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From € 0 to € 20,000 in 15 days using shopify & facebook ads (2020)

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From € 0 to € 20,000 in 15 days using shopify & facebook ads (2020)

A month and a half ago, during a short summer vacation, I accepted a challenge proposed by a friend, since lately I have been giving a lot of trouble with online how to get a database of phone numbers . Friend – “If you think you are so good … I challenge you to create an e-commerce and get a turnover of more than € 20,000 in the first month” Friend (insistent) – «I’m sure you don’t get it, there’s no egg … « In this case, one of the most dangerous phrases in the Spanish language worked again, we began to think about how we could carry it out, contact my good friend Jose Daniel and his company reduncle.es for the development of e-commerce, we talked With a textile supplier who handled production and shipping, we mapped out the strategy and got down to business.

I want to emphasize that it was something that I needed to personally verify, since I was now in the client’s shoes, after investing a lot in Facebook and instagram Ads from the roashunter.com digital marketing agency , being involved in hundreds of projects, acting as a consultant for big brands… is it really effective?👇👇

Start : During the first 7-14 days, we launch campaigns with targeted traffic (page views) and items added to the cart . Depending on the amount of e-commerce traffic, being a new project it lacked traffic if we should not obtain> 1,000 events in the last 30 days, therefore we could not use similar audiences and we opted for interests using a list of comparables and different tools to get the best interests. We use in this example connect.io GOAL OF THE FIRST 14 DAYS (LAUNCH)
ESTABLISH THE MAXIMUM COSTS FOR EACH POINT OF THE CONVERSION FUNNEL AND DETECT PROBLEMS THEREOF The first thing we do is an analysis of the objective conversion rates , in this case of items added to the cart – ATC rate ( number of items added to the cart / traffic volume ) and if we really have the rates we need, with this we will detect problems traffic quality, which we can solve with the launch of new campaigns.


We should be close to 10% in retargeting, people who have reached our website, and 5% in prospecting, people who have never visited our website. We will test two optimization goals : Traffic (landing page view) vs conversion (items added to cart)
We should obtain a 40% lower cost per visit in the traffic objective (landing page view) so that a priori we can Forex Email List the traffic campaign profitable in order to increase retargeting . Finally and very importantly, we must closely monitor the evolution of users and if we have conversion problems from when they add to the cart until they make a purchase. Generally, out of every 8-9 people who add us to the cart (in this type of product, since it can vary according to the average ticket, our average ticket is € 35) we should get 1 sale.

Location test – Which is the best location (facebook feed, instagram feed, instagram stories). Angle test in ads – normally we will launch 1-2 ads so that they can compete, with different angles for example, product demonstration or social proof are the angles with which we start this project, the objective is to find a winning angle and ad . We establish a winning ad depending on the cost of sale / costs per addtocart / costs per payment initiation and CTR .

Without cheating or cardboard , we will see the strategy followed from August 9 to 24 . Investment € 569 roas 2.9 turnover € 1650 CAMPAIGNS STRUCTURE Retargeting (audience that has reached the web page) Retargeting depending on the traffic, we will usually use audiences with> 1,000 people in the selected time range.

As we just made the first launch and the e-commerce lacked traffic, we decided to use people who saw any product in the last 30 days, according to our traffic we can raise the goal. Prospecting (public that does not know us) Prospecting , in this launch we used dynamics creative and main the main locations (facebook feed, instagram feed + Stories) for a quick purchase of information, the winning angle was the product demonstration. The selected audience was a set of Facebook interests, using comparables, without manual bids and with the two objectives previously mentioned . The first with traffic objective and the second with the objective of adding items to the cart. (For confidentiality reasons we cannot say the URL but it is a textile product with an average ticket of € 35)


Once the first launch phase is completed , if we do not obtain these results, we should review the behavior of the user on the web if the problem lies in a conversion drop (acceptable costs to add to the cart but more than 9 people add to the cart and there are no no sale) or, on the contrary, the problem lies in campaigns, ratios of items added to the cart that are too low. We will have to iterate until we get certain acceptable values. We have therefore defined how much we can spend as maximum to make an item added to the cart, start the payment and sale .

Thus begins one of the funniest stages for all mediabuyers, the scaling phase , taking into account that these ratios may vary with the seasonality of the product, promotions, etc., so we must carry out this analysis of traffic quality and conversion on a monthly basis. During this period we will make several ad modifications, rotation on the winning angle and the location. As well as a series of automatic rules that allow us to achieve scaling while keeping target costs at bay .

Investment € 1,600 roas 5.25, turnover € 8,700
We will create a campaign structure using both the previous campaigns and the best interests / similar audiences generated in the first launch phase , which allow us to balance the investment by controlling the target frequency.

Generally the target frequency should be less than 3 in the last 7 days in the retargeting campaign . As long as we do not have shipping problems (here we can set the average delivery time on our facebook fan page to avoid possible negative recommendations on the page), we have stock , we will continue to scale.

As a recommendation, we will not increase more than 20% of the daily budget so that we do not return to the learning phase . As well as the creation of pause rules , using the maximum objective costs of the item added to the cart, start of payment and conversion. Some reactivated rules, facebook ads have an attribution window for views and clicks in a certain period of time, so we must create this reactivation rule since profitable attribution campaigns may be paused. Generally, the period that we will use is the last 3 days and the paused one in ads .

One of the most important parts in this strategy is the rotation of ads at the precise moment, when they fall below X values ​​( the CTR, and the relevance score of the ads ) once again depending on the product and type of strategy we must have higher turnover or not.

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