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How to get more sales with Facebook Ads

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How to get more sales with Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most used social network in the world with about 2,196 million active users (July 2018). More and more companies are aware of the importance of their presence, not only to create loyal customers, but also to attract the attention of other potentials. cell phone number database free Ads pursues the objective of facilitating their activity to companies, for this it continues to implement new tools. «[…] Facebook has 23 million users in Spain […] the“ top 3 ”of cities with the highest penetration of each social network […] would be Seville, Barcelona and Granada […]» Facebook has 23 million users in Spain, Twitter 4.9 million and Instagram 13 million. TreceBits social networks and technology, (2018). For this reason, Facebook periodically works on improvements for companies, so that they can market their services or products. Here we share the strategies you can use to achieve your goals, thanks to Facebook.

Strategies on Facebook
Retargeting and the conversion funnel
With Facebook Ads you can reach users who have interacted with your products or services through your ecommerce. Also to those who have already shown interest and have consulted information about your brand on your website.
In addition, you can reach those who have a greater interest in your brand, those who add a product to the cart and even those who request information about your brand but do not make the purchase or complete the data form.
If you have any questions or problems with your conversion funnel, you can consult this article.


DPA retargeting
One of the new applications of Facebook Ads to get more sales has been dynamic ads. Thanks to this, you can publish different formats in your product catalog and generate ads that automatically promote personalized products to those users who have shown interest in specific products in order to sell more. Ad Collection Product On average, Spaniards spend two and a half hours a day in front of the smartphone screen. This is why  Forex Email List Ads allows the publication of products in ad format so that users can consult offers and products from their mobile. Designed from Canvas templates that improve loading time and conversion of your goals. Capture audience Look a like Or similar audience. Facebook has been working for a long time to make it more accurate in processing information. For this reason, in order to obtain more sales through Facebook Ads, it allows you to “clone” the perfect customer. The model of your ideal client of your brand has similar or similar behaviors, tastes and interests to other clients. Facebook Ads allows you to reach potential buyers from among your loyal customers who do not know you.

Personalized attention to your Clients
Facebook Ads share certain similarities with Google Adwords when it comes to campaigns to sell vertical products or increase purchases. You can reach your customers in a personalized way by inserting their CSV and thus retain them or encourage the purchases of other products. Private messages You can address your customer community in a direct and personalized way. The only requirement that Facebook Ads asks is that there is a prior interaction with the personal user. It is, without a doubt, an opportunity to publicize products and promotions. Reaching interested users is getting easier thanks to Facebook. However, there are problems that do not depend on Facebook, but on you, possibly also on your ecommerce, in addition to the CRM and the procedure to convert a potential consumer into a customer of your brand. Stay tuned! Facebook will bring new changes to stimulate the acquisition of potential customers and retain existing ones.

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