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Forget millennials: 2015 is the year of Generation Z

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Forget millennials: 2015 is the year of Generation Z

In recent months, millennials have been the number 1 concern of brands when it comes to conquering markets for demographic reasons. In reality, the concern goes back much more than a few months and goes back years, because companies have seen the generational change coming and have understood from the first moment that when it comes to Generation Y they did not have much idea. Brands don’t understand exactly what millennials want, which has become something of a painful conundrum for them. Millennials are the generation that is changing their consumption habits, but they are so different from their parents and even from the previous generation (their older brothers) that it is difficult to reach them with the weapons that were used in the past. But while companies do not understand millennials, that does not prevent them from having to face a new challenge when it comes to market issues. For Brands it has already reached a new challenge: the Z Generation . Who are and what are the Z’s like? Generation Z is the one that was born according to most estimates from the mid-90s (some experts mark the border between millennials and Z in 1991, but others consider that those born at the beginning of that decade still belong to the group previous). They are marked by the moment in which they have oman mobile telephone directory  had to grow (the economic crisis) and by the environment in which they have grown (they always had the internet and do not remember the world before the internet). They are self-sufficient, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and value social media (although they prefer Snapchat or Instagram to Facebook). Furthermore, they are different from millennials on many key points. Where millennials are optimistic, they are realistic; consider that millennials are creative, although they prefer to be entrepreneurs; they feel they are more focused on establishing a curriculum (a useful one ) than Millennials. And if millennials value happiness above all else, they have, as a typical grandmother would say, much more on the ground.


And they also differ on an interesting point: the protagonists of this year are not going to be the ubiquitous millennials, but rather Generation Z. Brands focus on them The campaigns of large companies are already beginning to focus directly on them as almost adult consumers. Ford, for example, has oriented its last campaign to win over these buyers. In fact, as Sheryl Connelly, the company’s futurist, explained at a conference, for car firms the Z will be a challenge just like millennials to convince them to buy a car. Millennials have already put off buying a vehicle because they don’t see it as a tool to achieve freedom. The Zs will be the same and reaching them will continue to be difficult. Ford is not the only one that has seen the wind change and there are many large firms that are changing their positioning to reach them, although for that they will have to end certain clichés and will have to think about what the members of the Generation really are Z if they want to conquer them. “I don’t think they want to see another campaign with YOLO or swag,” Vinny Squillace, associate director of branding for an American marketing agency , explains to International Forex Email List Times , referring to the terms that have been associated with teenage slang (YOLO is an acronym for what is really nothing more than the modern version of carpe diem, swag is a style). “They are looking for something that is more authentic and inspiring.”

The members of Generation Z are young and do not have much money (although they will have it in a few years), but they are not a market to be neglected by brands because they have a lot of power in home purchase decisions. Their opinions are taken into account by their parents and, therefore, mark purchasing decisions that go far beyond what their weekly pay reaches. How to get to Generation Z Brands therefore have to make an effort to understand them and see how their world works. Z’s are more technological than millennials and are used to multi-device use and multitasking. In addition, they are very given to create. Their entrepreneurial will reaches the point that they are the ones who want to generate content (hence their enthusiastic use of social networks) and will make that instead of creating content for them, marketing directed to them, companies have to bet on elements that allow themselves to be part of the bet. As the experts point out, they will have to co-create the messages with the brands. In fact, push them to do things is one of the best ways I have the brands to reach the Z generation . Educational videos, tutorials, or DIY bets are some of the best ways to connect with them.

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