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How to improve CTR in email marketing and why it is a key metric

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How to improve CTR in email marketing and why it is a key metric

Some of our marketing actions are going great and working exactly as we planned, but the opposite can also happen. It is very frustrating to carry out marketing actions and see that we do not achieve the expected results, and even more so when we do not find that key metric or insight that can help us detect the point of improvement.

In this sense, one of the metrics that is not always taken into account but that is very important is CTR , and today I want to share my experience with you on this topic. Shall we start?

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What is CTR in email marketing?
What percentage can we consider as a good CTR?
Reasons to measure CTR, why have it as a KPI if you do email marketing
Main mistakes that prevent you from having a good CTR
Strategies and tips to improve CTR
Examples of good emails that can help improve CTR
What is CTR in email marketing?
The CTR in email Romania Phone Number List is the metric that tells us how many of the users who have correctly received (that is, no bounce, no spam, etc.) our email have clicked on a link inside.

When we create an email, either for a specific campaign or within a lead nurturing strategy, it is very important to be clear about the objective of this email and what action we want the user to carry out.

Having this clear will allow us to define well which links and CTAs to include in the email, these being decisive elements when it comes to increasing the number of clicks and getting a good CTR. The higher the CTR, the greater the number of users who have complied with the expected action (download an ebook, subscribe to something in particular, visit the product page, etc.). To calculate an email marketing CTR we will use the following formula:

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how to improve ctr email marketing

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What percentage can we consider as a good CTR?
In reality there is no universal data that defines what percentage of clicks is considered a good CTR, since it depends on many factors such as the sector, the segment of your database to which you send, the expected action, a good copy, etc.

However, if your CTR is around 5% you can consider it a good CTR , since the average is between 1 and 3%. If your CTR is above 5% or even above 10%, you can say that it is “your lucky day”, because it is a spectacular figure that is not usually given very often.

Reasons to measure CTR, why have it as a KPI if you do email marketing
As I was saying, this metric is fundamental, but why exactly? Here are 3 main reasons:

1. Engagement
The CTR is an important indicator of engagement, since from it you can extract if the database that you have or that you are building is really what your business needs. If the CTR of your email Forex Email List is good, it means that the contacts you are getting are also good, since you can start a conversation with them and get their attention with your emails.

2. Value content
Closely related to what we have just mentioned, having a good CTR will allow you to find out if you are offering valuable content to your users. Setting the CTR increase as a KPI will help you better understand whether or not you have a database compromised with your content.

3. Communication
If you have captured records for your database, it is important to keep in touch with them. It is key that they hear from you, your products or services, and offer all kinds of content that may be useful to them, but also helps them to know and connect with your brand.

Main mistakes that prevent you from having a good CTR
To get a good CTR in email marketing it is very important to take into account almost all aspects of our emails. Anything we don’t take into account can take the CTR percentage to hell.

1. Underestimate the power of the subject of your emails
The subject is the most powerful ally for our emails to be opened. Without a good subject that attracts attention, it is difficult to get a good CTR in email marketing, since surely the email will never be opened or go directly to the trash.

2. Do not take into account the visualization in the different devices
It is a very common mistake to design your email on PC and not take mobile into account enough, something that is currently absolutely essential, since more and more users consult their email on their smartphone.

how to improve ctr email marketing preview desktop

how to improve ctr email marketing preview mobile

3. Not analyzing what is working and what is not at the level of clicks
Analyzing and measuring our marketing actions is as important as planning and executing them. If we do not measure what works for us and what does not, we will be relying too much on luck.

4. Don’t highlight the call to action
Attention, it does not mean putting a giant button in red to make it stand out either! Rather, it is about making the user understand what the focus of the email is. Emphasizing the call to action over the rest of the text in the correct way can greatly increase the CTR.

5. Having too many calls to action
Ideally, each email should have a specific goal and a specific point where users can click. If in an email we include 3 calls to action for 3 different actions, it is most likely that the user will be confused and we will not achieve the objective of the communication.

