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From the mobile in the cart to the cart on the mobile: 2015 trends

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From the mobile in the cart to the cart on the mobile: 2015 trends



Mobile e-commerce is no longer the future and is here. Phones and tablets have been a fundamental part of online purchasing decisions for years. Not satisfied with that, both mobile users and e-commerce have decided to go one step further, and these devices are no longer only the beginning of the funnel but more and more purchases are made directly from them, as revealed by the recent Criteo study, “State of Mobile Commerce.” The report points out the 5 keys to m-commerce for 2015.

Mobile phones are already a shopping tool, not just research

According to Criteo, tablets and smartphones have been generating sales increasingly. In this context, an interesting fact is that iOS and Android devices have very little difference in conversion rates. Users of the Apple operating system show a rate of 2.0% while those of Android, 2.2%. On tablets, it is iOS who “wins”, with 3.1% on iPad, against 3.0% of conversions on Android tablets.

The e-commerces with the most sales generate almost 40% of transactions from mobiles

In retail sites, this figure reaches 35%, while in travel, it is 39%. Those who generate less sales, only monopolize 6% to 9% of them from mobile . This is mainly attributed to the optimization that top retailers have.

Smartphones outperformed tablets in transactions

For both product and ticket sales, phones have outpaced tablets in mobile conversions this quarter. The share of these devices is 53% in retail and 66% in travel.

Average order value from mobile is catching up with desktops

In all segments the trend is the same. For example, in Fashion the average order value is $ 102 for desktop and $ 89 for mobile. In Sporting Goods, on the other hand, the gap is $ 100 against $ 86. However, if we only focus on tablets, the values ​​are the same as desktop in almost all segments.

Reaching Android buyers is important now

And yes, these devices are not exactly everyone’s favorite but they are the most used. As for conversion percentages, as we saw in the first point, they slightly exceed iOS. And in terms of share of transactions, they are barely 2 to 3 points below.

The main conclusion based on this data that the report leaves us is that understanding multi-device behavior will be the great challenge, but also the great opportunity for retailers in this new year.

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