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To fully understand how the Instagram algorithm works , we first have to understand well the interactions with users. Let’s see what happens the moment you post a photo on Instagram. Why do some of your posts stay at the top of your audience’s feed for hours, while the rest, which appear to be of identical quality, disappear from everyone’s feed in a matter of minutes? The answer to this is interactions. How to make your posts appear among the first in your audience’s feed we tell you how the marketing telephone numbers  algorithm works How the Instagram algorithm works and how the Instagram algorithm uses interactions to evaluate how many people see your post: When you post a photo for the first time, it shows up to a small percentage of your audience. Instagram measures how fast people interact with that publication, either through comments or likes. Instagram compares those interactions that your publication gets with others that you have shared in similar hours and days. For example, do posts on a Monday morning at 10am have more or less traffic than posts on the last Monday at 10am?

It would be unfair to say that Instagram assumes that a post will be less popular, compared to another post that you put at a more “normal” time of day. So you compare it to similar times of the day to make sure it’s accurate when evaluating the quality of your interactions with the post. If your photo is attracting a lot of interactions, the Instagram algorithm will show it to a higher percentage of your audience, and will even send it to the “explore” tab If your post continues to attract a lot of interactions, your photo will stay at the top of your audience’s feeds, and it will reach more people. If your photo doesn’t attract a lot of interactions initially, it will be sent further down the feed page, and a smaller percentage of your audience will see it. Relationships are very important Now that we’ve seen how the Instagram algorithm uses interactions to determine what percentage of your audience sees a post, let’s examine the factors that influence the order in which posts appear in a user’s feed .


Not only is this good to know from a business perspective, but it is also interesting to know as a user. If you think that you are suddenly seeing a lot of content from the same person or brand: You can now learn how the Instagram algorithm works the 5 factors that the Instagram algorithm evaluates when it decides which publications to show first in your feed Your relationship with that user: If you normally comment and like a person’s publications, Forex Email List understands that you have a relationship with them, and the algorithm will ensure that you continue to see the user’s publications. Time: Although your feed is not chronological, for reasons such as relationships with other users, it wants to show you new and relevant posts, not just show you the photos of your best friend from 3 weeks ago. Like and comments: Although Instagram does not want the algorithm to become a popularity contest, it does consider how many likes and comments the photo that decides to show you has. Direct searches: If you are sending posts to a friend, it is a sign that you really like those photos or videos, therefore Instagram will show you more in the future.
Profile searches : If you search for someone’s profile, the Instagram algorithm understands that you have an interest in seeing that person’s posts.

How to make your posts appear among the first in your audience’s feed we tell you how the instagram algorithm works We have already seen how the Instagram algorithm works and what factors are considered when choosing which posts to teach you. Finally, let’s use this information to see how to display your first posts. Post when you know your audience is on Instagram. If you have a business account, check the insights page to see which posts are the most popular. This is a good indicator of what type of posts you should replicate and what time and day to post them. Create “human” posts that your audience will enjoy and value. Make Instagram stories. These tend to have high interactions as well.

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