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Google Analytics 360 revolutionizes Web Analytics: here all the news

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Google Analytics 360 revolutionizes Web Analytics: here all the news

Google Analytics 360 revolutionized Web Analytics in 2017 and that is why today I want to share with you all the news about Google Analytics in its interface and in three of its new applications: Google Tag Manager, Data Studio and Google Optimize , so that you can get the most out of it. to each of its functions.

This post is the summary of my conference in ProMarketingDay organized by Aula CM and Hoy UK Business Phone List on April 1, 2017 at the Goya Theater in Madrid ; and my goal is to inform you of the main changes, updates and applications of Google Analytics 360 Suite .

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All the News of Google Analytics 360 Suite

For the past few years, Google engineers have been working intensively on updating and improving Google Analytics reports.

They have worked hard to create functions that provide their customers and users with more detailed reports on behavior, interactions, levels of user interest (direct and indirect) and on the positioning of the market competition and relationship ( linking) of users with the web.

For this purpose, a little over a year ago Google presented its project: Google 360 ​​Suite, which consists of 6 applications, of which until then, four were totally new and as of today.

The six functions of Google 360 ​​Suite are:

Google Analytics 360Google Tag Manager 360Goolge Data Studio 360Goolge Optimize 360Goolgle Attribution Center 360Google Audience Center 360 (still unreleased)
With these six platforms in the Google 360 ​​suite , you want to offer your clients a comprehensive view of marketing campaigns, with the ability to generate customized and optimized campaigns, while generating more comprehensive reports on performance. In this way, Google wants to expose relevant information in a more complete and intuitive way to create more personalized ads, and give brands the opportunity to position themselves above the competition by expanding the benefits and CTR in their campaigns.

I invite you to see all these changes in each of its applications:


Google Analytics 360: new features and interface
Google Analytics surprised us at the beginning of the year with a new design in its interface , in which the administration section is more compact and summarizes the information in a more unified way and is much more intuitive. It also has a design closer to that of other platforms such as Google Tag Manager and Data Studio.

The new Google Analytics interface has eliminated upper tabs, allowing you to see the performance reports of several accounts, in a simpler and more orderly way. The date range of the reports has also changed, since the standard report has gone from 4 weeks to a single week. But it also facilitates the change of report dates with a single click in the upper right part of the interface, giving the possibility of having a report for 7, 14, 28 or 30 days.

New reporting home page
This is one of the great novelties of the new Google Analytics administration panel , in which a new tab appears: Main Page.

It is a section that summarizes the main reports: Real Time, Audience, Acquisition and Channels, Hours of the day, countries and devices of your audience. And also those for landing pages, goals, conversions, and attribution.


New page to discover functions and applications associated with Google Analytics
Google Analytics also surprises us with a new landing page called Discover. In it, it brings together up to 18 applications and platforms that include training centers, mobile applications and the link with the other tools and platforms that make up Google Analytics 360 Suite.

You can find in this section:

Three applications to take advantage of Google Analytics:

The Google Analytics mobile appThe Google Analytics Demo accountThe Click Map extension: Page Analytics
Three training and information platforms on Google Analytics:

Analytics AcademyGoogle Analytics Help CenterGoogle Analytics Blog
Three platforms for the comprehensive measurement of Marketing campaigns:

Google AttributionGoogle Data StudioGoole Audience Center
Three Marketing Tool:

BigQueryURL builder for custom campaignsGoogle Partners
Three platforms for monitoring campaigns and events:

Google Tag ManagerExtension: Google Tag AssistantExtension: Google Analytics Debugger
Three tools for developers:

Goog le Cloud PlatformReports APIInsert API

New Demographic Reports in Google Analytics
Google Analytics has strived to make a complete improvement in the details of demographic reports, user groups and has incorporated the novelty of Cohort reports.

Its main interest is to offer more precise information about the public that visits your website, according to the main and secondary categories of interests and navigation. This data is relevant to optimize Adwords campaigns .

In the configuration section of your Google Analytics account, and in the data collection section, you must enable Demographic and Advertising Reports for Remarketing . In this way, you can enable reports that give you more accurate data about your target audience. For example, age, gender and interest categories in your browsing.

News in the Advanced Segments of Google Analytics for Adwords
If you have linked your Google Analytics and Google Adwords accounts , through the advanced and personalized segments you can from Google Analytics, create very precise Display ad campaigns for Remarketing with tailored audiences according to the behavior of the users who have visited your website. .

Once the accounts have been linked and the reports enabled, from Google Analytics you can create and segment audiences for Adwords campaigns, being able to reach a very high degree of detail and customization in display and remarketing ads.

You can generate segments by combining Demographic Data (age, gender, location, language, etc.), with technology data (mobile devices, operating system, browser, etc.), and behavioral data, according to the characteristics of the sessions of your visits. . You can include conditions in the segments, with the number of visits, the frequency and dates of visit and time spent on your website.

The developers of Google Analytics have worked hard to expand the possibilities of creating advanced segments with some conditions: for example, that they have visited some parts of your website but they have not gone to your commercial part or that they have not fulfilled any objective.

You can include dynamic attributes and enhance remarketing campaigns with creative content and personalize your ads based on age, gender, or user interests.

Regarding this topic, I have written a very comprehensive article on advanced segments in the second edition of Aula CM’s Marketing Magazine , on pages 22 and 23.

New Cohort Reports in Google Analytics

The interest in showing more complete data on the link and engagement of users with your website, Google Analytics places special emphasis on Group Reports and Cohort reports in the audience section, creating reports on the degree of link and interaction in time, number of pages and objectives, segmented by days and weeks.

