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How and why import your contacts into HubSpot’s CRM

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How and why import your contacts into HubSpot’s CRM

After the big HubSpot updates, all types of companies can benefit from the facilities offered by their CRM, even if you already have this type of software installed. With this platform you will be able to efficiently organize all the relevant information of the contacts in your Canadian CEO Email Lists and manage everything you need to improve your relationship with them.

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Why HubSpot CRM Interests You
5 reasons to import your contacts into HubSpot’s CRM
Import your contacts into HubSpot’s CRM: steps to make it easy
How does the HubSpot CRM work?
We know, this whole process can be somewhat confusing a priori and, if you already have a CRM, you may not see the change with the same eyes. That is why in this post I explain how to import your contact list to reorient your marketing and sales strategies, facilitating data migration. Plus, you’ll see why HubSpot’s CRM will grow your business .

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Why HubSpot CRM Interests You
Regardless of the sector your company belongs to and the tool you are using to manage your contacts, HubSpot will make everything much easier for you.

HubSpot has developed powerful machinery to offer a company a complete service in terms of marketing and sales. This software developer is conceived as an entire ecosystem that gave birth to what is really known today as inbound marketing, now with many other functionalities of interest.

On this occasion I would like to focus on your area of Customer Relationship Management (hereinafter, CRM) and how thanks to it you can optimize the experience of potential customers. Lets start by the beginning!

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The HubSpot CRM will be able to integrate with your website and social networks, as well as with the marketing tools that you do not want to stop using. So that you will be able to agglomerate all your Forex Email List actions and direct them to the same objective . In addition, by adding the Google Analytics tracking ID, you will be able to collect all the visitor’s data and make a good follow-up of the customer journey. Only in this way will you be able to comply step by step with the inbound marketing methodology without having to manually follow a multitude of parameters.

CRM Hubspot 1

The sales team will visualize a timeline to segment the records of contacts, companies and businesses, three customizable objectives that, in turn, can be analyzed individually to obtain more and more information. This timeline will be able to record calls, tasks, notes and interactions made.

Thus, through an intuitive user interface, HubSpot allows you to obtain a broad view of all your results, monitor the conversations and interactions of your leads and see how the sales processes are streamlined .

Forget about combining multiple tools, tinkering over and over with huge Excel tables to manage your database, or constantly changing screens. HubSpot allows you to do everything from a single platform to quickly consult all the relevant information about your contacts or carry out sales activities. In addition, you can integrate with Outlook or Gmail without problems.

However, we insist: this CRM goes far beyond an optimal management of your database. What we want is to improve customer acquisition and increase the opportunities to close sales.

At the end of the day, what it is about is to favor all the processes involved in the set of inbound marketing actions. And in that HubSpot is an expert.

In this way, you will be able to receive notifications in real time about how the purchasing process of each prospect is evolving, what is the history of their interactions and contacts with the sales team, or who is prepared to receive a phone call from one of our agents. . There are many options!

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5 reasons to import your contacts into HubSpot’s CRM
We summarize in 5 points the advantages of taking this step with this software.

Ease of import, set up and use.
Possibility of having all the data of your company in a single platform.
Possibility of automatically obtaining insights from companies, contacts and companies.
Access to APIS to make integrations easily and quickly.
The HubSpot CRM has a native integration with sales, service and marketing tools.
Import your contacts into HubSpot’s CRM: steps to make it easy
Today you can start managing the HubSpot CRM and implement this tool in your system. This process is not cumbersome, but here is how you should do it so that you do not lose detail.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Gather in a single Excel the list of all your contacts, grouping them by columns in the properties that interest you the most. The most common are: name, surname and email. You can also include company title, phone number or other relevant fields.

import hubspot crm contacts step 1

2. Access your HubSpot account and go to “Contacts” to click on “Import”. Next, we select “Begin Import” and then it will give us a choice between two options. Choose to import from your computer to select the CSV file that you have prepared for your database. The next steps, as you will see, are very intuitive.

import hubspot crm contacts step 2

3. Once you have uploaded the document previously prepared in Excel, you can attribute the corresponding properties to it in a very brief step.

import hubspot crm contacts step 3

4. And voila! Your contact list will now be uploaded and you can start managing it optimally with the HubSpot CRM.

import hubspot crm contacts step 4

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How does the HubSpot CRM work?
Well, how could it be otherwise with HubSpot, its CRM allows you to keep all the records of your contacts updated , saving you a lot of manual management time. All the information that is linked to these potential clients will be updated automatically thanks to a very efficient gear.

You can add new contacts by manually entering each person’s email address, or you can rely on HubSpot’s long-proven automation processes. With the second option, the system extracts addresses directly from your inbox or form submissions.

In a quick tour we highlight the following key features of the HubSpot CRM:

Registration and management of contacts and leads.
Automatic obtaining of relevant information for your sales team (contact and company data).
Email tracking.
Monitoring the activity of your contacts.
Management of pipelines and assignment of tasks, visualizing the sales funnel in a defined panel.
Optimization of post and form templates.
Easy right?

In fact, this data will surprise you: in its internal database alone, HubSpot has information on more than 20 million companies.

The information that the platform itself can provide you will be very useful to complement it with your records and the data that you have already obtained when they completed their respective form fields.

In turn, it is possible to add attachments from Google Drive, Dropbox or other systems that you have integrated, to link them to each company, lead or contact. A very useful management, since you will be able to take this information into account when you want to address them personally or when preparing future marketing campaigns.

In short, with this super tool we obtain the following benefits:

Greater productivity : we save time using fewer resources.
Better customer experience , who can perceive the professionalism of the company and increase their interest in the brand.
A more effective collaboration between teams, improving internal communication.
Better measurement of results , which is essential to reorient our strategies and make better business decisions.
And remember: the best of all is to combine the HubSpot CRM with Sales Hub , since you will have access to all the functionalities of the software in full, managing all your contacts in a more productive way. Anyway, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

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