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Let’s face it, consumers today have a significant amount of power vis-à-vis businesses. Pages like TripAdvisor and Yelp have revolutionized the way we consume with their reviews. This is very good for customers because it organically increases competition among small mobile number list, which improves the products we consume in general. But this can be both good and bad for businesses, as consumers are not being held accountable for what they write. They can say what they want.Did you know that a 3.5 or 4 star rating can increase restaurant reservations at peak times by 19%? That’s the power of ratings and reviews.Unfortunately, the reverse also applies. Negative reviews or comments can sink a brand’s sales.

You might get a deplorable comment from a customer who didn’t like your tone. Or maybe a one-star rating because you’ve run out of wine. Or even get a bad rating simply because a customer was in a bad mood because the weather was not good. Regardless of the reason, the underlying mechanisms of the industry have left business owners feeling manipulated and misunderstood.How can you fight this? Well, having a solid and coherent plan. From Roas Hunter we explain how:1st step: relax Buddhism teaches us that enlightenment can only be achieved by separating oneself from the ego, and the same seems to apply when it comes to bad reviews.


A negative comment can fill us with rage. But if you take it personally, your emotions `can cloud your judgment and you will act irrationally. Nothing good can come of it.Instead, try to relax. A negative review is not going to sink your business. In fact, they may even be good for this one.A professor at NYU, Panagiotis Ipeirotis talks about something he Forex Email List “The Perfect Review Sandwich.” While many bad reviews are bad for business, a couple of them can give you more credibility.… They will not think that the client who has put a bad review is the only one who has the voice of reason.No, in fact, they see that the business is legitimate. Sites that have 50 5-star ratings, and none of 4 or less, can seem a bit fishy, ​​especially with how easy it is for people to write a bad review. But a bad one in a sea of ​​good comments? It is difficult for that to put a customer back when deciding where to eat.

Step 2: Respond quickly and cleverly Once you’ve managed your anger, it’s time for the next step: Respond ingeniously to complaints. Why should you respond to negative reviews? For starters, because customers expect it. In fact, 42% of consumers who complain on social networks expect a response in 60 minutes or less. This is because, unlike you, they let their emotions condition their actions. Once those emotions have subsided, so does their desire for you to respond to them. Even so, your negative review will always remain in writing. Responding not only helps keep the peace with the customer, it may even end up being your fan. If you answer, you have a 20% chance that this will happen. If you don’t, that chance drops by 43%. When responding to reviews (both positive and negative), on Yelp it even positions you higher in the ranking, since it is considered that you are a business that thinks about consumers and that you believe that they should be awarded, therefore, Yelp rewards you.

Step 3: Make positive changes to make sure it doesn’t happen again Now that you have responded calmly, you must correct your mistakes. Yes, it is true that sometimes customers have had a bad day, but it is also true that neither you nor your business are perfect, and mistakes can be made. Listen to your customers, and see what they have to say. Sometimes the ones who complain the most are the ones who are giving you constructive criticism. Make positive changes to improve your company in the areas where it has weaknesses. Will you be able to solve everything? Probably not, but a positive attitude and perspective can be key to your online reviews, and your sales in general.

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