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Europe is no longer behind the United States at the forefront of marketing

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Europe is no longer behind the United States at the forefront of marketing

For years everyone looked at what was happening in the United States to know what was going to happen in the rest of the world in industries such as new technologies, content – and especially the media – or advertising. After all, it was the Americans who popularized the use of many strategies that now seem obvious to any company that wants to reach consumers. The first commercial with music from the radio was broadcast in the United States. And although the BBC had already made attempts to regularize television find person by mobile number in pakistan vbroadcasts before the start of World War II, it was American television that aired the first television commercial in history in 1941. Therefore, it is not surprising that the concept that the forefront of advertising and marketing is in the United States has been engraved forever. If we were to do a series like Mad Men from some European agency from the same period, we might not find such a modern or pioneering approach to the client. While they were beginning to apply market research techniques, the first television commercials were being made in Spain with few technological resources.

But things have changed and Europe is no longer behind the United States when it comes to marketing strategies. As practical observation and studies on the situation of both markets show, it can no longer be believed, as before, that Europe is lagging between 12 and 18 months (year to year and a half) compared to what the US is doing. As they point out in an analysis of the Hubspot situation, Europe is no longer behind the Americans in adopting new marketing paradigms. His analysis has focused on the adoption of inbound marketing in both markets. Hubspot is a specialist in that field, so the choice seemed logical. The inbound marketing is one of the betting industry has consolidated in recent times as one of the most suitable options for reaching consumers. Considering the rise of content marketing, which is one of the branches of inbound marketing , the statement does not seem surprising. Companies are increasing the weight of inbound marketing in their strategy (83% already incorporate it) and thus respond to new and growing demandsof consumers. Basically, it is about working together with SEO, content marketing and social media marketing so that consumers find the messages that the company wants to transmit when they approach the network to search for information about a product.


Europe uses it too And its penetration shows that Europe is more than on par with the US. According to Hubspot data, 86% of European and US companies adopted this marketing trend in their strategy in 2013. The growth in the adoption of this technique was also very similar (58% in Europe, 59% in the US). The figures show that one and the Forex Email List other are practically on par and that neither is really more advanced in terms of avant-garde positions. Companies on both sides of the Atlantic are not only matched in inbound marketing penetration, but also in what they expect from it. In 2014, according to Hubspot’s forecasts, the main concern in both markets will be to close new leads. In both markets they have been convinced of the importance of content to achieve this, although here Europe stands out slightly over the United States. 52% of European companies have assumed the importance of good content to attract the consumer, compared to 44% of Americans. But not only have the two markets achieved similar adoption figures, they have also done so in return on investment. 44% of US companies expect an immediate positive ROI better than the previous year, as will 34% of European firms.

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