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Free and essential Twitter Analytics tools

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Free and essential Twitter Analytics tools

Today I want to start the week by introducing you to these Twitter analytics tools , which can help you improve the development of your Marketing campaigns . These tools will offer you the statistics and metrics of your campaigns, as well as to detect users and accounts related to your brand and influencers and your most active followers.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools:

Twitter Analytics, Metricool, Tweetbinder and Audiense: the power of Analytics on Twitter

Twitter analytics
These free and essential Twitter analytics tools will help you measure the impact of your campaigns and your communication on Twitter. They will also offer you relevant data about your community and will undoubtedly allow you to improve your Marketing strategies.

In our Online Canada Business Phone List Master in Aula CM , and especially in the Community Manager Course , we usually do exercises with our students both internally and externally and these tools allow us to teach and measure the scope of our communication. These exercises have made me choose these tools.

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The objective of this article is twofold: on the one hand, to teach you the benefits of these campaign analysis tools on Twitter and, on the other hand, to make the most of each one of them to learn how to interpret the statistics that each one offers us.

Out of the many Twitter analytics tools , I have selected these. In my opinion, they are very complete, both for their ease of use of their interface, as well as for the immediacy of their results and because, in their free version, they also provide you with relevant data for the study of your Marketing campaigns on Twitter . I present them one by one:

1. Twitter Analytics
Since its implementation a few months ago, Twitter Analytics has become one of the fundamental tools for any brand that wants to have a presence on Twitter and its communication statistics.

Twitter Analytics, in addition to implementing statistics, offers you the possibility of creating ad campaigns and creating cards or Twitter Cards , with rich formats so that you can highlight or improve the impact of your communication.

And if you want to develop campaigns or Twitter Cards, you must enter your bank account information, even if you do not do paid campaigns. Once your account is verified, the Creatives tab appears to launch your first Twitter Cards campaign.

How Twitter Analytics works
In order to obtain the statistics, you must register in the application and associate your account. Once the registration is made, you will be able to have access to detailed statistics of the impact, scope and interaction of each and every one of your tweets from the moment they are implemented and synchronized with your account.

As in many of the Web Analytics tools , Twitter Analytics offers you first-hand data on your activity from the last four weeks; but you can modify the date range, adjusting the calendar to the desired period. This platform offers you information from both your tweets and your community, segmenting the information in such a way that you can analyze it to correct and improve your communication.



Analytics about your communication on Twitter:
The application offers you the statistics of each and every one of your tweets. It shows you in detail and segments the information of your tweets, generating a qualitative and quantitative report of your communication:

• Number of Impressions
• Number of Retweets
• Clicks on the link
• Clicks on a URL or Tweet Card
• Clicks on the user’s profile
• Clicks on the username
• Number of opens in the detail
• Number of Responses
• Number of Tweets marked as Favorites


twitter analytics Fernando Rubio

Statistics about your Twitter community:
Twitter analytics toolsAnother of the great advantages of Twitter Analytics is that it offers you statistics in the form of graphs and percentages, which can be very effective when making decisions about the content and publication times of your communication on Twitter.

These statistics allow you to know specific information on the location, gender and interests of your community, as well as common and referent accounts within your followers.

The detailed information that it offers you is the following:

• Followers Progression Chart
• Interests and the most shared topics in your community
• Location and geolocation of your followers by cities and countries
• The Gender of your followers and the percentage of men / women who follow your account.
• Your followers follow: main accounts that are followed by their followers in number and percentage, whether they are for specific or general topics.

These statistics and Twitter metrics will allow you to improve your communication strategy , since you can search for related and specific topics, present in the interests of your community. You can also follow, mention, retweet and share valuable content from the most popular accounts within your followers and strategically segment the most prominent accounts.

This information can also help you plan the time to publish your content, taking into account the geographical location of your followers, according to the time zone of your audience.

To improve your understanding of these last two points, I recommend these posts directly related to Forex Email List , analytics and Twitter campaigns: Twitter Analytics Guide, and this second, a strategy for marketing on Twitter .

The Twitter support blog also offers you this informative post on how Analytics works on Twitter and also offers you information and support in Spanish through its accounts: @ TwitterAdsES and Twitter for small businesses: @ TwitterSmallBiz and especially through your Twitter platform for Business .

2. Metricool
Metricool is asocial media planning, management and analytics tool that allows you to measure the success of all your content and digital campaigns. It is one of my favorites for its ability to synthesize and analyze from a single platform.

It is very easy to use and offers you metrics that allow you to analyze your communication strategy on Twitter . First of all, you have to register on the platform and connect the Twitter account you want to analyze. Once that is done, you will have all the useful data of your account, you will be able to plan tweets and see what your best hours to publish are.

