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Frequently asked questions in an interview for the human resources department

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Frequently asked questions in an interview for the human resources department

If you are looking for a job in the HR sector, you may have already realized how difficult it is to impress in an interview for the human resources department . The role of these professionals is to manage human capital, so they are bored with the typical interviews and empty answers. Do you want to succeed in your next interview? We tell you the keys to shine.

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Surely during your training you have studied or worked on how a job interview should be , so don’t worry, just like other professionals you will be valued for your abilities and that you know how to respond to the demands of the vacancy.

How companies will select talent in the future

What is required of human resources staff?
The resources department is in charge of managing the human capital of a Denmark Phone Number List (not only hiring), that is, it is in charge of safeguarding the good atmosphere in the office, correct internal communication between teams, coordinating, training or supervise vacations, payroll, leave, etc.

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A multidisciplinary job that requires specialized training. In an interview, the HR department looks for a candidate who is confident, organized, with communication skills and a certain presence of a leader.

How are the interview questions for the human resources department?
The selection processes have changed a lot in recent years, as have the channels for job offers, which increasingly allow us to collect more Forex Email List and at the same time get to know the interviewee better before the meeting. Therefore, think that they will already know a lot about you before you sit in the chair.

The frequently asked questions in an interview with the human resources department will revolve environment: your organizational skills, initiative, communication skills, motivation to work and ability to motivate others (leadership) or selection capabilities staff.

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Of course, they will ask you about your previous experience, studies, previous jobs or language level. Nor would I rule out a test to assess your knowledge of the subject, related to the job or the language.

Of course, the best advice to face a job interview like this is to be calm, show confidence in yourself and take care of external details because they are also important and are taken into account.

Possible questions in an interview for the human resources department
We will start with the personal questions, do not fear they are quite similar to those you will find in other profiles:

Tell us about your work or educational experience:

This is easy, right? Who better than yourself to talk about your experience. Be clear and do not go back to time immemorial, talk about the experience that makes it clear that it will make you the ideal candidate for the position. If you do not have this type of experience, specify your achievements in the past, talk about how your studies were, some practices or if you worked in another sector you can explain how that job made you mature.

If you are working at that time, you will have the question of why are you leaving your current job?

Lead the digital change in the labor sector

I’m interested!
You should always speak well of your past jobs, avoid complaining about your previous position or colleagues, it gives a very negative image of you as a worker. Of course, do not lie if you leave because of a work problem, try to focus on the positive aspects of changing jobs, a new work experience, another way to continue growing, etc.

Human resources management guide for an entrepreneur

Talk about your strengths and weaknesses

This is the typical interview question, try to be natural even if you have a thoughtful answer. Talk about your strengths by selling yourself positively, without becoming extremely narcissistic. As for weaknesses, always try to show that you are human but you want and can improve. It is inadvisable to show a possible virtue as a defect, such as “I don’t know when to stop working” or “I’m too computer”.

If I were in front (your former manager, a person who knows you well) what would he say about you

This question is similar to the previous one, also be sincere and highlight any virtue that you think could stand out from you. Of course, do not lie, any human resources manager can call to request references from you.

Human resources departments must know the company from top to bottom, so questions about the company you aspire to will almost certainly fall to you. Do not be afraid to investigate the company and if you do not know something, be humble and honestly answer that you do not know but that you will learn it quickly if you are given the opportunity.

What they can ask you about and you should be prepared not to be naive:

What do you know about the company (executives, founders, history …)?
Do you know the structure of the company?
What do you think about the mission or objectives of the company?
Do you know the sector (clients, geographic segment) to which we are dedicated?
Another type of question that will surely not be missing in an interview for the human resources department is about your degree of capacity as an applicant , such as:

Why are you interested in this job position?
Why do you think you are qualified to cover this offer?
They already have a more than complete profile, about how you are, what you know or do not know about the company, now we enter the matter, they will ask you about your knowledge to be the best candidate. You’ve studied to work on this, haven’t you? Well, calm down and respond with what you know without hesitation.

Present your experience to establish training requirements. Do you think they are important and why?
Tell me an essential requirement that a professional must have to be hired.
How would you deal with a recruitment process? And, to a dismissal?
How would you determine resource requirements?
From your experience, what actions would you take to motivate a department?
These are only a small part of the questions that can be asked about your knowledge, in some companies they also opt for a test. So good cheer.

And we end with a classic question whose answer is free: how do you see yourself within this company? Respond honestly, without rambling and seeming approachable.

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