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Digital content: the 26 best tools to create it

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Digital content: the 26 best tools to create it

In 2019, Spaniards stayed connected to the internet an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes every day, as indicated by the Digital 2020 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. However, due to the confinement generated by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the time that Spaniards connect to the internet increased to more than 11 hours a day, according to the Nielsen VP Technical Email Lists Consumer 24 hours Indoors study . But what do we do during all that time? Basically, consume digital content .

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What is digital content?
Importance of digital content
Types of digital content
11 examples of digital content
Free and paid tools for creating digital content
In the same proportion that the number of hours that we connect online increases, the amount of digital content that we consume also increases. As internet users, we navigate the infinite cyberspace every day in order to access content to entertain , inform , educate or communicate . This includes, for example, going to Instagram to see photos of our friends, to ElPais.com to watch news, to Netflix to watch series, to YouTube to watch tutorials, among others.

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Considering that the teleworking model is being imposed in the new normal due to the pandemic and that, therefore, people are going to stay more and more time connected to the internet, it is expected that the consumption of content by audiences will continue to increase. This situation means that marketers have to value more strongly everything related to the creation of digital content .

What is digital content?
To understand the definition of “digital content” easily and quickly, we can first analyze the concept of each of these two words separately:

Contents: are all the materials that convey a message that is relevant to people. “Relevant” in the sense that they manage to entertain, inform, educate or communicate. For example: books, newspapers, songs, movies, among others.
Digital: refers to the digital channels through which content is distributed and delivered to audiences. In the past, content was distributed only through traditional media, such as print, radio and television. At present, the massification of computer devices (PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets) and the internet has brought with it the emergence of a new communication channel: digital .
Therefore, digital content is all that information that can be accessed and created, sent and received through digital devices, with the internet being the main distribution mechanism.

By understanding this concept, it is easy to realize that the entire internet is made up of digital content . The Internet enables all users to become content creators, not just publishers, television networks, radio stations, etc.

In fact, social networks have been and will continue to be designed exclusively for people to create and share digital content with each other. Without going any further, the so-called “influencers” are users who have become, precisely, influencers thanks to the fact that they have been able to create sufficiently relevant content for the audiences.

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Importance of digital content
Digital content is very powerful tool when used for commercial purposes. Through these, brands can connect rationally and emotionally with audiences, inspire trust, generate empathy, position the corporate image or publicize business values, among others.

In this sense, some data that make very clear the importance of digital content for companies are the following:

47% of B2B customers watch an average of 3-5 content before deciding to contact a sales representative ( Demand Gen Report ).
Marketing with digital content costs 62% less than traditional marketing and is 3 times more effective in attracting potential customers ( Demand Metric ).
More than 6 in 10 people feel that they are more likely to buy from a company if it generates personalized content ( Dragon360 ).
78% of marketers believe that personalized digital content is the future of marketing ( Demand Metric ).
For these kinds of reasons, digital content is at the center of all modern marketing strategies. For instance:

Content marketing (or content marketing): strategy that consists of creating, publishing and sharing content that is of interest to the buyer persona.
Inbound marketing : it is based on offering the buyer persona the right content , at the time , with the right format and through the channel.
Email Forex Email List automation : consists of automating the mass delivery of digital content through email.
SEO positioning : technique that seeks to position certain content (such as blog articles) in the first search results of Google and other engines.
Social media marketing : strategy that focuses on publishing content through social networks to connect and interact more directly with audiences.
Thus, digital content is already an essential part of one form or another of modern companies and their online marketing strategies .

Types of digital content
Digital content can be classified in many ways. In principle, the most fundamental classification is by formats , which are: text, image, audio and video. From each of these four formats other more specific types of digital content are generated . For instance:

Blog Articles
Reviews (2)
Description of products or services
Questions and answers
User Guides
Voice notes
Live broadcasts
Humorous sketches
Product reviews
Music videos
Series and films
The different formats of digital content are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, every day new ways are found to combine formats to generate increasingly attractive and even interactive materials.

Another interesting aspect is that digital content can be “recycled” and reused several times, simply by changing the format. For example, from a video tutorial you can generate an ebook and, from the ebook, you can create various articles for the blog. In turn, different images can be designed for each article to be published on social networks.

