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How to create your brand name

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How to create your brand name

The main characteristics for your brand name to be successful
1. Simple and memorable names
A big part of creating a powerful branding strategy is finding a name that your audience will remember. A study looked at 700 stocks in the market between 1990 and 2004, and concluded that brands with list mobile phone numbers names earned at least 11% more than those with complex names.

Examples of success: Dove, Pepsi, Nike, Google …

2. Your brand name should make sense in the long term
Businesses and brands develop, so when you are thinking about your brand name, think that it does not become obsolete quickly. In other words, don’t use very specific brand names if you’re not sure how your business will grow in the future. For example, Women’s Secret is very specific for a line of lingerie for women, therefore it is difficult for them to diversify in the future by offering products for men with the same name.


3. Originality
Following these principles is fine, but in the end, your brand name has to have an identity. It can tell a story, carry a legacy, or entertain. For example, Adidas is inspired by the name of its creator: Adolph “Adi” Dassler “Das”. Or BMW, which is the acronym for Bayerische Motoren Werke. The more you know about these, the more you realize that all brand names have unique stories behind them.

4. Focus on your audience
77% of customers buy from brands with which they share the same values.

Knowing your audience can help you: Inspire you: Identify the favorite brands of your potential clients and be inspired by them. Find your voice: Let your audience help you find your identity and voice. This will play an important role in choosing your brand name. Connect: basing your name on the preferences of your potential Forex Email List will make your brand like more. In fact, those brands that attack new audiences who do not know the product or service tend to have more abstract names that relate to moods or activities. Since their product awareness demographic is so low, they try to sell the brand itself, and not the product.

5. Find the archetype of your brand
The concept of archetype derives from Jungian psychology and is often applied to branding ideas . It refers to the universal character of the brand, and how it matches the personality of the customers. To apply this concept to your brand name, you should think about: The collective personality of your audience: What are they like? How do they sound? As they are physically? The personality of your brand: How is it similar to the personality of your audience?
These are the 12 main brand archetypes:

The innocent (wishes security)
The common (wants to belong to something)
The hero
The Outlaw (Liberation)
The explorer (freedom)
The creator (innovation)
The one who commands (control)
The magician (power)
The lover (intimacy)
The careful (service)
The Jester (fun)
The wise (understanding)
6. Think about the tone in relation to what you are offering
Your brand name can set a concrete tone that later becomes the character and attitude of your business. The tone has two main functions: Speak to your audience Show the objectives and needs of the company A well-defined tone can give you control over the perception of your brand. These are some examples of the tone you can use:

Emotional: Sharing Spoon
Intriguing: Alchemitics
Funny: Roas Hunter
Pragmatic: The Tea Shack
Innovative: Apple, Netflix
Pretigious: Dior, Cartier
7. Check that your brand name is available
57% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a brand if it is present on social media. Companies must ensure that their name is available on all platforms. When it comes to the legal availability of your brand name, it must be borne in mind, thanks to advanced SEO, that it is no longer so important to choose your brand name based on the domains being available, as before.

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