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Strategies and tips to improve CTR
In this section you will find 7 strategies and tips to improve CTR and also contrast the errors that we have just mentioned:

1. Improve the subject of your emails
Although having an attractive subject impacts the Open Rate in the first place, having coherence between what is promised in the subject and what the user actually finds offered within the email will help improve CTR.

Example: if you promise a video, put a video and check that the link works.


2. Give what you promise in the preview
As with the subject, make sure that there are no false promises and that in the email the user will really be able to find what you have indicated in the subject and in the preview. If elements such as subject, preview and main CTA of the email are aligned and respond to the interests and concerns of users, you will be providing a better experience and you will see how your CTR improves.

3. Personalize your emails using tokens
If you use the personalization fields within your emails , they will give a more personal touch to your communications. In this way, the user will feel that this email has been written expressly for him. Feeling more involved with a brand is also possible thanks to personalization tokens, and nowadays it is very easy to do so, since almost all email marketing automation tools provide them.

Example: first name token not only at the beginning of the email, but also in the subject, it contributes to creating the feeling of personalized communication and also improving the Open Rate of the email:


4. Take into account the different devices
Do you know how your emails look on different devices, but especially on mobile? Almost around 60% of all the emails we receive are opened and read via mobile . Therefore, it is very important that emails are viewed correctly from this type of device.

In particular, if CTAs don’t look right or look too small, or links don’t stand out enough, it’s hard for users to click. Make sure to create CTAs and links that stand out on the devices from which your users usually open emails.

5. Check how your email looks from the perspective of your users
To know how your emails look from the different devices, do send tests. You can send yourself sample emails to review the entire process and user experience, so that it is as if you received that email as a user and not as if it were you who was sending it. From the other perspective, you will be able to realize factors that you had not considered and that can be very relevant.

6. Do A / B test to find out what works best for you
The possibility of doing A / B tests is something very powerful and that allows us in a very agile way to know what we could do to improve our results. Specifically, to improve email CTR, the actions you can take with A / B tests are potentially endless! Among the actions that you can try, I recommend:

Test CTA or link colors that you want the user to click on: you don’t know what impact a color change can have, even more disruptive and that stands out compared to the ones you usually use.
Test include an emoji in the CTA: We are more than used to communicating with emojis, therefore, try including one in a CTA to draw even more attention to where the user should click.
Test the verb of the call to action: change the verb of the CTA to see if there is one that manages to impact more on users.
Test the copy: for example, a more emotional one vs a more traditional one.
Test CTA with or without images : images have a great impact on email marketing, so it is important that you take them into account. Test the impact of a CTA with an image vs one without an image or CTA with different images.
As you can see, A / B tests offer us almost infinite possibilities, these are only suggestions, but starting to implement them can give you immediate results and insights!

7. Don’t forget to check the email structure
Finally and as a last tip, I would recommend you check that the email structure is consistent with what you want to achieve and that the user can carry out the action you want. I recommend you start with a header image, a greeting with an introduction, the body of the email with the core of the communication, an image or a video (if it is the case) and the greeting.

Examples of good emails that can help improve CTR
So that you can know how are the emails with which you can get a good CTR in email marketing, here are some examples of good emails:

Example 1: Australis
Australis, a cruise company in Patagonia, has adapted its communication style to the current situation of the pandemic. To make its users aware of all the measures they have taken and will continue to take on board when traveling.

how to improve ctr email marketing australis example

Example 2: Fintonic
Fintonic is very clear about its buyer persona, and its entire communication strategy is very adapted to a very young and very millennial target. They know how to communicate with their audience and how to hook them to their texts: emojis, copies with which they feel identified, etc. In this case, both CTAs lead to testing the app’s service and they do it with very well-made copies.

how to improve ctr email marketing example fintonic

Have you taken CTR into account so much? Now you have more ideas to improve this data and do you know in which situations it could be useful to establish it as a KPI? I hope the tips have helped you clarify these points and that they are useful for your email marketing strategy. Share your doubts with me in the comments section!

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