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Get to know the 10 design trends on Instagram that will make you stand out

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Get to know the 10 design trends on Instagram that will make you stand out

Achieving visibility on Instagram has become an obsession for community managers , marketers, and Pakistan Phone Number List leaders. For this reason, the daily conversations in digital teams went from the strategic to the tactical. We stop talking about the what or why to focus on the how . A shame! It seems that now the important thing in the digital world is not what we want to say but how many people saw it. Yes, visibility is and will always be important; but not just any kind of visibility. Forgive us for insisting on this, but appearing in the timeline of an Instagram user does not have much merit if for those people we are a simple landscape. It’s like being happy because someone drove past the front of your business in a speeding car and saw you out of the corner of your eye. That kind of visibility doesn’t make sense.

Visibility always has to be accompanied by capturing and retaining the user’s attention to be meritorious and useful in marketing . That is why it is important to talk about design trends on Instagram, because thanks to a good appropriation of these we can capitalize on visibility and achieve an effective transmission of the messages we send. The tactical and the strategic on Instagram All business endeavors — and life in general — have a strategic and a tactical component. The first is in charge of the conceptual and the second of the operational. When a person chooses to dedicate his life to medicine, he is outlining his strategy as a professional; And when you sit down to study your ten years, you are executing the tactic to achieve that result that you set out in the strategy. In other words, everything should have a plan and an execution — it sounds obvious, but many forget it.

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The strategy is the first step , always. This will be in charge of giving you direction and ordering your ideas before undertaking the effort. On Instagram and in any digital marketing action, you start there, by defining the objectives; establish the roles and responsibilities in the team, and choose the audience profile that you want to captivate. All of this is strategic and very important. Then you go tactical. The operability —the tactical work— of an Instagram account is made up of three elements: content management, interaction, and graphic design — it is critical to be documented with design trends on Instagram. Content management is in charge of selecting the topics to be addressed in the profile; planning communication intentions; the creation and curation of messages; the choice of the frequency and the opportune moments to publish; the writing of the texts, and the definition of the hashtags that will give you visibility. You will not achieve anything if you do not manage the contents of your profile correctly – with a good management in this first operational element it could be enough for you to survive in this social network.

Interaction is the second step of the operational process on Instagram. Here you determine the tone of the conversation, the language to use in the messages, how to respond to the comments of the followers, who to follow, what content to like and when it is convenient to comment on the publications of others. This section defines the behavior manual for  Forex Email List  the community manager and all those involved in the daily management of the account – remember that Instagram is not a channel to broadcast, but a platform to interact with the environment. Finally, the third element is graphic design, and it will be our central theme. This is responsible for the appearance of the publications and the aesthetics of the brand on the social network. It is a key piece because it is responsible for capturing and retaining the attention of the followers. You can have an impeccable content management and a finely constructed interaction plan, but if your graphic design is poor, you will not achieve the objectives that you set for yourself in the strategy.

With good content management you achieve visibility, with interaction you increase engagement – engagement – and with graphic design you retain the attention and time of exposure to the messages. The design trends on Instagram that help you grab attention There is no magic color, a miraculous layout or a special font that guarantees a high impact on the social network. Designing for Instagram is a skill that is exercised and developed, requiring a lot of practice and experimentation to perfect itself. Also, not all accounts have the same audience; therefore, you will have to try to find the aesthetic that works best for your followers.

We warn you of this because the design trends on Instagram that we will present below are a detailed compilation and a future projection of the graphic elements that are working best on the social network; But you shouldn’t implement them all right away, because you could turn your profile into a Frankenstein. It is convenient to take some time to experiment with them before taking a radical change in the design of your content – in fact, we recommend that you first test the stories, which are ephemeral content and very practical for experimentation, to understand the reaction of your audience before bringing these trends to the feed -.

1. Analogous essence
Nostalgia for analog is a marketing trend at every level. People who lived in bygone ages – not digital – get excited about the graphic design of the analog world and the new generations love the aesthetics of those times. What is the analogous essence about? To prefer less bright colors, to use boxed layouts and to create very conventional structures. But, beware, we are not talking about vintage design – we will review that later in the retro trend -, here we refer to that design designed for the analog world that adapts to digital, which at first glance seems traditional but suffers from daring twists or fun.

2. Create compositions
In line with the previous point, the elaboration of simple or complex compositions is also part of the design trends on Instagram. Creating graphic pieces from collages or multiple images is a very compelling type of content for social networks. Combining elements to make them coherent or dissonant and with strong visual harmony is an inexhaustible source of creative opportunities. Playing with proportions and spaces using photographs, shapes, colors and texts will be of great help for Instagram accounts that want to jump to the eyes of users.

