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Digital Marketing News: Sources and How to Stay Up-to-Date

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Digital Marketing News: Sources and How to Stay Up-to-Date

Technology and trends in digital marketing mean that every day there are interesting news that you can apply to your marketing plans and strategies . This causes many people to ask a recurring question: “How can I keep up with the latest news in digital Engineering Directors Email Lists and inbound marketing ?” “How do I get trained in this sector?”In this article I want to tell you some keys to keep up to date, do not be left behind! videocamVideo version of this post play_circle_outline WATCH VIDEOlist_altIndex of contentsNews and news about digital marketing: the keys to be up to date according to your experience News and news about digital marketing: the keys to be up to date according to your experience In this article we told you how you can train in inbound marketing and we took the opportunity to show you all the resources that you can obtain in our Inbound Academy .But if you want to go further and train in other aspects of digital marketing, my recommendation is that you base yourself on the choice according to your level of training or previous experience:I have no knowledge or I have some experience.I have a master’s degree or a course in digital marketing.I am engaged in digital marketing or have a managerial role.I am specialized in a subject.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog! EMAIL *your email I have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .I have no knowledge or I have some experience In your case, the best path is the master’s or postgraduate degrees. To explain it graphically, we can use the analogy of a new terrain that you do not know :A master’s degree will help you draw what the map is , with the different regions or areas of knowledge.

For each region of the map or knowledge space, you will personally meet a reference , in this case, your teacher: someone to whom you can ask your most specific questions and doubts.In addition, it will allow you to do networking . Not so much in online courses, but many business schools or course platforms are working on interfaces and systems that facilitate networking.If you prefer to choose a higher program or a course, you should bear in mind that it will only give you some superficial notions and that you will then have to deepen on your own.In the event that you cannot do a master’s or postgraduate degree, you can visit platforms such as Udemy or Domestika , which have very interesting options, some of them free.[Free guide] Keys and tools for the digital transformation of your marketing departmentI have a master’s degree or a course in digital marketing If you already have a master’s degree or a course in digital marketing, I encourage you to jump into the job market. It is the best way to continue growing: the daily challenge and constant search generate a lot of learning. digital marketing information sources courses I am engaged in digital marketing or have a managerial role If you dedicate yourself to digital marketing, it is very likely that you cannot tackle all areas of marketing . Perhaps you have a lot of command of some of the verticals, but it is difficult to have knowledge of all of them: from Adwords to the website, through fairs and events … In these cases I recommend some aspects:One way to learn a lot is to work with expert agencies.The reporting and analytical moments are ideal to ask questions , also to other departments or sections.

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Perhaps when you open a new channel, a specific online course can help you gain criteria.It is also interesting to follow experts. One of the most effective ways is to subscribe to well-selected newsletters . In my case, I am a huge fan of SparkToro and MOZ’s top ten , as they allow me to keep up with the latest news in digital marketing.Digital marketing news- sparktoro sources Of course , among my favorites, the selection of my colleague Susana Meijomil cannot be absent from the top 5 articles of the month in InboundCycle .Digital marketing news sources top 5 And other more offtopic newsletters that give a panoramic and transversal vision, such as Verne Harnish or Abundance Insider .Digital marketing news sources verne harnish Digital marketing news sources abundance insider I am specialized in a topic If you are specialized in a specific topic, I recommend that you take a look at the podcasts available from great experts in digital marketing, such as: Marketing School Marketing o’clock Forex Email List Scoop Search news you can use Search Engine Journal News Online Marketing Marketing 4 ecommerce As you can see, it is important to take into account your level of knowledge and what areas of work you usually touch to follow one or another recommendation. However, as a final conclusion, I can only tell you that when we reach the maximum of teaching knowledge, the newsletters and podcasts of specialists are the ideal formula to continue learning and stay up to date on digital marketing news.And you, what resources do you use to continue training and keep abreast of the latest developments in the sector? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments.

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