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Get the best results in Facebook Ads and Instagram Stories

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Get the best results in Facebook Ads and Instagram Stories

Brands have been moving their budget for Facebook and Instagram ads towards Facebook and Instagram Stories ads due to their lower cost and better results.
In the words of Simon Lejeune Head of User Acquisition at the Hopper app: “We found that the costs on Instagram Stories were much lower and the conversion rate was at least three times higher than those users on uae top numbers News Feed. » The essential thing to launch a campaign in Stories ads is creativity. Once you have a creative ad, creating and launching the campaign in Facebook ads Manager is a simple process. But how are these creative stories created? Create content exclusively for Stories Facebook has organized it in a very simple way so that you can use your Facebook Feed ads OR Instagram ads as Stories. It is a good measure if you do not have a lot of time, although the results of this are not usually very spectacular.

When you use the content of the Feed ads for the Instagram Stories format, the appearance of the latter will not be the same. Facebook will fit the image to a vertical frame. If your text contains more than 190 characters, it will not appear in its entirety. Format guide We present the aspects that you must follow for Facebook and Instagram Stories ads, extracted from Facebook for companies . In addition, the position of the profile photo, the username and the call to action button must be taken into account , as they will remain at the top of the image and will cover any information from the image positioned there. It is recommended to avoid any type of information in this area.


Recommended resolution: 1,080 x 1,920 pixels
Minimum resolution: 600 x 1067 pixels
Maximum size: 30MB
File type: .jpg or .png
By default, the duration of each image is 5 seconds

Recommended resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels
Minimum resolution: 600 x 1067 pixels
Maximum size: 4GB
File type: .mp4 or .mov
Maximum video length: 1 minute
Supported codecs: H.264 and VP8 (video), AAC and Vorbis (audio)

Keep it simple
Simplicity is the best quality a text can have. Text overload in your ad can confuse your audience. Here are some tips for it: Use the image as a support to tell a story
Add a short text to support this story After creating the creative for the Facebook and Instagram Story, it’s time to create the ad with Forex Email List ads Manager .  Select the objective of your ad Select the objective of your campaign, not all of them are compatible with the Stories ads format. We recommend the following objectives:  Choose your audience, placement , budget, and schedule A bell has multiple ad sets targeting different audiences at different placements with different budgets.

In the aspect of the audience you can define this sector by location, age, sex, language, interests and behaviors. If you’ve created personal marketers for your brand before, this will come in handy. The indicator on the right will indicate the audience size you select. We recommend that your selected audience be in the green band of the indicator. If the audience is too specific, it will not reach many users and if it is too large, it will reach users who do not show interest in the brand. Regarding the placement, select only the display of the ad only on Facebook and Instagram Stories ads. The last step is to enter the budget and select your schedule . You can choose a daily budget or a total budget for the life of that ad. As for its schedule, you can leave it constantly activated or set a start day and an end day for that ad set.

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