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Email marketing once again at the forefront of digital trends

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Email marketing once again at the forefront of digital trends

Users receive more and more emails from email marketing. An increase that, despite having an impact on a higher percentage of openings, fails to reach the rate registered in the same period of the previous year. Marketers have increased the number of email marketing actions; but in such a proportion that users are not willing to assume. Yesmail’s study analyzes the evolution of this type of mailings and the response from their recipients. According to their results, the number of e-poland cell phone number format received by users increased by 9% between the second quarter of 2013 and the same in 2014. On the other hand, the open rate decreased by 3% during the same period, despite the fact that users opened 6% more of these types of emails. Likewise, the unique click rate also suffered from the previous year, by 14%, which shows us that, despite the fact that users opened more emails than the previous year (6%), they actually made fewer clicks on them. .

In the specific case of mobile devices, the Yesmail report reinforces the importance of these terminals for e-mail marketing. Thus, during the study period, 2 out of 3 openings were registered on a mobile device (64.5%), leaving the remaining 35.5% for the traditional computer. However, this does not place mobile devices at the center of the mailing strategy. The data referring to the click-through rate favored the computer, whose click to open (22.6%) still far exceeds that of mobile terminals (9.3%). Interestingly, both channels registered a similar increase, around 9% per year. Although the numbers do not smile satisfactorily on mobile devices, it is not advisable to leave aside their potential for conversion. In fact, the study reflects a 40% increase in sales registered through these smart terminals. With this new challenge, mobile devices already represent 22% of the sales generated through e-mail marketing. The report clarifies that, despite the percentage increase in mobile sales from mailing, in terms of sales volume, they only increased by 10%. A piece of information that leads us to analyze the average value of each purchase (AOV).


At this point, we can see that the amount of sales registered in the last period through mobile devices was on average $ 28 lower, going from $ 83 to $ 55. For its part, in the case of the Forex Email List , this decline was considerably lower, from $ 88 to $ 79. Mobile devices are definitely reinforcing their relevance for e-mail marketing actions day by day, although this new support and user behavior should be studied in order to optimize the results of the actions. Thus, the data shows that a greater number of shipments does not necessarily imply better results; not even a high open rate ensures positive results. Users are willing to receive and evaluate the proposals received, but they need more incentive to decide to know more about each of these shipments.

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