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Find out what endomarketing is and how it can benefit your company

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Find out what endomarketing is and how it can benefit your company

Did you know that motivated employees can be up to 86% more creative and 43% more productive? Have you heard that they can have 125% less stress?

An endo VP R&D Email Lists strategy helps you achieve these statistics and, therefore, in the following lines I want to show you how you can implement it .

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What is endomarketing?
Benefits of endomarketing
Implementation of an endomarketing strategy
Success stories of companies that apply endomarketing
What is endomarketing?
There are those who are applying endomarketing in their companies without ever having heard the term before, since this type of strategy refers to doing “internal marketing”. Knowing what endomarketing is implies understanding that it is about motivating, sensitizing and giving employees meaning in their work to ensure that they are engaged, productive, motivated and firmly believe in the product / service offered by the company.

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If the employees of an organization are motivated and satisfied, their work will improve exponentially. That, in turn, leads to more satisfied customers.

Before proposing an endomarketing strategy, it is necessary to see our employees as internal customers.

Benefits of endomarketing
There are many advantages associated with endomarketing and they are the main reason to apply them in the company. I would like to highlight six, as important as these:

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1. Increase in productivity
If employees are aligned with the values ​​and purposes of the company, they will work much more motivated and will increase the profitability of the business.

According to research by, when the workforce is happy in their work, the people who form it have up to 33% more energy and adapt better to changes. In companies like this, it is noted that there are up to 66% less sick leave and that, in addition, the productivity of employees in the company increases by up to 43%.

You can see, in the infographic below, more statistics that support the importance of investing in Forex Email List to increase the happiness and motivation of your employees :

what is endomarketing happiness at work

2. Employee loyalty and decreased turnover
Turnover in a company causes imbalances and the need for adaptation, which can slow down its growth. By creating a pleasant workspace, the employee feels that he can develop as a professional, he considers himself an important part of the team. This vision leads him to share the objectives of the company and that encourages him to continue adding value to grow with it , thereby reducing job turnover.

As we saw in the infographic, a company in which employees are motivated can suffer up to 55% less staff turnover.

3. Attraction of qualified talent
It is no secret. The companies that bet on their workers manage to attract the most qualified profiles . If they strive to create a space and a team that promote employee development, their magnetism for talent will increase.

4. Feedback and promotion of new ideas
When employees feel that they are in a company where their work is valued, they are much more willing to get involved and share their point of view on things. Thanks to these practices, the company can benefit from new ideas and contributions that ultimately lead to innovation.

5. Improve internal communication
In an organization where endomarketing is practiced, internal communication will flow in a much more natural way. Employees will feel comfortable and have no qualms about sharing their opinions with the rest of the team.

6. Quality of work and results obtained
People’s motivation positively influences their performance. Employees must always feel part of the objectives of a company, because, in this way, they will work harder to achieve them.

Implementation of an endomarketing strategy
The effective implementation of an endomarketing strategy begins with the analysis of communication, relationships, workspaces or the autonomy of the staff, among other aspects. After defining a purpose, it is time to draw conclusions from the information collected and move towards the definition of a new system that encourages motivation, integration, training and team feeling.

If you want to implement an endomarketig strategy in your organization, I recommend you follow these steps:

Do an analysis of the internal environment
Observe everything that happens in your company : how communication is generated between employees and if communication flows vertically (employees have the possibility to easily communicate with their directors or if they receive and give feedback.
Hold team building sessions: it is the opportunity to get employees to interact with each other beyond the day-to-day of the company. Take advantage of them to see what happens. Do you have a cohesive team? Do your team’s efforts go in the same direction and do they work together to achieve them?
Schedule team meetings : Take advantage of team meetings to see how employees are interacting and if they bring their views, feedback or new ideas. Pay special attention to details that allow you to know if they feel committed to the objectives of the company and are involved or if they pass the meeting in a more passive way.
Anonymous surveys : it is important that you monitor the mood of your employees, as this makes it easier for you to know how they feel. For employees to open up, it is usually easier for them to contribute their opinions anonymously, without fear of the consequences that their words could have. It is essential, however, to make it clear that, with due respect, any comment is valid and that workers will not be judged by them. Encouraging them to give feedback and making them understand that the improvement and growth of the company is in their hands are important points. You can carry out job satisfaction surveys, satisfaction surveys with the people to whom employees report, or, for example, open surveys to give an opinion on any topic that concerns or interests them.
Key issues to consider to build an endomarketing strategy
1. Communication and relationships
How is the internal communication between the workers? How are the relations of the workers in a transversal way? And vertically?

We come from a hierarchical organizational structure in which communication did not flow between departments and levels. Today, communication between management and other workers is increasingly being promoted. Employees highly value those managers who dedicate their time and attention to them.

It is important to open communication channels between the different departments and levels of the company. Workers must feel heard and need feedback to feel that they are improving. There are many internal communication channels you can try: online instant messaging platforms for teams like Slack, Trello or Riot are just a few of them.

You can also opt for more personal channels, such as face-to-face. Offering weekly sessions of meetings between teams to give and receive feedback, or a monthly meeting for a more relaxed coffee in which to share opinions about the company are initiatives that support your strategy.

In the end, it is about creating a space in which the worker can communicate effectively and fluently with the people around him. In it, vertical communication is especially important, so that they can receive feedback from their direct superiors, and understand their performance and areas for improvement.

