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How to improve SEO positioning with Google Analytics

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How to improve SEO positioning with Google Analytics

Today I share with you several keys that will help you improve SEO positioning with Google Analytics in a practical way.

My goal is to explain to you how to get the most out of Google Analytics reports and how to apply it when positioning your Content Singapore Business Phone List campaigns on Google .

SEO with Google AnalyticsImprove SEO positioning with Google Analytics
My goal is to help you improve your SEO with Google Analytics. Help you create and interpret Google Analytics reports to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Google Analytics reports allow you to understand the offsite and onsite behavior of your audience. This allows you from many points of view, improve your content and be more successful when using keywords to increase traffic to your website .

Google Analytics offers you valuable data on the off-site and on-site behavior of users

But it is also important that you make the most of all Google Analytics applications such as Secondary Dimensions, Filters and Segments , to find the most frequent search terms in search engines around your brand.

This will allow you to create a Content Forex Email List strategy that generates a greater organic reach, which leads to significantly improve your website traffic, reach your target audience and improve your positioning in Google.

That said, it’s not about writing for Google bots. It is about offering your audience valuable content that is directly related to the most frequent searches in your sector.

So I propose a tour of the different Google Analytics reports. First by explaining how to organize the metrics in a quantitative and qualitative way. And secondly, how to obtain information to optimize your content and your website in relation to frequent searches and keywords that you want to position.

Reports and objectives in Google Analytics in relation to SEO:
1. Google Analytcs audience reportAudience Reports: traffic improvement objective to improve positioning
Taking into account that web pages with a high influx of visits logically have a better search engine positioning , increasing the number of visits to your website and the quality of those visits around your objectives should be your priority.

You can then establish metrics in the Audience section, configuring and comparing the reports that are directly related to the number of visits, which will determine, for Google and Alexa, the ranking and positioning of your website by quantity and quality of your website traffic. :

Number of Sessions (views of your website)Number of usersNumber of Pages ViewedAverage DurationBounce Rate
Regardless of whether you can make a temporal comparison of the visit report, adjusting dates and periods in the calendar; Google Analytics allows you to generate a report, export it and even automate its sending by email. You can trust the delivery period and day and you can also configure the format: PDF, CSV, TSV or Excel.

Monthly report google analytics audience

This is a practical way to measure and evaluate the progress and conversion of your traffic goals and visits to your website, month by month. If you create the report with a comparison of equal time periods, the report will give you metrics and percentages of each of the parts to be evaluated.

SEO with Gogle Analytics Qualitative Reports2. Qualitative reports in Google Analytics
Google Analytics allows you to create tailored goals so that you can evaluate them for specific periods of time. In the Administration section, in the third column, you can create and customize them. You can create them with financial, reserve or pre-conversion goals. I explained it to you in the previous post: the Google Analytics Guide .

But today we are responsible for SEO with Google Analytics , so in the section on customizing the goals, you can for example create the following goals:

target time of permanence Google Analytics SEOTime of permanence: of your visits on your page, it will allow you to know how long your users remain on your website and take measures to improve that average, since for Google’s algorithms it is a metric that helps determine the interest of users for a web. For example, for my page I have set 3 minutes as a goal.

visited pages reportNumber of pages visited . This will allow you to evaluate and compare the navigation of your website visits and of course improve the bounce rate. With which this metric is also directly related to SEO, because also a page that offers a good browsing experience to users is important for Google. For my page I have established more than 2 page views per visit, which allows me to evaluate the degree of interest of my readers for other articles or other sections of my website.

Google Analytics allows you to create personalized reports according to your Marketing objectives


Seo with Google Analytics visit report3. Evaluation Quantitative and qualitative report of visits in relation to SEO
Here is an example of a report on the number of visits by countries in the last month. This report allows me to know not only what is the scope and origin of my visits, but also which ones best meet the objectives in relation to SEO : time of permanence (I have established more than 3 minutes) and number of pages visited (more than 2 in each visit).

To better explain you, I have created this graph with different shades, dividing the behavior of my audience, first by country and highest number of visits: quantitative report : (in red). In second place for behavior (in green) and for conversions (in yellow). The latter could be defined as a qualitative report.

Google Analytics SEO visit report

It is important that you reorganize Google Analytics reports according to your interests and from various points of view. For example, in this visit report, the country I have the most visits from is Spain, but if I click on the top of the session duration (time spent) column , the report is rearranged.