In this way, the same content can be exploited to the maximum in different ways, thus lengthening its useful life and promoting cost, time and effort savings by not having to create new content from scratch.

11 examples of digital content
Let’s see below some examples of digital content so that you have a better idea of ​​the types and formats:

Example of a technical-specialized article : How to monetize videos on YouTube? – The 7 ways to do it .
Definitions article example : What is content marketing?
Example of an educational ebook : The role of content in the inbound marketing funnel – [Downloadable] .
Analysis ebook example : Google BERT Deep Analysis for Marketers – [Downloadable] .
Review ebook example : Comparison to choose your perfect marketing automation tool – [Downloadable] .
Success story example : UNHCR inbound marketing project success story – [Downloadable] .
Podcast example :

Explanatory video example :

Meme example :
digital content importance

10. GIF example :
digital content examples11. Example of infographic :

digital content creation Credits: AdveiSchool

[Free guide] The role of content in the inbound marketing funnel

Free and paid tools for creating digital content
To help you get started, we leave you a list of recommended tools that you can access for free or, if you think it’s convenient, invest in others to generate your content:

1. Tools to create blogs and articles
WordPress is the most popular tool for creating blogs and web pages, as well as managing articles and posts. It is a freemium platform . That is, it can be used for free (free), but many of its features are paid (premium). Another very popular tool, although much more limited, is Blogger, which is completely free.

2. Tools to create ecommerce stores
Shopify is a payment tool that allows you to create ecommerce stores in a very easy and comfortable way, since all the functions and options are already preconfigured. On the other hand, there is Woocommerce, a WordPress plugin that is free to use . However, if you want to have higher levels of customization and scalability, you can use PrestaShop or Magento, both are freemium and quite scalable in their functionalities, although they require technical knowledge.

3. Tools for creating images
Photoshop is the world’s most widely used tool for professionally creating and editing images of all kinds. Although it is of payment , it has a free demo you can use to familiarize yourself with the program. But if you do not want to create an image from scratch but want to obtain already created, you can access iStock ( of payment ) or Unsplash ( free ), two banks of images that can find photographs, illustrations and vectors.

4. Tools to create specific visual resources
Canva is a tool ( freemium ) ideal to intuitively and quickly create different types of graphic resources based on templates , such as banners for blogs and web pages, themes for emails, infographics, presentations, among others.

digital content pdf-1

Canva interface

If you need more specialized tools, the following are available:

Venngage ( freemium ) for infographic design.
Google Charts ( free ) for the generation of data graphics.
Make a meme ( free ) for creating memes.
Giphy ( free ) to find or create GIF images from scratch.
Now, if you need tools for your digital content on social networks in a specific way, you can use the following:

A colored story ( of payment ) is a platform where you can buy color filters for Instagram images.
Unfold ( freemium ) tool to create and edit Instagram stories from templates.
Picmonkey to create thumbnails and images 100% adapted to the dimensions of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
digital content styles

Thumbnail for YouTube created with Picmonkey

5. Tools to create videos
Premier is a cousin of Photoshop (both owned by Adobe) which is widely used software for professional video creation and editing. It is paid, but it has a free demo . If your goal is to create videos for YouTube, you can use the YouTube Studio editor , which is free and allows you to make basic but interesting edits.

6. Tools to create surveys
Two freemium survey platforms are SurveyMonkey and Typeform. Both have a very good recognition in the market, they allow you to design finds from templates and analyze the results of the answers obtained.

7. Live broadcast tools
For the live transmission of digital content you can use the functionalities offered by the different social networks ( all free ). For example: Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Periscope (Twitter) and YouTube Live. Now, if you want to do more formal broadcasts, such as video conferences, webinars and seminars, you can use Zoom ( freemium ).

Nowadays, more and more tools are emerging every day for creating digital content . It is recommended that you experiment with free and freemiums before choosing a paid one. In this way you can reduce costs and, at the same time, identify what type of features and functionalities are the ones that best suit your needs, depending on the content you want to create.

In this sense, it cannot be said that one tool is strictly better than another, since everything is subjective and depends on each particular case. Now, what is 100% certain is that digital content is essential for all marketing strategies in this information age.

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