the comment section.

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