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Forecasts and trends in Human Resources for 2021

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Forecasts and trends in Human Resources for 2021

This year has made us change, evolve and adapt to a new reality that we did not foresee. In such an uncertain and changing environment it is difficult to know what will happen. Especially in what encompasses the people and the professionals who work with them. Even so, in this article we have collected the trends in Human Resources for 2021 from the hand of our best experts. Keep reading!

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Forecasts and trends in Human Resources for 2021
We have consulted Italy Phone Number List our experts in this field to bring you the forecasts and trends in Human Resources for 2021 . Take note!

Let’s value ourselves: personal brand
The personal brand is a concept that has been born in recent years and that has become more important than ever. It is about the footprint we leave on others.

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Juanita Acevedo, professor in the Master in Human Resources Management 4.0 , explains it by saying that “never before has it been so important to value our most important asset. Our first and last name, our reputation. It is the moment to stand out from the rest and to show all that we are capable of doing. It is time to make a difference from the essence with coherence and to tell the world that we exist so that they know how valuable we are.

In addition, the expert ensures that our knowledge and experiences are worth above all and calls for reinventing ourselves. According to Juanita, “the time has come to do what we are really passionate about, to let ourselves be carried away by what moves us inside,” she explains. « It is the moment to define our life purpose and to transcend what we do in other people regardless of age, origin, studies or social condition. We all came to this world to impact society with our actions and to be the protagonists of our lives ».

Telecommuting and hybrid offices
One of the Human Resources trends for 2021 could not be other than Forex Email List and hybrid offices. Pedro Rojas, professor of the Master in Human Resources Management 4.0 , assures that “the workplace has changed and will change even more with appropriate spaces for different uses in combination with the workers’ own homes and the coworking spaces closest to where people live. Even hotel rooms. Now, accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, we are moving into the next phase: the hybrid workplace .

The expert assures that a hybrid workplace will mean the separation of workspaces, taking into account several aspects:

The nature of the work.
The task at hand.
Multipurpose offices.
The personality of the worker.
The situation of the worker’s home.
On the other hand, Juanita Acevedo believes that “the main headache for many has been, in addition to the fact of working from home next to the children while they did their homework; deal with poor internet connection. In addition, with the slowness of the home computer; with an information system, if any, completely obsolete; with data security issues and an endless workday. ‘

As a result of this, he thinks that, for the same reason, « new regulations and protocols have to emerge in order to be implemented and facilitate a work modality that, although at first it was an odyssey, as the days went by it became a good alternative for avoid tedious hours of travel, save money on clothes, accessories, makeup and accessories, rest better, spend more time with the family, avoid the daily food in restaurants and the tupperware in the office and safeguard our health “.

In summary, ” teleworking will become an option that will be enhanced because companies will be able to reduce fixed costs of space to increase investment in new technologies that facilitate access to information and increase productivity.”

Companies with values
Third, among the trends in Human Resources for 2021 we have introspection as a fundamental value. According to Professor Juanita Acevedo, «Those companies that do not act in line with their values ​​have been exposed beyond having them displayed on a wall. The companies are made by the people who work there, “says the expert.

“The companies that will continue with a firm footing will be those that have been consistent and have always integrated the values ​​into their organizational culture , their selection processes, onboarding, training and development. It will be those collaborators who are committed from the beginning who will bet on getting the company afloat and will not jump overboard ».

Ideas for welcoming employees

A new kind of employee
In line with the HR trends for 2021 above, Juanita Acevedo also believes that “the time of confinement and inactivity have made us think. To give a thousand turns of the head to rediscover ourselves and understand that it is time to re-know ourselves. And in that process we have discovered what we really value and what we don’t.

The expert believes that Human Resources professionals face a new type of employee , with different concerns and desires than before the pandemic. Consider that from now on the following points will have to be taken into account:

We will see how many people have begun to take charge of their lives because now they value freedom and begin to undertake.
Like so many others, they have realized that the most important thing is health and they will change their lifestyle.
Those who value friendship and realize who are really close to them will do a thorough cleaning of their contact list.
Those who value safety will stick to their work and seek to give the best of themselves, leaving complaints aside.
Those who value the family will reaffirm their love and it will be clear that none of its members is eternal and that for this reason it is necessary to say “I love you” while there is opportunity.
Finally, he considers that “they will be those people who value change, who recognize themselves as flexible, adaptable, enthusiastic, creative, empathetic, persevering and resilient. Calls to stand out, to seize every opportunity in the midst of the crisis, to be a source of inspiration for everyone else and to play an active role in society.

Reinventing yourself as a way of life
Undoubtedly, another of the trends in Human Resources for 2021 on people management is the reinvention of personnel. This is how Juanita Acevedo explains it: «if we have to become aware of something, it is that being immersed in the routine we overlook updating ourselves on many topics that are the order of the day today and of which we have no idea. Perhaps because we thought that things would always remain the same and that such knowledge would never need to be acquired.

