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Google EAT: what is it and why is it important for SEO?

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Google EAT: what is it and why is it important for SEO?

If you have a website, a blog or both, you will know that SEO is an important aspect to position yourself in search engines and give visibility to your business .

In this sense, there are many actions that can contribute to a better positioning of your web page, however, it is not something permanent, since Google is applying changes in its way of considering whether a page is of quality or not and, as a consequence , we must be vigilant and try to adapt to them.

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What is Google EAT? Experience, authority and trust
Google EAT: why is it important for SEO?
How to improve the EAT of a web page: good practices to take into account
In short, we must try to meet the criteria set by Google so that when tracking our domain it sees it with good eyes. And not only to satisfy Google, but also our users. Therefore, in this article we will tell you what Google EAT is and why it is important for SEO. Will you Nigeria Phone Number List me?

What is Google EAT? Experience, authority and trust
As a result of one of the updates that Google launched at the beginning of 2020, called “January 2020 Core Update”, three aspects acquired great relevance in SEO, especially after the arrival of Google BERT . These are those that are collected in the term EAT, in English: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness . Next, we explain in detail what Google EAT is and what you need to know to check if your website meets these criteria:

Expertise (experience): based on this algorithm change, Google values ​​content written and signed by experts in each subject very positively, discarding content from irrelevant people. The online reputation of the person who signs them will be crucial to position themselves as an expert in their field.


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Authoritativeness (authority): on the other hand, the authority of a website is also taken into account by Google. Links, reputation, years in the network, websites of official and recognized organizations … in short, the more authority a website has, the better its content will be considered.
Trustworthiness: the trust of the web where the contents are hosted is another of the most important factors today. To position ourselves as a trustworthy site, we must have a totally secure website, with high-quality, truthful, legal and updated content. Pages that inspire little trust are unwelcome and relegated to search results hells.
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Google EAT: why is it important for SEO?
We can affirm that the EAT is relevant for any web page that wants to position itself in search engines. However, its importance is greater for certain types of content. For example, for those topics in which the expertise of the person or entity that provides the information has an impact on the behavior of the person conducting the search, and may have a negative impact.

Let’s see it with an example:

If a person makes a medical query, such as “what is the dose of ibuprofen for children”, it is clear that the information suggested by Google must be accurate , otherwise it may have a negative result on the person who made the search. As a consequence, Google must assess which pages are relevant to this topic and which ones can add value.

To do this, you must grant greater authority to those pages that you consider to be experts in the information you are looking for. Following the same previous example, it is more likely that Google will trust before a content whose creator has been an expert in the medical area in question than on a website that deals with generic topics or whose area of ​​expertise is not defined.

For this reason, the pages that in some way can influence the health or economic situation of a person, known as YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) or in Spanish “Your money or your life”, are the ones that are most affected by Google EAT.

google eat that is how it works

google eat that is how it works example

As we can see in the screenshots, Google positions those contents that belong to expert entities not only in medicine, but in the specific area on which the search is carried out: pediatrics. This is one of the many examples that we can find of how Google analyzes, categorizes and positions a page and its content based on its area of ​​expertise.

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How to improve the EAT of a web page: good practices to take into account
The first step we must take to improve the EAT is to make sure that we have been working on it previously. In fact, not meeting the EAT criteria could be one of the reasons why in August 2018 many pages considered YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) were strongly affected.

When Google applied the algorithm change, the visits of these types of sites suffered, experiencing large drops. In addition, Google also saw its ability to examine and rate the EAT through its algorithm improved. Therefore, these new quality criteria have come to stay, and whether your website is YMYL or not, you must take into account some aspects to improve the EAT :

Experts . Show credentials that demonstrate expertise in the area covered. For this it is advisable not to use generic profiles such as “Company name team” or similar, but rather a profile with name and surname, and if it contains other information such as position, occupation, a brief description and an image, the better. The goal is to demonstrate authority and expertise in the field in question. For example, the contents of the Seguros Bilbao blog are signed by the experts of the company who write them. In this way, the Forex Email List shows that the content is generated by people with experience in the treated area and reinforces their confidence.
google eat that is why it is important seo
Links . Get links to your website from other pages, and even better if they have a greater authority than yours. Not just any link, for it is essential to create quality content and think of a good strategy linkbuilding .
Updated content. Especially in the topics that we mentioned previously (YMYL), updating the content based on the changes that take place in the matter is essential: new legal measures, changes in legislation, etc.
Reputation (reviews). This point is closely linked to trust. If your page gets good reviews, Google will interpret that the content meets the user’s search and will give more authority to your page. Conversely, bad reviews can affect rankings.
Contact information. Closely linked to the previous point, those pages whose contact details are non-existent or not very visible can be perceived as “unreliable”. Especially for the topics discussed (YMYL) it is important to show customer service information that users can turn to in the event of any incident or doubt.
Ultimately, the objective does not have to be so much to meticulously measure the algorithm changes that Google makes, since we would go crazy, but rather to focus on generating quality content, which responds to the needs of the buyer person we are targeting, with clear and concrete information about the search carried out. If, in addition, we can demonstrate expertise in the area in question and reinforce Google’s trust in our page with other elements such as those mentioned above, it is more likely to become a benchmark and position itself in search engines.

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