Google Analytics allows you to view and organize your reports in a quantitative and qualitative way

So the report tells me that the visits that stay the longest on my website come from Italy, New Zealand, France and Costa Rica. Those visits are important, in view of my goal of time of permanence , since their visits have an average of more than 3 minutes; while the visits that come from Spain, remain an average of one minute and fifty seconds.

I would have to create a strategy to ensure that the visits I receive from Spain, which are much higher in number than those from other countries, stay longer on my website, and that Google in its algorithms find a relationship between quantity and quality (time permanence and pages visited) of my audience.

Improving traffic and time spent on your website are obviously related to better search engine positioning . If you manage to combine the greater number of visits to your website staying longer on it, you will have achieved a great boost in positioning vis-à-vis Google.

SEO with Google Analytics acquisition reports4. Acquisition Reports in Google Analytics
Acquisition reports in Google Analytics are closely related to SEO . In this section, each report offers you all the statistics and metrics of the visits to our website, listing and quantifying the channels and means by which you have obtained the most visits and conversions.


organic trafficOrganic Traffic: it tells you the number of visits that come through Organic Search, through Google. It is a relevant piece of information to know if we are making good use of the Keywords in relation to the most frequent searches that users make on Google.

referred trafficReferred Traffic: This report is relevant when it comes to knowing if we are creating a coherent link building strategy . It informs you of how many visits to your website come by reference from other pages in relation to the external links that work best. You can evaluate with it the relevance of the pages that link to your website in relation to the number of visits you receive through those links.

Social Traffic: It allows you to see and evaluate if your dissemination strategy on Social Networks contributes visits, in number and also in conversion of objectives. With it, you will be able to know if your content dissemination strategy on Social Networks is working correctly, attracting visits to your website and quality traffic that helps you convert your objectives.

direct traffic google analytics SEODirect traffic: it will allow you to evaluate the branding of your brand or your content and the popularity of your articles and the number of users who visit your website based on the name of your brand or the title of your articles. It also allows you to see the degree of loyalty or engagement of your regular readers (or customers). This report can be relevant when it comes to seeing which of your content generates the most recurring visits.

A correct evaluation of the visits reports through the channels allows you to evaluate the quantity and quality of the visits in terms of the number and achievement of objectives and which of them generates a better CTR or conversion rate.

google analytics filter for seo5. Use Secondary Dimensions and Segments in Google Analytics to improve SEO
I refer to this at this point because many times when analyzing the Organic Traffic section in the Acquisition section, the percentage of Not Provided words is very large. This means that Google does not directly find what search terms the users who came to your website used in search engines.

The absence or large percentage of Not Provided terms can be a complication when it comes to finding the most frequent searches and using keywords to improve your search engine positioning. But Google Analytics also allows us to go further and overcome that barrier.

I’ll explain how to get a higher percentage of organic search terms from users who ended up visiting your website:

If you are in the section Acquisition ➤ Channels ➤ Organic searches, you will find that the Not Provided percentage is high.

In my case, in relation to the period of time that I analyze, there are 1753 visits, of whose searches I cannot have any information.

But if I make use of the Secondary Dimensions and apply ➤ Acquisition ➤ Source / Medium ➤ and then ➤ Destination Page . The result is all the visits that came to our website organically through search engines (mainly Google).

When applying and requesting the report, I have all the information of the landing pages that the visitors of my pages reached.

The report tells me that of the 1753 views that previously appeared as Not Provided, they are :

597 visits reached the post Google Analytics Guide513 visits to the Free Analytics Tools post on Twitter297 visits the Content Marketing Guide, formats and examples157 visits for the Social Media Marketing Post50 visits for the post Social Networks for Companies , (which is another way to get to the previous post),48 for 15 formats for Content Marketing , (referenced also above)

This result is directly related to the keywords used, which I have used strategically in my articles. Then I can determine that the highest number of Google searches that reached my website are:

Google Analytics / Web AnalyticsFree Twitter toolsTwitter analyticsContent Marketing GuideSocial Networks for companies, etc.
Indeed, they are the keywords and the posts that I have the best positioned and if I continue with the full report, I can find many more matches. Once this is done, you can also access these reports and overcome the lack of data in the Not Provided report .

Using Secondary Dimensions and Segments helps you overcome the absence of Not Provided data

Now if your website has multiple Marketing channels and you advertise on Google Adwords, you can apply the advanced segments to get the organic traffic report.

You can do it very easily by applying the segments at the top and selecting: All Sessions, Search Traffic and Organic Traffic.

In this way you will have a very complete report of search terms of the users who came to your website, organically and clearly differentiate them from your ad campaigns in Google Adwords or in other Social Networks.

