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Customer journey map: what it is and how to use it for digital marketing

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Customer journey map: what it is and how to use it for digital marketing

The two keys to having a successful business today are: generating high value for the market and designing memorable experiences for consumers or users. For the former, China Phone Number List leaders will have to work hard on their products or services and consistently invest in process optimization and innovation. For the second, you need a deep understanding of the sales cycle; that is, of the steps that people follow to meet you, consider you, buy you, buy you back and recommend you; And that’s what the customer journey map takes care of . Any professional or business that focuses on these two aspects will have a greater probability of success in the current markets.

The understanding of the attitudes and feelings of customers towards the business and the anticipation of these is, then, a key piece for organizations. That’s why the customer experience became the catchphrase of many business meetings. Unfortunately, discussions on this topic are the wild card that many appeal to but few know about. Designing the customer experience is the way to excel The design of the customer experience is the priority objective of the customer journey map ; With the passing of the days, this task has positioned itself as the new favorite challenge for companies. Furthermore, its implementation is the new hope for obtaining a competitive advantage that differentiates the company from its competitors and places it in an excellent position to face the market.

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The customer experience encompasses all points of contact between the company and its users or consumers. From the moment the second discovers an unmet need and learns of the first; going through the process in which you consider the options and make the decision; launches into the transaction; until, finally, he is in the position of customer and knows the activities associated with the after-sales.

All interactions between people and organizations are part of the customer experience and must be analyzed using the customer journey map . But you should not only observe them from your Forex Email List perspective. You should also put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand their feelings and ideas throughout the entire process. Only then will you understand the successes and errors of your organization in the relationship with users or consumers.

The customer journey map is a tool to discover strengths and weaknesses
The way people discover the need, how they know about your products or services, where and when they do it, their first approaches to the market, the initial conversations with each of the options, their feelings for response times and assertive resolution of the doubts through social networks or in the telephone or face-to-face attention centers, the relationship that it reaches with the community of clients or potential buyers of the products or services, the efficiency of the after-sales services and many more things are part of the vast web called customer experience analytics.

It is a long and complex matter! That is why it is important to review it in parts, and the most efficient mechanism to do so is the customer journey map . This tool, used well, is a differential asset; because it will provide you with the appropriate information to discover your successes and errors in your relationship with people. In addition, it will make it easier for you to detect opportunities and threats. Customer experience maps should be seen as a powerful instrument to narrate and visualize the evolution of the company’s interactions with the market. A powerful input for the production, commercial and marketing teams to understand and correctly address the needs of customers, their decision-making process and their feelings towards the business.

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What is a customer journey map ?
To properly assimilate the concept, let’s start by understanding what customer experience means. By definition, the study of customer experience is a discipline that focuses on the analysis and understanding of the relationship that exists between a company and its customers; evaluating and qualifying each of the points in which both come into contact. The customer experience, therefore, has to do with the emotions that each interaction with the business awakens in the customer, with the feelings that will remain in his mind after those interactions and with the type of relationship that will be established between the two . With this clear, we can explore the customer journey map . A customer experience map is a graphic tool created by design thinking methodologies to diagram the journey and feelings of a person when they come into contact with an organization to obtain a product or service. The customer experience map shows that journey and gives corporate teams a clear perspective on the positives and negatives involved in becoming a customer.

The customer journey map is an account of what people feel, think and yearn for during the buying cycle. Therefore, the key to the diagram is not so much to make an objective analysis of each of the points that make up the purchase cycle, but rather to focus on what is experienced throughout the relationship with the brand, the product or the service. Why is the customer journey map important ? At present it is clear that the winning companies are those that place the customer at the center of their decisions. Those that guide their activity and efficiently distribute their resources to give absolute satisfaction to users or consumers.

Customers buy for their reasons, not yours.
Corporate leaders, therefore, have understood that the success and survival of their business will largely depend on developing their capabilities to attract, convince, and retain customers. This is why the customer experience, for a long time, has played a fundamental role in corporate management; because, when used as an instrument, it allows us to know the details, interests, emotions and needs of clients. And because it also offers invaluable information for the organization and its managers, which simplifies decision-making and reduces the margin of error.

On the other hand, customer experience is an important issue because when a person invests time and resources to buy something, it is not for the product or the service, but for the possibility that it offers them to satisfy a need or solve a problem. In view of this, understanding these choice processes and assimilating the journey that is traveled during decision-making, gives companies clear clues on the best way to design that journey, to win and sustain the buyer’s preference. All this is achieved with a good customer journey map . In addition, with the design of this detailed map, businesses will be able to improve their competitiveness, develop good work methodologies that bring them closer to their clients for the construction of better products or services and improve each interaction so that the relationship is enriched. With this, it will be possible to optimize business results.