New Metrics and Custom Dimensions reports

These two reports are also a strong bet of the platform, to attach details in the reports of hits and behavior from computers and mobile devices.

You can configure Custom Metrics and Dimensions from the administration panel of your google Analytics account. (At the bottom of your property in the Analytics account. When creating a new dimension or custom metric, it gives you a tracking code to insert in the header of your page.


Page Analytics (click map as app)

The Page Analytics application was previously part of the final section in the Behavior reports in Google Analytics. But Google Analytics has preferred to remove it from the interface and develop it as a free application.

This application generates very detailed reports with defined periods of time. the areas that generate the most interaction on your website. You can see these reports in figures and percentages or in a spectrum of colors that define the type of interaction, with a range of cold colors (blue and green) that indicate the areas with less interaction and with warm colors (orange and red) the areas in which more clicks are made by users on your website.

I find this application very useful when it comes to improving the architecture of your website to generate a higher percentage of interactions and conversions.

Url Builder for Custom Campaigns (Url Builder)

Google Analytics has completely revamped the custom campaign builder interface . With a more compact and intuitive design. This new design allows you to create tracking mechanisms for “third-party” campaigns.

That is to say, adequately measure the traffic and conversions of the different channels of the Adwords campaigns (to whom it grants an automatic tag with the tracking code _gclid.

That is, you can create custom urls to measure and track email Marketing campaigns, promotions and download forms, paid campaigns on Social Networks, etc.

Google Analytics App

The Google Analytics mobile app is Google’s other big bet in recent months. It has a fast, intuitive and versatile design. You can keep track of your website from anywhere, without having to connect from a laptop.

It has all the essential reports a web analyst needs. and it also generates very complete reports with page yields, conversions and quantitative and qualitative metrics.

You can also compare regular time periods to see the flow of traffic to your website and the performance of your organic and paid campaigns.

Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager is the essence of Google Analytics. All the changes generated in recent years in Google Analytics are focused on improving the system for tracking hits, events and campaigns.

For this reason, it has created the complete tagging system that is Google Tag Manager. The success of the tag manager has generated, in a certain way, that Google Analytics itself is turning towards the tracking system with tags and triggers with various tagging and contact points.

Tag Assistant is the most notable evolution of Google Tag manager since it allows a very complete monitoring of the conversion routes, the contact points and the channels and steps (mandatory or not) of the conversion funnels and the objectives of your Mark.

Likewise, Google Analytics has worked a lot on the development of the Google Tag Manager triggers , that is, the rules and conditions for tracking and tagging campaigns.

This tracking system through tags and triggers , allows you to collect in a simple and precise way, the information of the hits, behavior, sessions and interactions in the campaigns.

The benefits of tagging with Google Tag Manager are huge for any business. The system allows you to add and update Google AdWords, Google Analytics, DoubleClick Floodlight tags and third-party tags: Forex Email List marketing, social media campaigns, Facebook pixels , etc. Directly from Google Tag Manager, without the need to change codes, avoiding errors and without the need for a web developer.

If you want to know more, I recommend this Tutorial for installing Google Tag Manager from Wanatop agency.

Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio is one of the great novelties of Google Analytics in 2017. This platform allows you to create very complete reports with 100% customizable graphs, Google Analytics presented last March.

Since its inception it has become the new method of creating reports in which you can combine data from different sources. It allows you to create reports from scratch or use default and editable templates for reports from Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, Youtube, etc.

It allows you to combine data, import graphics, customize colors, fonts and give a logical order to the graphics, maps and tables that you want to use. It also has the novelty that you can include segment graphs in your reports, something that is not possible in standard Google Analytics custom reports.

I recommend this post from the Cícero Comunicación agency on how to create reports in Google data Studio, step by step.

Google Optimize
Google Optimize is the last available application of the six that represent Google Suite 360. It is a free application and through an HTML code that it gives you and that you can implement on your website, it allows you to take a test to modify and optimize your website in to your goals and conversions.

It is synchronized with your Google Analytics objectives and after a few days of tracking, it generates a report that helps you improve the architecture of your website based on your marketing objectives. This application is the evolution of the A / B tests that you could do previously in Google Analytics.

Google firebase
It is another of the great bets and news of Google. Firebase is a platform that generates very complete reports on the performance, use and engagement of applications. It has been created so that developers and entrepreneurs who sell mobile applications , can have accurate reports and data on their performance and generate marketing campaigns through them.


Google Attribution Center
It will be one of the platforms that allow you to optimize the attribution models of Google analytics. It is not possible to see its functions yet, but we are looking forward to seeing the results. Will it be an evolution of the Google Analytics Attribution tool ?

Google Audience Center
Like Attribution Center, this app is not yet available. Google engineers and developers work so that this application can offer us much more complete reports on target audiences and audiences, which allow us to improve our Marketing campaigns.

As you have seen, there are many big and decisive changes in Google Analytics. The idea is that we can more intuitively and assertively get the most out of Google Analytics. If you want to know more about Web Analytics, I recommend these two posts:

Google Analytics Guide to Being a Jedi of Web AnalyticsHow to improve Google SEO positioning with Google Analytics
If you want to learn more and train with us, you can do it in the Aula CM Google Analytics Course , in which in addition to knowing in depth the use of the tool, we prepare you so that you can obtain the official Google Analytics Certificate, valid in more than 180 countries in the world and valued by many companies.

Also remember that if you have a doubt or any question, you can ask it through the blog comments. Thank you very much and see you soon. Good luck with your projects!

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