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Customers stay loyal to brands that exceed their expectations

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Customers stay loyal to brands that exceed their expectations

Customer loyalty is not a matter of age, nor does it serve financial reasons. According to what the StrongView and Edison Research study shows, customers remain loyal to brands, regardless of the advantages that they may offer for their pocket. The survey “Brand Loyalty Survey” indicates that there is no relationship in the age of  how to track a phone number for free in pakistan and their degree of association with the brand. This degree of connection ranges from 17 to 19 percent, and is applicable to consumers between 18 and 54 years of age. No less than 1 in 4 consumers declare themselves loyal to a brand. The profile of these unconditional followers does not correspond to that of a middle-aged mother, nor that of clients with large economic incomes. It is true that women stand out as the main buyers, although with a slight difference compared to men (53% vs 47%). Regarding their purchasing power, we can conclude that, for the most part, they belong to the middle class.

Discounts are also not the main incentive to earn and maintain your loyalty. When betting on a brand, 80% take into account the quality of its products, while 47% admit the influence of economic advantages. On the other hand, 61% of these customers always prefer to buy products from the same brand. Customers respond to this loyalty by spending up to 4 times more than the average, on their brand products, with purchases 13% higher than the rest, as well as three times as often. On the other hand, they are more willing to recommend the brand in their environment. These recommendations also translate into purchases. 77% of those surveyed have bought a product based on the recommendations received.


On a scale of 1 to 10, these customers react to the marketing actions of the brands when they have been able to live up to their expectations (8.7); when they evoke past episodes lived with them (8,6); if they satisfy your needs (8.6); they receive them in a timely manner; or they propose a useful solution to a specific problem (8,4). E-mail Forex Email List stands out as the strategy that works best when it comes to getting these consumers to action (51%). On the other hand, 28% of these customers bought from online advertisements, while 14% followed the instructions of other customers, offline, or through Facebook messages. As evidenced from the survey, there is a certain predisposition to maintain customer loyalty. After all, we are animals of habit. An advantage that brands can take advantage of to their advantage. If they maintain their quality standards, and pamper the customer as they deserve, they will be the preferred option.

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