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Facebook on the warpath against fake news

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Facebook on the warpath against fake news

The victory of Donal Trump in the 2016 elections, Jair Bolsonaro in the 2018 Brazilian elections and the Brexit referendum campaign, events that set off alarms about the role that dubai phone number list  media plays in political processes. For this reason, and with a view to the European elections this year, Facebook has presented a series of new tools that experts consider important to protect the integrity of the elections. Among them, avoiding the use of online advertisements for foreign interference and giving top priority to transparency in this type of content. All advertisers in the EU must be authorized by their country to launch advertising campaigns related to the elections to the European Parliament.

How do political parties do it? How do you find the perfect recipient for your campaigns? The key is to track network users, buying search data from areas where the party believes its voters reside. Analyze the content of searches and adapt the campaign strategy to consumer tastes. Another of the strategies used is to direct the speech to the candidate of the rival party. Publish false content, fake news, that generate doubts, rejection or even fear in the voter. These types of messages about security, immigration or the health system are usually very effective.


Facebook stands up to fake news with new rules Mark Zuckerberg will force, on his social networks, any advertiser of political content in Spain to identify himself and point out who or what organization finances said campaign. In this transparency strategy, all advertisements  Forex Email List  with political content and other matters on Facebook and Instagram within the EU will appear with the label ‘paid for’ above the advertiser at the top of the advertisement. This gives the user the possibility to see who for that content and in the case of a business or organization, their contact details. With a click on the label, the user will be able to view more information such as: the budget of the campaign associated with that ad or how many views that ad has.

Advertisers will be required to present a series of documents and a technical verification on their identity and location. All advertisers who reach the user with political content campaigns will be authorized as residents in the same country as the user and must provide truthful information about their identity. All this information will help the authorities in case of suspicion. However, the preferred tool for fake news is still WhatsApp.  WhatsApp will cease to be the paradise of hoaxes In WhatsApp, more credibility is given to the information that the user receives by the fact of doing it privately or among circles of friends or family. It is in these platforms of private conversations between users where the most aggressive virality is sought. Detecting hoaxes or denying them in a social network like WhatsApp is very difficult. For this reason, Facebook, owner of WahtsApp, is adopting the necessary measures to combat the spread of these fake news through this channel. One of these measures will directly affect the forwarding function of this content, it can only be done five times to other users or groups. Another one will limit the size of the groups to which this information can be sent.

With its sights set on the Spanish elections on April 28, Facebook has created a fake news control team for the Spanish electoral campaign. To do this, it will enable the tool that we have discussed previously, which will force advertisers with political content to identify themselves and account for who is financing the campaign. It is estimated that, in this way, foreign intrusions in electoral processes will be avoided. The modification of the electoral law carried out through an amendment in the Senate caused much controversy as it was interpreted as a green light for the creation of ideological profiles. In fact, it allows political parties to collect political opinions in the context of electoral activities. The parties will be able to use the collected data to create profiles and send personalized messages to their potential voters.

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