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The relationship between social media marketing and e-commerce The average paid and SEO are crucial to success in online sales. Even so, driving traffic to your e-commerce through social all number data is something that you cannot ignore. The average traffic that an e-commerce receives through its social networks is 20%. This is quite a significant number! At Roas Hunter we are specialists in bringing cold or new public traffic to your online store. But this is not the whole story. These are 3 reasons to improve your social networks for your e-commerce:

Two-way communication
When you make an ad on television, radio, newspaper, or even on a banner, you cannot track and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing.Therefore, with social networks, you can be communicating with your customers all day, every day, and in real time. In addition, you can get input from your audiences on how to improve your services.Not surprisingly, therefore, effective communication increases consumer satisfaction by as much as 30-50% on metrics such as repeat purchases or product recommendations.

2. You can launch personalized ads

With sophisticated tools for choosing target audiences, you can customize the content of your ads to meet the specific needs of your customers.Of course, it is worth doing this, since sales in your e-commerce with personalized ads can increase up to 20%.


3. Encourage “word of mouth” referrals

Social media makes it easy for satisfied customers to share their experience with your brand. This is known as Word Of Mouth (WOM ) marketing and it does wonders to improve the online reputation of your e-commerce.

There are 2 categories of WOM : Organic: Occurs naturally and spontaneously
Amplified: When one is encouraged to leave a positive comment or review about the brand and e-commerce Monitoring and analysis of results The biggest obstacle to optimizing your Forex Email List media strategy is that you have to treat it professionally. This means tracking campaigns, evaluating results, and making appropriate changes.

So what metrics should you evaluate? These are 3 of the most important: Engagement : This takes into account the number of reactions, clicks or how many times a post has been shared. If you have a high engagement , you will be better positioned to improve the rest of the KPIs. Scope: Your reach reveals how far your brand message reaches, which is vital to know how to modify your strategy and expand your reach. Conversions: The conversion rate helps you measure the ratio of people who buy something from your e-commerce for having engaged with an ad on your social networks.

Have the best social media marketing for your e-commerce
There are a few steps to developing a successful social media marketing strategy. The most important thing to do is: Set goals for your marketing campaigns Identify the audience Choosing the right social media platform Plan a content calendar for engagement If you are not sure how to start your plan, ask yourself the following, and use the answers for the strategies on social networks.

How does your target audience spend their free time?
Can you reach your customers through networks?
What channels do they use?
How many reviews / ratings are you currently receiving from social media?
Are your competitors successfully using social media? If so, how?
Identify your target demographic
Once you know what the target demographic is, you’ll be better positioned to market it. Start identifying it by following these steps:

Analyze the current website and the number of people who visit it by investigating their age, gender and location. You can get this information using Google Analytics or Facebook Audience Insights.
Familiarize yourself with their shopping habits.
Create the profile of the “ideal customer” and use this avatar to boost your social media marketing.

Choosing the right platform for your brand
Social media platforms do not fit all brands the same, especially for marketing. You should choose one that fits your audiences well. Once you’ve done a bit of research and know which social network to use, you’ll have a better direction for content creation and optimization.

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