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To which the teacher insists: «When we see ourselves advocated to reinvent ourselves, to assume new roles or to deal with the new information, communication and social media technologies, we realize that recycling is imminent if we want to be competitive, maintain our job, opt for a new one or keep up with the new generations that have been sweeping the technology field. ”

In other words, «beyond acquiring new knowledge (hard), we have realized that it is the soft skills (soft) that we have to cultivate together with the importance of working on our personal brand strategically and not merely from the posture in social networks ». This is one of the Human Resources trends for 2021more important. «The strengthening of the personal brand together with the identification of values, the development of soft skills and the acquisition of new knowledge in other areas (hard) will allow us to compete in an increasingly reduced and competitive labor market in which the one who knows will win Make a Difference. For this reason, today more than ever, the best investment that can be made is in continuous and tailor-made training, “explains Juanita.

Artificial Intelligence, 5G and robots
For his part, José Lozano, Director of the Master in Human Resources Management 4.0 , believes that next year will not only be the year of the consolidation of Telework. He believes that among the Human Resources trends for 2021 is “the empowerment of employees, which will increase the ability to undertake both inside and outside the companies. Each employee’s experience will be more important than ever (they will be heard more).

On the other hand, he also believes that “the necessary training in skills to work digitally will continue. AI applications will increase with the appearance of 5G, which will rapidly penetrate all areas of the company, data management ( Big Data ) will continue to grow and technicians will be needed in HR departments (that name will disappear one day) who know how to handle that data. Community Managers capable of managing and invigorating the talent of the organization will even enter this area , especially when presence will drop.

In addition, between also believes that “the 35-hour week can be consolidated. We are going into weeks of 4 working days . Work at home will be improved, both with adequate material, and by sharing good practices and schedules that allow real conciliation ”.

On robots, the expert believes that it will be another of the Human Resources trends for 2021 . He is sure that there will be an increase in those who do recruitment, which will increasingly be based on the candidate’s social networks and less on his CV: “the ” Biden effect ” will help to value more the talent of people over 50 in organizations , although the Bank will continue with its layoffs, similar to what happened with the industrial reconversion. Digital will continue to mark the progress of people and companies ”. Finally, ” e-learning will continue to grow as a means of online training for all employees in any sector.”

Regarding the implementation of new technologies, José Lozano believes that «the Internet of things – IOE, thanks to 5G, will connect all kinds of devices with our mobiles, which will be increasingly more portable computers, with large capacity and fewer telephones . China will not only lead the world, but will extend its way of thinking about the economy to companies.

Greener organizations
Among the HR trends for 2021 are also greener organizations. According to José Lozano, “the world to come needs eternal values, ethics, the person at the center of our activity, if we do not do so, other pandemics will follow or appear.”

In addition, he adds that ” companies will be greener, greener , recycling will also increase in all departments, forced to devise products and services that fit with the trends of respect for our living environment. Many people will go to the countryside, second homes, or semi-abandoned villages to work from there. The family will continue to be the most important thing and the mainstay that supports our society.

Digital Transformation, a question of survival
As expected, “the situation in which we are immersed has definitively triggered that Digital Transformation is key for today’s organizations to survive , evolve and achieve success,” explains Ana Ribo, professor of the Master in Management Human Resources 4.0 . “For this reason, being able to transform the culture of the organization and make our collaborators grow in creativity and innovation will be the key to success.”

The expert also believes that «the objective of the Directorate, with the support of the HR Areas, must be very clear, not to slow down the Digital Transformation process that has naturally been precipitated by the current situation. Only by putting technology at the service of People, will we be able to be competitive in a future that is already present ”.

Virtual endomarketing
The latest of the Human Resources trends for 2021 is virtual endomarketing. Our teacher Juanita Acevedo emphasizes: «How we long for the contact when now we do not have the possibility of even receiving a caress. The interesting thing is that creativity has manifested itself and will continue to give way to dozens of virtual endomarketing actions aimed at enhancing the rapprochement between collaborators and the presence of the company from a distance ”.

To which he adds: «Toasts, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, competitions, presentations, contests, surprises, etc. multiple efforts and virtual demonstrations of affection that companies will have to maintain and / or implement to continue the cohesion of the teams and keep the “flame of love alive” for work and business ».

On the other hand, María Villaraviz, professor of the Postgraduate Program in Human Resources Innovation and Labor Relations , assures that «HR cannot be left out of the boards of directors. It must be positioned as a key piece. For this, it must work much more in the internal communication of its projects and global projects, because communication will be one of the levers that will accelerate or paralyze the evolution of people and companies ”.

What do you think of the HR trends for 2021 from our experts? Leave your comments and share!

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