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Five Public Relations Trends That Will Be Talking About 2015

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Five Public Relations Trends That Will Be Talking About 2015

2014 was a positive year for Public Relations (PR) agencies thanks to the consolidation of the economic recovery worldwide. This has encouraged clients to invest more in communication. New brands appear that want to expand and Asian manufacturers continue to land, which are the ones who “pull” the most in the sector. The outlook for this new year also looks promising. Although there are five challenges that I believe agencies must face to achieve success in the year that begins: agree with clients which aspects of our work should be measured and evaluated ; keep influencers in mind ; incorporate online video into our activities; retain users of social networks; and offer a true multiplatform service . Traditionally, the measurement system that PR agencies have used to justify the return on clients’ investments has been the Advertising Equivalent Value (or AVE in its acronym in English). But as the 2010 Barcelona Declaration on Measurement Principles pointed out, the AVE is not a sufficient metric for communication. The reason is that the impact of  phone com oman  PR is not only quantitative (media coverage) but also qualitative (positioning, engagement ?). Also, the ad equivalent omits social media. We have a solid and consensual starting point in the Barcelona Principles; Now it is the responsibility of the agencies to make clients aware of the importance of measuring not only coverage, but also the results of communication actions. I am aware that it is complex, but it is important to agree with clients which aspects should be measured according to the established objectives, that is, it is important to set KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators) that take into account both quantitative and qualitative variables, and above all that are directly correlated with the proposed strategy. In addition to this, agencies must educate clients regarding the need to invest in measurement as is done in advertising campaigns or social networks, as well as make them aware of the value of measurement as an ingredient in any communication strategy, since which represents an indispensable element of it.


Second, in 2015 we have to face the emergence of a new profile that is increasingly important in communication activities. I am referring to influencers or influencers , capable of turning a brand into a trending topic on Twitter or firing up their Instagram fans. They are not journalists or celebrities , although they share some traits with them. The real challenge is to attract them to the field of PR by creating influencers programs that allow us to establish a balanced relationship that promotes benefits both for them and for the brands themselves, a win-win relationship . In this way, sustainable relationships are created with the aim that influencers do not lose their authenticity, something that his followers would detect and would not forgive. In addition, the influencer programs that we implement must differentiate really influential profiles from those that accumulate many fans but have no real impact on them and are willing to promote anything in order to receive an incentive. As if all this was not complex enough, other technical aspects related to search engine positioning Forex Email List are being mixed in the work of influencers that complicate the task even more. For example, the refusal to put “follow” links to clients’ websites so as not to harm the position of your page or blog in Google. A third aspect that we must be very aware of in 2015 is online video . Consumers in the US already spend more time watching videos on the Internet than television, according to the IAB. Agencies must adapt to this new trend, because attaching an image with the press release is not enough, the infographics no longer attract so much attention but rather a new phenomenon has appeared, which is videography, and it is not even surprising that the spokesperson of a brand will throw a bucket of cold water on Youtube. As PR agencies, we must equip ourselves with the professionals, infrastructure, and knowledge necessary to create and disseminate attractive videos . And I’m not talking about your typical corporate video: we have to use novel languages ​​like Vine’s microvideos to convey our clients’ messages. Apart from adapting our resources, the challenge also lies in finding the right place within an integrated PR campaign for the creation and dissemination of a video. Really cool things are starting to be done with online video. For example, this year I have seen success stories in video that were like mini-movies or careful advertorials that imitate famous CSI-type series, and that make you want to watch them, even if it is promotional content.

Fourth, 2015 will be a transformative year for social media . The latest changes to platforms such as Facebook, which prohibit contests forcing people to become a fan or hit the “Like” button, have ended the most widely used way to increase the number of followers. We fear the day when Mark Zuckerberg’s company seriously enforces the rest of its terms and conditions, and that is that many company pages will suffer a huge disaster. Now is when the genuine and thankless work of the community manager will begin to be distinguished, done day by day with tenacity and creativity. Offering unpublished, interesting and specific content for the medium acquires even more importance due to the growing fatigue of social networks that many users have, tired of receiving nothing but advertising. That is why in 2015 unfanning (stop being a fan of a person or company on social networks) will continue to rise, unless we stop it by loyalty to followers with interesting content. We will also have to be attentive to social networks that are gaining popularity , but not get into them “just to be”, but only if we perceive that the public and the content they handle are suitable for our customers. In this sense, the social networks that I think we should pay attention to in 2015 are Vine, Snapchat, Instagram (especially the video function) and Twitter, which continues to gain popularity in Spain. On the other hand, we should not be in a hurry to create profiles for clients on new social networks like Ello until they are consolidated and have a defined audience. Finally, in 2015 there will continue to be a lot of talk about the omnichannel or multichannel customer experience. In other words, the possibility of finding out, buying and following an order from any medium (computer, smartphone, tablet or even in a physical store), accessing the same data and functions on all channels. It’s something major retailers are already working on. Something similar happens in public relations: customers care less and less if their messages are spread in the media, blogs, video platforms or events. What they want is to reach their audiences wherever they are . For this they need PR agencies capable of distributing their messages through any platform or format: they do not want to hear that “we do not do this”. So this year, the catalog of agencies must continue to grow to offer a true multiplatform service that also covers the other aspects that I have discussed in this article: online video, social networks, influencers and of course, adequate measurement . So taking stock of 2014 and looking at what 2015 will bring us, we see that we have many challenges to overcome and that above all we must do so through innovation, creativity, differentiation and entrepreneurship.

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