6. Use Search Engine Optimization and Queries report in Google Analytics to improve SEO
One way to make a quantum leap in your Google Analytics for SEO reports is to use Google Search Console , previously called Google Web Master Tools.

To do this, you need to register and install Search Console. The configuration of this application will allow you to correct possible errors on your website and above all to have relevant information for the most frequent queries of users in the Google search engine.

If you enable Search Console and configure it your way, you can access all the data in the query section of the Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Report .

This report is relevant, since it becomes a very interesting database for your Content Marketing campaigns, since this report refers to the most frequent terms and keywords used in search engines and with direct reference to your website and with a broad match.

Through this report you will be able to know how many people who made different searches on Google, what was the percentage of impressions in Google, how many clicks on those terms were converted into visits to your page and how many converted your goals.

The result is a report of offsite and onsite activity, in relation to search terms, keywords and user behavior before reaching your website and your content.

And going back to the example of my blog, this is the result of the first 10 searches on my website, which generate 81.84% of the clicks, which would convert them into visits to my website.

search engine optimization report google analytics SEO

I frequently use this report to generate and optimize my content and that of the websites and projects I work on. I find it very useful when it comes to improving the positioning with Google Analytics .

You can even download the full report and optimize or create new content in relation to the number of clicks or the positioning of the term in search engines, which will help you improve or correct your keywords on your website.

Installing Google Search Console enables advanced reports for SEO in Google Analytics

search console reports for SEO7. Google Search Console reports for SEO
Also from the Google Search Console platform itself you can obtain reports on search terms and many aspects related to your website in terms of positioning and SEO.

In the Search Appearance Section , you can optimize from the different sections of the search as taught by Google: Title, Meta description, URL, other links, etc. It also makes you a report for periods of time from the last 7 days, 28 days and up to 90 days. It also allows you to customize the time period to evaluate and see and correct if you have code errors or links that do not work.

From the Google Search Console platform you can download the keyword report for your website

In the Search Traffic Section , you have a very complete report of the search words and terms that have reached your website: Clicks, to which you can add the number of impressions, the CTR and evaluate the average position of the first results of your site in search engines.

You can segment the search by Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices and Search Types. All this, of course in the period of time you choose and compare if the CTR, searches and Positioning are increasing.

You can request the entire report with all the related keywords and download them in a CSV file, which will allow you to organize them however you want or in Google documents and store in the cloud. In this report the keywords exceed 200 and that is of great value for my next Marketing strategies.

In the internal links section, it shows you the number of visits that have been generated from other pages. This report will allow you to evaluate if your Linkbuilding strategy is working correctly and which websites bring you the most visits.

The links and traffic section of Search Console allows you to evaluate your Linkbuilding strategy

In internal links, you can see and evaluate your content relationship strategy works, the number of links you have to other content on your website and the number of visits they generate. A correction in this section would mean improving your Bounce percentage , which, as you will remember, was one of our first objectives in this post.

The Google Index section allows you to see if Google robots are correctly indexing your page, the keywords of your content and the importance relationship in them (it also allows you to download the full report). It allows you to check if you have blocked resources and the option to delete a URL.

Likewise, Search Console offers you a tracking section where you can test and check how Google robots access your website to index it, with their statistics and the option to add a Site Map . It also offers you information on whether your website has problems with the URL parameters or security problems.

Finally, in Other Resources of Search Console , it offers you tools. I recommend that you try PageSpeed ​​Insights to test the speed of your website on mobile devices, tablets or computers, it will be of great help to correct possible errors and improve your positioning. Also in this section you will find everything related to structured data of your website, configuration and verification of your email and many other training and Marketing services with Google.

Roket Google Analytics SEO

Well, now you can use Google Analytics to improve the positioning of your website organically. Now you can make use of the applications that help you find the keywords of your brand or sector. You can also configure your goals in relation to SEO and evaluate the reports quantitatively and qualitatively.

Finally, you can configure and use Google Search Console to get the most out of your website and improve and correct many factors that will help you improve the SEO positioning of your website.

I hope this article is useful and helps you better position the keywords for your content and for your website. Likewise, if you need any clarification or have any questions, you can write to me in the comments section. I will be happy to answer.

If you want to expand your information on SEO and Google Analytics, I recommend you read:

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And if you want to learn more about Google Analytics, obtain the Official Certificate of Google Analytics and get the most out of the tool, I recommend our new classroom course at Aula CM . Here you can learn in a practical way everything related to Online Marketing and Social Media.

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