Although Metricool is very complete as a Twitter analytics tool , you can also connect Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads and AdWords accounts and provide analytics for all of them.

With Metricool you can thoroughly analyze your Twitter account, with complete reports of:

Twitter follower growth report
This report is presented as a graph, in which you can analyze the evolution of your Twitter account, with details of metrics such as:

Number of followers of your account. and evolution Number of followers gained in the indicated period of time Followers gained every day. Total followers. Second-degree followers: the followers of your followers. The scope of your posts.
graph with community growth report on twitter

Twitter Followers Balance Report :
Metricool offers you a section in which you can see all the data that is related to your community of followers on Twitter:

Active followers.Followers balance: how many you win and how many you lose in the chosen period of time.The accounts that have followed or unfollowed you.
Twitter analytics follower balance report

Report of interactions with Twitter posts :
In this report you have all the data about the interactions of the tweets that you have published in the selected period of time.

Number of likes Number of Retweets Number of Mentions Number of tweets published
You can also analyze each of the tweets that have been more successful with the ranking of tweets that you have later. You can organize the table by the main metrics on this network: date, likes, retweets and clicks.

Interaction and growth report on Twitter Metricool

Competitor analysis on Twitter
Metricool create your own Twitter benchmark . You can create a list of accounts similar to yours or your brand’s on Twitter and analyze the interaction. With this, you can analyze the strategy that your competitors carry out on Twitter and know their metrics: followers, followed, tweets, likes and retweets.

analyze the competition with metricool on twitter

Planning and best day and time to tweet
With Metricool you also have the option to plan your tweets very easily and quickly by organizing all the publications in a calendar. In addition, the tool allows you to know what your best hours are to publish according to the activity of your followers.

planning and programming. Best times to tweet metricool

The Metricool blog is also very complete and keeps you up to date with all the news and current affairs about Digital Marketing.

tweet-binder twitter analytics tool3. Tweetbinder
Tweetbinder is a great analytics tool on Twitter that has made a name for itself due to its versatility, its ease of use and because its free version offers us many advantages. Although Twitter Analytics offers us very complete statistics on the accounts we manage, Tweetbinder offers us very valuable statistics and data on other accounts, topics and content.

It is necessary to log in and authorize your application with your Twitter account. But from there, it offers you a lot of data that, well interpreted, is very useful when analyzing the results of an account, a hashtag or a campaign on Twitter .
Tweetbinder offers you statistics on different search criteria. For example, you can analyze user accounts and brands on Twitter, but also campaigns, forums or #hashtags. You can also do specific searches through a related URL; for example with a blog post. If you put the URL of a post as a search, you can see how many times it has been shared and by whom. In this way, you can find influencers, ambassadors or the most active fans in relation to your blog content and your Twitter Marketing campaigns.

Of each of the searches, Tweetbinder does an immediate analysis with the result of your search in the last week and if the data is very large, it offers you the result of the last 300 tweets for free and generates a link that saves the statistics for a week more or less, allowing you to share statistics with users.

To make this tool and its many advantages more understandable, I am going to give you an example, I am going to analyze the Tweets shared from the @AulaCM Twitter account and I am going to describe the results that Tweetbinder offers step by step:

First Dashboard: Dashboardtweetbinder analytics twitter
In its first dashboard, the tool shows you the number of tweets related to an account, a URL or hashtag from which you want to obtain the impact and reach statistics. This relationship is established by measuring the number of responses, mentions or retweets associated with the search.

In the Dashboard or first board you can see the results of your searches, since Tweetbinder offers us the possibility of segmenting the information by:

• All related tweets in a specific period of each search
• Text-only tweets
• Conversations
• Shared links
• Shared photos
• Retweets

From the first data, it offers a lot of useful information about the account or the hashtag you have selected.

Tweetbinder also offers segmented information within the search itself, something that the tool itself calls Binders. In these segments, you can include terms that are interesting to you within the campaign, creating subtopics, keywords or topics related to the first search results.


statistics-binder analytics twitter

By doing this segmentation within the general search, you can take a closer look at the statistics filtered by the added search segments. It is possible to include multiple terms (binders) and measure the impact and response of
followers or accounts that participated in those specific segments.

Twitter analytics trickA little trick: Searches by specific dates If you want to do a search with a specific date, you must write the search criteria and then the word SINCE: and then you put the specific date, which you must write by year, month and day separated by dashes.

In this way you will be able to obtain the information of your search on a specific day and make comparisons with earlier or later dates. I exemplify it with the following image:

binder SINCE twitter analytical tool

Analytics and statistics of your communication on Twitter
But Tweetbinder also offers us a detailed analysis of decisive statistics for the analysis of a campaign. If you click on the “Stats” tab, it shows you in detail by hours and days the statistics of your search in a graph that determines the peaks of interaction with the hashtag by hours and days, in relation to or with the account, the hashtag or the content you analyze.

