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Different short and long-term inbound marketing strategies

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Different short and long-term inbound marketing strategies

Are you considering implementing short, medium and long term strategies in your inbound marketing project? If so, you have set yourself on the track of success. The recipe for an inbound marketing strategy is made up of ingredients as diverse as a combination of digital marketing techniques (email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring …), a good amount of quality content in various formats (posts, videos , ebooks, guides, whitepapers, webinars …) and all this seasoned with an effective use of techniques to attract traffic to a website or blog and increase visibility through social networks.

The objective is to achieve a light and friendly dish that serves to approach the user in a non-intrusive way , VP Engineering Email Lists them throughout the purchase process (marketing funnel) and adding value. This can be reflected in short, medium and long term strategies, as we will see in this article.

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What is a short-term strategy?
What is a medium-term strategy?
Is inbound marketing a short, medium and / or long term strategy?
Short-term strategies in inbound marketing
Long and medium term strategies in inbound marketing
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What is a short-term strategy?
In the context of marketing, short-term strategies are all those that are designed with the objective of obtaining immediate results, between a day and, at most, a month .

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Usually these are quick and punctual actions that, in reality, do not add value in the future, but which, especially in the field of marketing 2.0, are demanded by many clients as a way to verify that their efforts (and investment) are beginning. to generate positive results.

What is a medium-term strategy?
In this case, these are actions designed and conceptualized with a vision of the future , whose positive results do not begin to be noticed until 6 months and a year after their implementation , but they add a lot of value and last in the future.

Is inbound marketing a short, medium and / or long term strategy?
Inbound marketing ( click here if you want to learn how to launch an inbound marketing campaign ) is a complex method, a work philosophy that includes various marketing techniques that seek, in the first place, to attract qualified traffic to a blog or website through content of quality to, later, convert the highest possible percentage of these anonymous users into registrations or leads .

But the process does not end here, rather, through the progressive sending of personalized emails, the client is accompanied and prepared from the top of the funnel, which is the furthest part of the final product, to the bottom of the funnel, when the user is very close to completing the purchase.

Logically, the complexity of inbound Forex Email List makes it a medium or long-term strategy , since what it seeks is to create trustworthy and lasting relationships with customers , based on the contribution of added value and solid arguments for sale.

Does this mean that short-term actions have no place in inbound marketing? There is room for these types of actions, since they are also used precisely to compensate in some way for a strategy whose most important results are not expected until at least 6 months after its implementation.

Next we will see the short, medium and long term strategies most used in an inbound marketing strategy . They will serve to illustrate what I just told you!

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Short-term strategies in inbound marketing
Although, as we mentioned, inbound marketing is designed to achieve medium and long-term results, the following short-term actions can be used in order to accelerate the process of attracting traffic or visits and converting to leads .

Shipping collaborations . It consists of contacting related blogs or a similar buyer persona and reaching an agreement to cross-send posts to get more visits and, above all, short-term leads.
Dissemination of landings on social networks . It is used to get leads quickly, since by including a link to our landing page (page from which a user can download content in exchange for their data), the mortality of potential contacts is eliminated, as it is a very direct method.
Different short and long-term inbound marketing strategies
Guest posting with CTA (calls to action ). This action consists of publishing articles on external blogs that include a CTA that links to our downloadable content: ebooks, whitepapers, comparatives, guides, etc. In this way, more leads are obtained in less time.
External links to ebook landings on very well positioned pages . After locating the first Google entries of the keywords in which we are interested, these websites are asked to let us insert a link to our landing page so that users can download our ebook. In this way, we get a greater number of leads quickly and directly, and the external page gains in reputation and quality.
Pay per Click (PPC) strategies. They are positioning strategies through paid ads (SEM) on platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads ( click here to download our Facebook Ads checklist and video tutorial ), in order to achieve visits or links in exchange for an investment.
Inboundization . To minimize the number of visits that leave the page before becoming leads, techniques such as anexit-intent pop-upcan be used, which causesapop-upwindow to open at the moment the user is about to close the page to remind them that you can receive downloadable content for free just by giving us your details.
Long and medium term strategies in inbound marketing
We have already seen that inbound marketing is designed, above all, to obtain lasting results and add value in the medium and long term . To do this, it uses actions based on the positioning of the web or blog by searching for the most appropriate keywords , content optimization, and internal and external links. Finally, the analysis of the results serves to finalize the strategy and achieve the best results.

Let’s now look at the main medium and long-term strategies, as well as their associated objectives :

Analyze the keywords for their positioning
It is about studying the keywords related to our business or activity sector that are best for us, taking into account factors such as user search volume or skills, to later work on them in our posts and downloadable content.

Get organic visits, which is the main asset to work in inbound marketing.
Position the web as well as possible organically (SEO). Goals:
Optimize content based on keywords
We often have to implement improvements to properly position the page with actions such as making sure that the title, the subtitle, the URL of the post and the alt-text of the image contain the keyword, as well as placing it in the first paragraph and putting it in bold and include it naturally throughout the post and in the meta description. It is also advisable to do internal linking (links to your own articles) and external linking (links to external posts) in the main keywords.

Guest posting
Link articles from our own blog to other websites or receive links from external pages.

Getting the authority of an external page increases the reputation of ours and, consequently, achieve more positioning.
Achieve more organic visits and more conversion to leads.
Keyword positioning tracking
It is about analyzing which ones work best (attracting more visits and, above all, achieving conversions) to optimize them as much as possible and make the pertinent corrections

Select the optimal keywords and make them work better.
Get links to the blog home
This action is very important in the initial stages of a blog and is aimed at achieving links from external pages to our home directly, instead of to specific articles.

Improve the authority of the blog and its knowledge as a whole.
Boost your positioning and increase organic visits.
Analysis of results
It is essential to detect errors and possibilities for improvement.

Check if the expected results are being achieved.
Make corrections in case of significant deviations between objectives and results.
It is short, medium and long-term strategies : an inbound plan that delivers results from day one.

Inbound marketing is a complex method that, traditionally, has opted for medium and long-term strategies . However, as it is a process that is difficult to implement because it involves implementing various techniques and doing a very important job of preparing quality content, it can be combined with other types of actions.

It has recently been proven that, by combining short, medium and long term strategies, some actions complement others. In this way, it is possible to achieve successful partial results in short periods of time.

Finally, I want to emphasize that one of the most important strategies related to the long-term would be the analytics of the results. Every marketing action must be analyzed step by step to see if it is working and how to improve it in the future.

I hope that this differentiation between short, medium and long term strategies has helped you to better understand inbound marketing and see it from a new perspective. And, of course, I look forward to reading your comments to continue talking about this topic that so many of us are passionate about!

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