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Digitization changes how fashion works on social media

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Digitization changes how fashion works on social media

Social networks have produced a new modus operandi to approach the fashion sector and its buyers. Digitization is not a one-season fad, it is a new field that fashion companies are trying to conquer. The way it is distributed has changed, it has multiplied the ways list of mobile numbers in uae of interaction with the customer with the brand, it is a whole revolution. The influencers are among those responsible for this phenomenon, through its publications much more visual than the best – selling magazine. Brands have been able to expand their presence and conquer new audiences thanks to digitization. The publication of own content is valued to reach the attention of consumers. The key has gone from talking about the product to what can be done with it. We owe personalization to digitization, consumers will choose which brands they follow and consume according to their tastes and opinions.

The smartphone has become an extension of our hand. 39% of users between 18 and 29 years old admit to being constantly connected to a social network. Where they follow or have contact with the influencers of their choice. For this reason, purchasing decisions are materialized during the use of these social networks, before even entering ecommerce. According to the report: The State of Social Media in 2018 , by Brandwatch. 80% of social media conversations about the fashion industry are positive comments, and 98.8% of them are generated by the audience, not the brands. Fashion no longer needs to go out. Nine out of 10 Instagram users follow an influencer . Brands know it and take advantage of it. This brings us back to the use of the smartphone, one of the channels through which online sales grow .


Fashion owes it to digital marketing and big data With the arrival of this new type of customer through social Forex Email List, new metrics have been developed with the aim of quantitatively and reliably storing the effectiveness of factors in the fashion industry. 33.3% of the brands in the fashion sector admit the relationship between the sales of a product and the corresponding advertising campaign with an influencer . Knowledge of the impact of the activity of these factors has led brands to adopt these figures to receive data and implement new business strategies. Using big data and investing in innovation, tech giants are preparing to monetize this short-term trend. Digitization is a step from which there is no return, a range of possibilities to reach your consumer.

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