First, it shows you the most active sources and users, but it also organizes the information by:

• Language
• Contributors in tweets
• The most active
• The most popular (accounts with the highest number of followers)
• The ones that have generated the most impact in search
• The most active
• The sources
• In which languages ​​information was shared
• The tools and devices from which they participated

tweetbinder twitter analytical toolIn any online marketing campaign it is important that you learn to detect the most active influencers and fans, this information will allow you to know through whom and from which channels your information is best distributed.

Tweetbinder also offers you a statistic and the relationship of users, by popularity and activity within the forum: if you hover over each of the accounts, the platform will show you the relationship between participation, impact and popularity of your search.

All this information is very valuable when evaluating a Twitter campaign or doing an impact or market analysis. But it is also very useful when mentioning, thanking or starting a conversation with the most active users in your account or in your campaign and establish a more stable link, which can facilitate the distribution of content in future Marketing campaigns in Twitter

Tweetbinder also offers you the option to share the statistics on Twitter, generating a link in which all the data is saved, so that you can archive it and compare it with your next analysis or campaign. It also saves you in the control panel, the last searches you have done, which are active for a week.

reports twitter analytics-Tweet-Binder

4. Audiense
audiense analytics tool on twitter
Audiense is another of my favorite analytics tools on Twitter. It is very easy to use, it is a free tool for accounts with less than 5,000 followers and it gives you a lot of analytics data from your Twitter account. It offers you a series of data and statistics that if you know how to interpret, they will help you a lot to improve the reach of your marketing campaigns on Twitter .

Well, this tool can be a cornerstone in your Marketing strategy on Twitter, since once you register, you can access a series of statistics about your community and your followers that will help you to know them better, to prepare your main topics of interest and schedule the strategic publication of your content to generate more reach and more interaction with your publications.

First, if you access your Dashboard or dashboard, Audiense offers you a map of past growth and a forecast of your audience growth, as well as a statistics of followers, including the increase of the last 24 hours, as well as a statistics of the accounts you follow.

audiense. Community statistics on Twitter

In that same panel, you can find valuable statistics, on which you can make decisions to interact, either by writing and mentioning these accounts, listing them or unfollowing how many are inactive, spammers or with a very low follow rate. It also gives you a map of the densities of your followers in the world, who does not correspond to your follow and how many and which of your followers are famous or influential.

If you click on the more statistics section, Audiense offers you a valuable analytical report on your Twitter account, including statistics. These statistics include:

Primary language of your followers on TwitterGeolocation time zones of your followersGender of your Twitter followersHow many of your followers are individuals and how many companiesPercentage of followers and followed of each accountVerified profiles, profiles with securityProfiles with custom avatar and with default avatarCloud with word density of each userCloud with the most frequent tags and words in the biographies of your followersaudiense analytics and twitter statistics
For a Community Manager this information is very valuable, since it allows you to know directly which community you are targeting, what are their main topics of interest on Twitter. It allows you to know in which city they are and how they are defined. All these Twitter analytics reports will allow you to be more assertive in the schedules and topics of your communication.

Other statistics based on Twitter analytics, is the report of the best time to tweet. If you have opened the account, at least a week in advance, you will be able to access this report, since audiense makes a study of the days and hours in which your followers connect in a greater proportion. These statistics will allow you to very precisely improve the publication times of your tweets and publish in prime time, with programmers such as Buffer , Hootsuite , Tweetdeck , Metricool or Dlvrit

It also offers you the real-time statistics of your followers, of those who have recently published on Twitter, with updates every minute. The interesting thing is that it also tells you from which platform they have published. Then you will be able to know what percentage of publications are made in real time and which ones are scheduled. From this report, you can find out how many people are active at the time you post.

But Audiense as a Twitter analytics tool goes much further and generates reports with very valuable statistics about the interaction with your organic and paid publications, since you can even generate a detailed report on your paid campaigns on Twitter. With statistics of interactions and retention of your followers. That is, how many have stopped following you on Twitter.

Twitter analytics tools

Well, I just showed you about my favorite Twitter analytics tools. Those that help me improve my marketing campaigns on Twitter. But you have been wanting to know more about other Twitter tools , I share with you this post with a selection of my 35 tools to improve your marketing on Twitter . In it you will find the best Twitter management and monitoring and interaction tools so that you can learn about them and practice with them.

And if you still want to learn in depth all the strategies and ways to get the most out of Twitter as a Marketing tool, I invite you to know our Community Manager course in Aula CM , where we learn and share all the topics related to Social Networks , SEO, SEM, Web Analytics and Online Marketing .

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