Finally, the customer journey map gives the organization a global and shared vision of the process so that each member of the organization can visualize their role and impact on the customer journey. An issue that stimulates stakeholder commitment and fosters collaboration.

There are no clients who are more important than others, nor are some who deserve more time and effort than others . Treat your customers equally.
How to build a customer journey map that works?
The customer experience map is the document that will help you understand and design each interaction with your customers. It is the instrument with which you will improve those interactions and satisfy the expectations of users or consumers; and thus, increase their preference, loyalty and support.

To create a customer journey map there is no single formula, because its design depends on the environment; the specific circumstances of the company; the characteristics and particularities of the product or service offered; the moment of the market, and the objectives or problems to be solved. Still, most models have in common: actor, timeline, setting, touchpoints, experience, lessons learned, and improvement tactics appropriate for each touchpoint.

Next, we will review one by one the common points of a customer journey map :

Customer journey map template: what it is and how to use it for digital marketing. Let’s review an effective methodology to create a customer journey map and understand the contribution of this tool in planning and executing a digital strategy.
1. The definition of the actor
All consumer experience maps must begin by establishing who is the consumer who will make the journey – or the actor with whom they will interact. It’s a no-brainer, but some overlook it. Here, the business must clarify the particularities of the person doing the tour and relate their points of view and motivations.

It is worth clarifying, then, that a business can have as many customer journey maps as individual buyers , because the route of a customer who already knows the product or the service through a conversation on social networks cannot be the same as the of another who comes into contact with the company for the first time because he ran into an advertising campaign.

The objective of the actor definition phase within the consumer journey design is to discover all the demographic and psychographic characteristics that come into play when the consumer interacts with the company.

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2. The approach to the timeline
The second critical variable in the analysis of the consumer journey is time. And the timeline takes care of it. Two aspects must be analyzed here: chronology and duration.

The chronology is in charge of establishing the temporal order of the contact points. Within the timeline the contact points will be shown one by one depending on the order in which they occur. And the duration is the description, within the timeline, of the period that each interaction between the company and the person takes.

Each action and interaction has to be shown over a certain time frame, and the timeline is the one that takes care of this. With a highly graphical and detailed timeline, the organization will be able to project the process and measure the times and places where successes and frictions occur in the relationship with users and consumers.

3. The delimitation of the stage
The specific circumstances of each interaction are associated with the scenario and it is the third aspect that is analyzed in a customer journey map . Also, the stage is the physical or digital space in which the interaction takes place.

In the construction of a business relationship there are events or sequences produced by the environment that are not controlled and that can trigger a positive or negative experience. That is the first thing that must be addressed in the delimitation of the stage. What elements and circumstances surround each encounter between the brand and the person is a question that must be answered throughout the customer experience map. In the same way, the diagram of the consumer journey should clarify the place where the encounter takes place – for example, a phone call, an email, a conversation on social networks or a visit to a point of sale. Map designers and analysts must recognize the scenario variable and identify and analyze its impact on the mind of the user or consumer.

4. The description of the contact points
Obviously, the customer experience map must show each of the contact points between the brand and the actor – in order and with all the details about the moment and the setting – in order to analyze and refine them in the future.

In this fourth point of the customer journey map , the particularities of these encounters will be described and their contribution to the global perception of the experience will be known. This is the part of the document that requires the most effort, because it forces us to be specific and ultra-detailed in order to contribute to the business. This is where brand inconsistencies and disjointed experiences are usually uncovered. The description of the contact points is the section of the map that will allow us to design marketing actions that turn the customer’s experience into something memorable.

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5. Analysis and categorization of experience
In this space the actions, ways of thinking and emotions of the actor come together throughout the journey. The objective of this fifth section of the customer journey map is to quantify the feelings and ideas that circulate through the consumer’s mind before, during and after each point of contact. This is the heart of the customer experience map. It narrates and shows the good and the bad that a client lives to obtain the product or service. In order to achieve a productive approach to this point, it is convenient to conduct surveys, market research, focus groups, or undertake tactics to measure satisfaction. A quick look at the document should give us a clear idea of ​​the total length of the trip and the mood swings that the client experiences throughout it.

6. A summary of the ideas learned and the opportunities for improvement found
Finally, a good map of the customer experience has to make visible the mistakes and successes of the business at each point of contact —with the respective suggestions to enhance the positive and minimize the negative. In this last section of the consumer journey map , the ideas extracted from the document and the lessons learned during its creation and analysis are deposited. This is done to take the corresponding measures and optimize the processes that warrant it. Any idea achieved or opportunity found must be explicitly listed within the map, so that all those involved in the production, commercialization and marketing of the company know and internalize it.

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