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#FacebookDown The fall of Facebook that affected millions

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#FacebookDown The fall of Facebook that affected millions

A partial fall of Facebook, of more than 14 hours, affects users around the world.
It is estimated to have been the biggest fall for Facebook in its entire history. Millions of Instagram and Facebook users took to Twitter to express their exasperation over the massive downfall of the social network. Facebook, the world’s largest social  buy mobile uae, also turned to its rival, Twitter, to explain to users that this group of applications was experiencing some difficulties. Some users of Facebook and other platforms belonging to Tech Giant, such as Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp, reported intermittent problems accessing social media services.

Although Facebook has yet to report its return to normal via Twitter, it is currently accessible in Europe so it seems that it is positively overcoming the reason for the failure. TechCrunch online magazine has contacted the company for confirmation. The original statement reads like this: At least one security company believes that the culprit in this situation has been an erroneous routing of a Border Gateaway Protocol (BGP). The routing of Internet traffic on a global scale relies on BGP, which is responsible for routing Internet traffic, and this relies on the confidence that communication between network operators occurs without failures. However, the warped data can lead to a routing error that leads to confusion about the destinations to which traffic should be directed. This leads to serious falls.


In a BGP routing error, the communication in the routing of an autonomous system that guides information to its destination is incorrect and disregarded by the receiver, sender, or an intermediary along the route that it travels. NETSCOUT Engineer Roland Dobbins told TechCrunch Magazine: “Around 12:52 PM EST on March 13, 2019, a BGP routing error occurred from a European ISP to a higher ISP transit. Later it spread to other  Forex Email List similar transit of the ISP in question. Thus leading to the interruption of access to some known short-range Internet properties. ” However, Tom Thomas, an adjunct professor at Tulane University, isn’t convinced that the BGP bug is the best explanation. He states: “The crash of Facebook and its affiliated applications may have been caused, or contributed to, by a routing error. When the routes are joined in the wrong way they can have a negative effect on the functions or availability of the service.

However, BGP is a static protocol, so once established it is difficult for it to change. The most reasonable cause for the nature of this event would be an automatic programming error and the continuous checks that are made to ensure optimal operation for users. If I had to conjecture a cause, I would say that today’s crash is due to a glitch in the code that controls those functions at a high level of business logic. If we consider that the impact has been through several Facebook services, the most likely root cause would be the attempt at efficiency in its code and its centralization for several services. “

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