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How to improve web analytics in your business

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How to improve web analytics in your business

While marketing in the analog world remains stagnant due to its poor mechanisms for measuring results – surveys are still the only measurement method, and from these it is very difficult and expensive to obtain useful information on the results of a promotional action -, the Venezuela Phone Number List world has evolved towards advanced processes for data capture and subsequent analysis. These advances in digital measurement have allowed companies to access multiple sources of information and metrics – qualitative, quantitative and competitive. In addition, constant evolution, accompanied by easy access to new processing technologies, provides marketers the possibility of crossing variables, processing a high volume of data and synthesizing indicators to make optimization decisions quickly and accurately. However, not everything is rosy, because overflowing evolution also creates an oversupply of measurement tools that, added to the limited knowledge of some professionals, brings confusion and inefficiency for businesses. This is why analytical processes must be approached with caution and planning, starting with the choice of a simple and intuitive tool. Followed by the design of clear procedures for the capture, processing and analysis of this data. Since analytics is not the art of measurement, but the science to conclude from metrics and to improve the results of a marketing effort .

The 7 tips that will enhance web analytics in marketing
The seemingly complex landscape of analytics — of tools, data glut, and lack of knowledge — as we said, can be simplified by creating a plan and adding a few tricks to approximate the data. Here are those little tips, tips, and tricks that will make your analytics work stand out:

1. Learn that knowing what happened is interesting, but it is more important to know why it happened Tabulating and accumulating data on digital activity is today an almost unhealthy obsession of many inexperienced companies and analysts. But what do you get out of that effort? Little, because this tedious task ends up consuming excessive time, leaving little for analysis, which is the key to analytics. Getting data is not the real problem. The real problem is the use that is given to that data and the information that is obtained from it. This, then, is our first tip: stop tabulating and start interpreting. Worry less about finding out what happened and more about the reasons behind it. Analytics is not summarized in a table, but focuses on it to move forward. Don’t waste time building a history of numerical variables, assign that task to the tool. Better spend your time thinking and documenting qualitative variables, which give you clues about user behavior. Do not just stay in the figures, try to find the why of them.


2. Don’t torment yourself by metric results, but learn from them
Another repetitive behavior in companies – and also erroneous, especially in their leaders – is to take analytics as a method to judge the performance of employees, as a mechanism to create management indicators that serve to determine if everyone is doing their job as the form correct; an attitude that minimizes the impact of analytics on the organization. Avoid that is our second tip. Focusing attention on measuring and analyzing data to improve action and to find ways that enrich the relationship with audiences is the correct behavior. Assuming this attitude, the analysts and the team will be able to focus on the causes of the results and the tasks necessary for them to improve.

3. Don’t be confused by excess data
One of the most important tasks in analytics is the selection of the metrics that are critical to monitor closeness to the achievement of business objectives, because different ways of measuring or evaluating Forex Email List effort will always be found. Making this choice wisely will be key to future analysis and to avoiding excess data — which creates more confusion than information. So how do you get it right? By asking the right questions about what must happen in order to achieve a goal and finding the data that answers them. Focusing on this reduces the universe of data to analyze and simplifies the analytics process. Now, if you then work on finding a visual way to present that data, the task will be done with agility and assertiveness.

4. Make a permanent analysis of traffic sources
The first step in analytics, always, is to know the individual contribution of each of the components of the digital ecosystem. Therefore, regularly reviewing where users are coming from and how they are behaving on the website is a very enriching preliminary analysis. The reason is that by doing this from the beginning, it is possible to start early with the calibration task for the correct functioning of each of the components of the digital ecosystem. Understanding the individual contribution of the different actions in the preliminary stages saves resources and optimizes the results.

5. Analyze how the menus and contents of the website are being consumed to optimize them Knowing how users navigate within the website and the content that attracts and holds their attention is essential information for the team. Behind this analysis, valuable information about the interests and motivations of the people who visit it is masked. Learning and understanding behaviors gives the possibility of increasing the forms and contents that they catch. In addition, doing this study also helps to find ways to make consumption simple and fast. The purpose, then, of this fifth tip, is to convince you that by working on your menus and content you will offer a better experience, attention will be captured and users will be retained within the platform.

6. Find the pages with the highest abandonment rate, to improve them and reduce bounce rates Part of the analysts’ job is to find opportunities for users to spend as much time as possible on business content. Also, adjust the platforms so that the visitors execute the actions that lead to the conversion. This is why our sixth tip is aimed at reducing bounce and bounce rates . Preventing the visitor from leaving the website is an important task, because doing so is improving the exposure times to the content and increasing the probability that they will enter the conversion funnels. Working on pages with high bounce and bounce rates is a priority, since doing so corrects the bad and optimizes the results obtained.

7. In traffic, give up quantity to focus on quality of users
Data and metrics on the amount of traffic received contribute little to web analytics. Knowing how much they visit the site gives you few clues about what to improve or optimize on it. Perhaps, it will serve to fine-tune the work that is done on external platforms, but little or nothing contributes to the improvement of the website. On the contrary, the analyzes on the quality of the traffic allow to improve both the external actions of digital marketing and the internal ones of the website, making the work more efficient and productive. Always remember, and insist to your team, that knowing “how much” is less important than knowing “who” is visiting you.

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