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2. Workspace
Do employees have the tools to develop? Can they do their job properly? Can they learn while doing their job?

It is very important to have an adequate workspace and the materials and tools that employees need to perform their duties well. Apart from the basic office supplies, spaces are important for the employee to feel comfortable.

To promote teamwork and good relations between workers, it is important that there are common areas where they can meet. For example, you might ask yourself: do you have a dining room that encourages workers to sit down together to share their break time? Are there meeting rooms that can be used when someone needs to concentrate or make an important call

3. Autonomy
How are the tasks of the employees? Can they carry out the work in the way they think best or do they follow guidelines? Do they do monotonous or creative work?

As Daniel Pink said in his book Drive , autonomy is one of the main intrinsic motivators at work. Today, tasks are becoming less monotonous and repetitive, and they are becoming more creative, so the ways of approaching them are also increasing.

Each person has a way of working that is more effective than another . There are people who work better in the morning and others in the afternoon, for example.

Giving the employee the ability to organize their schedule and the way they perform tasks will help increase their motivation and productivity.

4. Promotion and growth within the company
Are there real opportunities for promotion within the company? Is coaching offered to the staff? Are there training plans to support the development of each employee?

For employees to feel that they are part of the purpose of a company and the achievement of its objectives, it is important that they conceive a time horizon of growth within the organization.

If they understand that the effective performance of their functions will pay off and that they will be able to grow and develop as professionals, they will have gained ground in terms of motivation. When they understand that there are opportunities for promotion and growth within the company, they will feel much more committed to it.

5. Purpose of the company
Are the workers aligned with the purpose, mission, vision … of the company? Do they know the purpose of the organization? Do they understand the big picture? Do they feel committed and share the values? Are they proud to work in the company?

The purpose of the company is one of the key elements in its growth, and asking ourselves the questions above will help us better understand how it is being managed within the organization.

Draw conclusions and apply a new system that promotes endomarketing
Motivate: it is vital that your employees are motivated. As we have said, motivation and happiness increase the creativity of your employees by 86% and make them up to 43% more productive.
Establish an effective internal communication channel. Senior positions must be easily accessible. It offers users the possibility to express their opinions and suggestions. It is important that employees give and receive feedback, that they can communicate fluently and effectively, both with the people they report to and across departments.
It fosters a workspace in which workers feel part of the company and its values. You can allow workers to contribute new ideas and work on developing them for a specified period of time. If they work on a project that they have proposed themselves, they will feel more motivated and their productivity will increase.
Integration Actions. Stimulates relationships between users, whatever their rank. Establish a work environment in which personal relationships can be created, such as happy hours, birthday celebrations or team building activities, for example.
Give your employees autonomy. As we said, autonomy is one of the most important and effective intrinsic motivators that exist. We need to feel free to make our own decisions and to organize our time and resources as we see fit. Each worker works better in a certain way and it should be the employee himself who decides to work as he feels most comfortable. In this way, workers will feel that they are free to manage themselves and will increase their productivity, as they will work optimally. It is the employee himself who knows what his most effective methods of work are, so he will perform more and better if he can manage himself.
Program training. It is very important to train your workers in the skills and knowledge they need for their job. In addition, it is also important to offer training in personal growth and development as a worker. Although they are not skills directly related to the job, they are important to the employee. He will feel that you are investing in him as a person and not just to perform a specific role.
Success stories of companies that apply endomarketing
Atlassian: FedEx Fridays to Drive Intrinsic Motivation
FedEx Days give employees the opportunity to work on whatever they want for 24 hours and deliver the fruits of their creativity the next day.

Every Thursday, the employees of this Australian software company embark on a journey of research and learning in which they develop new ideas.

The FedEx Day concept was created by Atlassian and popularized by Daniel Pink in his book Drive . Pink claims that external motivations, such as money, compliments or threats, have lost their effectiveness . Instead, it reveals three elements of true intrinsic motivation: autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

InboundCycle: transparency and self-management, two of the keys to its healthy work environment
At InboundCycle we care a lot about the opinions of our colleagues. That is why we hold weekly meetings with the entire team in which we share opinions, thank others for their help, and recognize the merits and work of others. We share and celebrate the values ​​of the company, such as teamwork, honesty, camaraderie, effort …

We also attach great importance to transparency since the whole team feels part of the same mission and feels that we are all rowing in the same direction. Therefore, on a monthly basis we hold an internal session in which we review the accounts and finances of the company, as well as the objectives to be achieved. In this way, the entire team understands what situation the company is in and how important its role is.

We believe in the autonomy and self-management of our workers . We are convinced that if a person feels motivated and is part of a team with the same goals, they will work better if they self-manage and organize as they want. At InboundCycle we also have the flexibility to work our way and at the times and spaces that are most convenient for us.

Endomarketing in your company
It is true, betting on endomarketing involves an investment of time, efforts and resources. There is no doubt that it is not an automatic change, that it has a key cultural component ; and that it is necessary to have the support of those who make decisions at the highest level to be able to create a workspace with these characteristics.

But when you define a strategy and apply all the steps of the analysis and implement internal marketing initiatives, employees feel that they are a fundamental part of the company.

Soon that perception turns into benefits, because, in the long run, it will impact not only the organizational climate, but also the productivity of your employees and the profitability of your business.

I encourage you to think about how to apply endomarketing in your company and tell me how it turns out. Do you think your employees will soon become ambassadors?

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