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Ethical Marketing: Are You Crossing the Line?

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Ethical Marketing: Are You Crossing the Line?



Tracking. Geolocation. Targeting. Tracing. Surveillance. Espionage. Many of these practices are part of the day-to-day of digital marketing.

Do you consider all this to be ethical? Are you comfortable, as a marketer, that those words describe your work? Is it possible to be ethical in our profession, and still use the data that informs us in the ways in which we interact with clients? Or are we crossing the line? At Roas Hunter , we tell you how to do it.

Let’s look at a couple of examples that have come to light recently:

A Washington Post reporter detailed how during the course of a week, his iPhone encountered more than 5,400 trackers , mostly in apps, who passed their personal information to second people. This happened even while he slept.
An article in the New York Times told how mobile phones record minute by minute the location of their owners and how companies have access to that data. “At least 75 companies receive anonymously the exact location of those apps from which users allow them to know where they are to receive local news or the weather.”
Another New York Times article highlighted just how much one can tell from a phone number. Explain how these can be used to track and target audiences.
An article from CNET told how we only know a part of the FaceApp app and that everything works in favor of the company, and not the user. FaceApp gained scrutiny when it introduced the feature of seeing your face as an older or as a child, and it was hugely successful.
As marketers, how can we try not to cross the line?

How to have ethical behavior in marketing
The audience comes first
What are the priorities of a company that obtains the location of the mobile phones of its owners? It can be said that the priorities of that company are more important than the users of those phones. In fact, users are a mere resource from which to get money. Is that ethical?

But when we put the audience ahead of our priorities in marketing, that’s when we’re on the right track. That location and derivative data is the means to create a better experience. If the resulting experience prompts customers to provide more information, it can be seen as a privilege, even a symbol of mutual trust. Not only is this more ethical, but it creates an even better experience for users.

As Robert Rose says in his article on GDPR, we must treat the audience as we would treat our customers, and put the same priority and care in our content as in the products we launch on the market. Thus, the purpose of marketing can be transformed.

Talk about the topic
With all the personal data that is being generated, collected and used more and more, and the increasing number of smart devices in our lives, the ethical challenge for marketing is only increasing. Do not depend on the mandates and regulations dictated by your policies and principles of what is ethical.

Take a step back and think about how your brand can access and use data shared by your potential audiences, current ones and customers. Center the conversation about this on your fundamental beliefs of what is ethical and what is not, and detail the principles that should never be damaged.

We cannot do ethical marketing if we ignore how fundamental our values ​​and beliefs are. What do you think is ethical in marketing? How do you put it into practice?





What are the marketing trends that my company should follow this year to grow in its sector?

Growing, as we well know, not only shows the success of a company, but also its long-term survival capacity. A company must grow to remain competitive and relevant.

If your company does not evolve in technology and trends, it is likely that your customers end up opting for more ambitious competitors. Therefore, for you being the owner, it is important to know how to grow and overcome obstacles.

According to a study, 1 in 3 companies does not know how to grow, something that is high on the list, but which for many lacks knowledge.

When it comes to B2B companies, like Roas Hunter , it is even more difficult. Every B2B company agrees that creating a bond of trust with potential customers and converting them into paying customers is a difficult process.

Therefore, here are the most important trends to follow in 2020 if you want to grow, but you lack the know- how .

Table of Contents
1st trend: artificial intelligence
Trend 2: High-quality content
3rd trend: Security and privacy
Trend 4: Leads
5th trend: The videos
Trend 6: Align Sales and Marketing
Trend 7: Personalize Email Marketing
Trend 8: Knowledge Marketing
1st trend: artificial intelligence
One of the biggest trends today to improve customer service is through artificial intelligence. For example, using chatbots is a quick and easy way for customers to answer their questions.

Another advantage of chatbots is that they free up people working in customer service, since they waste much less time, and they invest more in solving more complex questions.

Not only that, but also the ad-buying techniques , that is, what we do at Roas Hunter. An effective way to connect advertisers with customers more efficiently, by connecting ads directly with companies’ e-commerce or marketplaces .

Trend 2: High-quality content
Today, most companies have accepted that having high-quality content on the web counts. According to a study, this trend caused entrepreneurs to invest 41% of their budget on average on content for the web.

The main priority for these should be to determine what type of content will make people who visit the web stay on it.

Still, many B2B business owners will do this and end up creating content without any strategy or SEO. To increase conversions and grow with your brand, you must create content with a purpose, and with substance.

3rd trend: Security and privacy
For B2B businesses, one of the most important trends is data protection, privacy, and accountability. Unfortunately, only 57% of B2B companies are able to do this correctly.

With all the problems that exist today of data theft and identity theft in social networks, it is important that you earn the trust of your potential clients, since if you do not they will not trust you to share their personal data.

To show your customers that your website is safe, you should:

Invest in GDPR
Change your website to an HTTPS certificate
Hire a data protection expert to make sure everything is in order.

Trend 4: Leads
As marketing for B2B brands is maturing, macro conversions matter more. And we know that blogs drive traffic which can be a funnel to generate leads .

Despite this, leads that never reach the bottom of the buying funnel are not valuable. Creating content for the various stages of the purchasing funnel will push potential customers to the conversion stage.

B2B companies currently use tools such as eBooks and guides, digital events such as webinars, etc.

5th trend: The videos
We must thank traditional platforms such as YouTube and Facebook because thanks to them users are used to having videos dominate their feed.

But why are videos trending?

To start with, with the help of the videos, you can show your products and services in detail to your customers. Brands can create tutorials for their products and promote launches.

Trend 6: Align Sales and Marketing
Coordinating sales and marketing teams is proven to help generate higher revenue, retain more customers, and achieve higher goals. Not only will it help you convert more cold traffic, but it will also generate higher quality leads as well.

The lineup of both teams helps sales as well. Sales departments won’t have to spend time chasing low-quality leads, as they’ll spend more time connecting with high-quality leads and converting them into customers.

Trend 7: Personalize Email Marketing
Almost 60% of B2B businesses say that email marketing is the most effective channel to generate income, and one of the best ways to find information.

The wide variety of tools on the market that simplify outreach, personalize messages, and segment audiences are just some of the factors that make email marketing a successful tactic.

Brands today are better able to measure and predict the success of their email campaigns.

Trend 8: Knowledge Marketing
Marketing is about using analysis and knowledge for a company to optimize the results of its digital marketing. When you own a business, you realize that a big part of being a professional means being able to rate and quantify the results of your decisions.

Improving marketing through customer data is a priority for many companies in 2020, and this shows as it is a capability that is sought after in digital marketers today.

We can conclude that the probability of generating a profit above the average is almost double for those who apply customer analysis in a generalized and intensive way, making them the best.

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