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Free email marketing: updated list of tools + comparison

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Free email marketing: updated list of tools + comparison

Do you want to get started in email marketing but you have a tight budget? Don’t worry, because in this article we are going to give you a series of tools with which you can do email marketing for free. Yes, as you hear it, totally free.

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What is email marketing and why is it important?
List of the best free email marketing tools
Comparison table of the best free email marketing tools
It is common to think that these types of tools are paid, but many of them allow us to implement many email Morocco Phone Number List techniques in a totally professional way without having to spend a lot of money . This is a great way to get started in this world to see if you can make a profit and start investing more money.

So that you can carry out your first strategies, we are going to review the best free email marketing tools , what you can do in each of them without having to pay a single euro and what price ranges they have in case more later you want to upgrade to the premium version.

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What is email marketing and why is it important?
Email marketing is a very powerful communication tool that allows you to create relationships between brands and their potential customers. This tool can have very varied objectives: from creating engagement and interaction or conversion of users into customers to the loyalty of current ones, among many others.

Used well, email marketing can build trust with the brand, thanks to high value and quality content, customizable and non-invasive, since emails are only received by users who have accepted prior consent for sending. of communications.

It is a very important Forex Email List channel , which does not go out of style and which has been developed in recent years with optimizations and many possibilities for customization and automation, such as Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing. Even many businesses base their main customer acquisition and loyalty strategy on using this channel for the most part.

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List of the best free email marketing tools
Surely you are thinking that with all these advantages it is impossible to execute email marketing strategies for free. Well, that’s the way it is, since nowadays there are a multitude of tools that allow you to carry out emailing actions for free and professionally. What tools do we recommend? These are for us the best 10:

1. HubSpot
HubSpot is undoubtedly one of the best marketing tools on the entire web. Among its different functionalities, it allows you to use its email marketing tool for free, although there are certain limits that we cannot exceed if we do not go through the box. This is what he offers us for free:

No. of emails: 2000 per month.
No. of subscribers: 1,000,000.
Automation ?: basic, without itineraries (they cannot be segmented according to the status of the sales funnel in which the customers are)
Support: yes, but not live.
Pro version prices: from € 46.
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2. Mailchimp
Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing tool on the planet . What not many people know is that it can be used for free, and that its premium version is really cheap. It is really useful for small and medium businesses since it can be integrated with other tools such as Woo Commerce or Magento.

No. of emails: 10,000 per month.
Number of subscribers: 2,000.
Automation ?: basic, only with reply emails (after filling in a form, for example)
Support: no.
Pro version prices: from € 8.5.

3. SendPulse
SendPulse is another free email marketing tool in which you have more than 130 templates to design your emails . In addition, you can easily customize them using Drag & Drop. Live chat support is a nice plus to consider.

No. of emails: 15,000 per month.
No. of subscribers: 500.
Automation ?: basic, only with response and transactional emails (such as to confirm a purchase)
Support: yes, live.
Pro version prices: from € 4.55.
free email marketing sendpulse

4. Mailify
This email marketing tool allows us to design our emails in a simple and intuitive way thanks to EmaiBuilder. In addition, it includes intelligent functionalities such as predictive sending, heat maps, interval sending, etc. It can connect with more than 30 applications and offers support in 6 languages.

No. of emails: 1000 emails (30 days).
No. of subscribers: unlimited (30 days).
Automation? Advanced, but only for 30 days.
Support: yes, but only for 30 days.
Pro version prices: from € 69.
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5. SendInBlue
SendInBlue is another cool email marketing tool with a really amazing free plan . The number of emails is limited, but the number of subscribers is not, something that few offer. It also has an SMS service. If we go to the payment option, we can send up to 40,000 emails per month with no daily limit, quite a bargain.

No. of emails: 9000 per month or 300 per day.
No. of subscribers: unlimited.
Automation ?: basic, with auto-responses.
Support: no.
Pro version prices: from € 19.
free email marketing sendinblue

6. Mailjet
Access to unlimited contacts, API, web hooks, advanced statistics, and advanced email editor. This tool has almost everything, although it does not include automation and A / B test in its free version. It is quite easy to use, and thanks to the full API access it is ideal for companies that require technical adjustments.

No. of emails: 6000 per month or 200 per day.
No. of subscribers: unlimited.
Automation ?: advanced, but only for 30 days.
Support: no.
Pro version prices: from € 7.95.

7. Benchmark
This free email marketing tool is characterized by being very flexible in its plans. The price varies according to the number of emails we want to send each month, so you can configure it however you want according to your growth or monthly budget. The free plan does not include advanced automation features or A / B tests.

No. of emails: 250 per month.
# Of subscribers: unlimited, although only captured by Benchmark (not imported).
Automation ?: basic, with auto-responses and without itineraries.
Support: basic.
Pro version prices: from € 11.
free email marketing benchmark

8. Mailer Lite
Mailer Lite is a great solution for small businesses that are just starting out and looking to grow through email marketing. It stands out for its preview of your emails for both desktop and mobile devices. The API and integration options with other tools are not as comprehensive as other tools.

No. of emails: 12,000 emails per month.
No. of subscribers: 1000.
Automation ?: advanced, although for few contacts.
Support: yes, but not live.
Pro version prices: from € 9.
free email marketing mail erlite

9. Zoho
With Zoho Campaigns you can access advanced email marketing features such as A / B testing, reports, and templates for free, albeit to a limited extent. It offers a large number of free emails per month, although the number of subscribers may fall short. This tool is somewhat difficult to start using, but once you configure it to your liking, it is very powerful. In addition, its premium version is quite inexpensive.

Number of emails: 12,000 per month.
Number of subscribers: 2000.
Automation ?: no.
Support: yes, but not live.
Pro version prices: from € 3.
free email marketing zoho

10. CleverReach
CleverReach is an email marketing tool that is characterized by having a high delivery rate and a special cleaning function with automatic filters, which allows you to eliminate bounces and invalid emails. Their reponsive templates are also a great addition, although their free plan is somewhat more restrictive.

Comparison table of the best free email marketing tools
As you can see, there is no perfect free email marketing tool, as they all have their pros and cons . Some offer many emails but few subscribers, or vice versa. Others offer both, but their premium plan is more expensive. Advanced functions, automation, A / B test … there are many aspects that can influence your final decision.

free email marketing tools comparison table

In short, there is no better than another, so the good thing about all this is that you can try the ones that best suit your needs without having to spend a single euro of your budget. After trying them, you will know which one is the best for your business and you can start implementing your email marketing strategies, either with the free plan or using the premium plan. I wish you luck in your search!

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