3. Design with typography
Historically, content creators have used fonts to create messages: letters to make words and words to compose paragraphs. It has always been that way — with a few scant variations. But for some time now, some designers have shown new uses for these fonts, inserting them into the design to create patterns, backgrounds or decorative elements within compositions. They have even used them to alter or ratify the message that each word contains. Outstanding! Jump into that new way of communicating. Explore and exploit the potential of fonts on Instagram and enrich your content with unusual elements.

4. Monochromatic aesthetics
Monochromatic graphic pieces are designed in single hue or tone colors, and it is a recurring fad today. Monochromatic is very powerful to communicate because it immediately separates what is important in design. A simple color, which breaks the harmony of the black and white design, injects much emotion into the message. That is why we must appropriate that monochrome aesthetic and enrich it to stand out on social networks. This is one of the most useful Instagram design trends for building carousels or animated GIFs, because it simplifies color discussions and focuses the team’s attention on what is truly important: what you want to communicate. Monochromatic aesthetics adorned with blacks, grays, and whites impact the timeline.

5. Amorphous forms
Geometric has long dominated graphic design. Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles and polygons have accompanied graphic design in recent decades, due to their easy adaptation to any layout and graphic style. However, these forms have filled the designs with rigidity, which is why these elements have lost strength in recent years — without saying that we must abandon them altogether. The amorphous gives life and mobility to the compositions. In addition, such natural forms load the publications on Instagram with continuity. The amorphous is more like the real. The amorphous, with a subtle touch of geometry will surprise your followers.

6. Love for the imperfect
Too much editing and filtering is no longer popular on social media. Users became saturated with the fictional and started looking for things that were real and imperfect. The world is imperfect! Things get wrinkled and dirty. Instagram is so shiny that the opaque stands out. Everything is so perfect and happy, that the flawed shines on the timeline. Flooding things with reality is one of the most disturbing and challenging design trends on Instagram, because it forces us to accept the normal and not strive to shine. Stop spending hours retouching photos or looking for the ideal filter. Accept things as they are — even, in some cases, editing is convenient to add grain, scratches, or folds to fill things in with reality.

7. Telegrams
The new generations did not live the era of telegrams, so we will have to explain them to them: a telegram was a short message that we could send anywhere – in times when the world did not have fluid communication over great distances. Those messages were paid for by words; therefore, at the time of writing, the issuer was very cautious and concise with the words. Well, on Instagram we went back to that era —but be careful, only graphically; because in the copyit’s not a good idea to use it. Are you going to design a publication with texts? Every word counts! Each word takes away the attention of the follower. If you print that logic to the layout, you will create posts with little text. And that is what is attracting attention today. Do you need to communicate a long text? Divide it into multiple images and create a carousel. Say goodbye to long texts on images and say hello to a telegram attitude.

8. Retro
In recent decades, graphic designers have turned to vintage , and it has worked for them! Every era has its charm, and content creators have explored them all. It is time to dust off the old magazines, the television series of yesteryear or the movies we watched on Betamax to rediscover the colors, shapes, fonts and graphic language of each era. Then, take those elements to mix them together until you find harmonies and your own style. Generic retro is not what you are looking for; what brands need is to adapt vintage to their aesthetics, to connect with design trends on Instagram.

9. Seasonal colors
Color is a very important piece for graphic design. Each season brings with it an attitude towards color and there are many companies that do us the work of investigating what is in fashion. Semi-annually or annually, Adobe , Shutterstock, and Pantone create reports available to everyone that show the trendiest colors of the season. Still others design detailed guides and reports with shades and color palettes that are imposed on the market. But this is incredibly volatile! Therefore, you should be constantly reviewing that information to load your publications with the colors of the season. Use color as a weapon and give your stories and feed a unique touch. Do not leave this loose end, it is very important to gain relevance in the timeline of users. What are they and how to use hashtags on Instagram to shine. We explain how to use hashtags on Instagram and on different social networks to enrich the content and make it more visible. What are they and how to use hashtags on Instagram to shine We explain how to use hashtags on Instagram and on different social networks to enrich the content and make it more visible.

10. Gradients
Spot colors are well received by audiences, but gradients are striking. Taking seasonal colors and smartly mixing them to create captivating transitions is one of the hottest design trends on Instagram. Here it is worth taking risks and daring to create with digital graphic design tools. Explore shapes, combinations and nuances until you find the perfect intensity and visual dose for your business. Gradients will give your posts rhythm and vibes. In addition, with gradients you can communicate continuity or create complex compositions throughout the feed .

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