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CTAs in Hubspot: Tool Features

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CTAs in Hubspot: Tool Features

It is likely that when talking about CTAs, (calls-to-action) you think more about its design or its writing, and you may leave aside the software. But the tool to create them is just as important VP Media Email Lists as the CTA itself. In this article I want to talk to you about CTAs in HubSpot and everything you can achieve using this platform in your calls to action.

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What are CTAs and why is it important to have a good tool?
CTA Creation Wizard in HubSpot – How does it work?
How can creating CTAs in HubSpot benefit my strategy?
What are CTAs and why is it important to have a good tool?
CTAs, calls to action, are those elements that are used as a means to convert the visitor into a lead . It seeks to convince a certain user to perform the desired action: in this case, click, and thus serve as a link between a certain page where the user is and the landing page where the conversion is going to take place.

Chief and VP of Media Email Lists

For a CTA to be optimal and efficient, it is essential to take into account elements related to its graphic design , such as the format of the button, the distribution of graphics … or its wording : a clear, concise, direct message that induces the user to click on the CTA with the highest possible ratio. In fact, that’s the whole point of a CTA – to call someone to action .

However, something that we often forget is the most technical part of the CTA, something essential for it to work and have the expected results: the software. The platform where you create CTAs is essential to obtain good results in a simple way:

It must be agile in its use.
It should allow changes to be made as quickly as possible so as not to lose effectiveness.
It must be able to be used without technical equipment to make the necessary settings yourself.
In this sense, HubSpot allows you to do all this and much more. It is a tool designed to make Forex Email List as easy as possible for any company and is the ideal companion for an inbound marketing strategy.

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CTA Creation Wizard in HubSpot – How does it work?
HubSpot offers a wizard that allows you to create calls to action with its own tool. There are two possible ways to do it:

Using 100% HubSpot creator . Although it is not so aesthetically focused, this option allows you to create simple CTAs and, most importantly, that work with a good click-through rate.
Importing an image created with another tool , something that allows us to gain and improve in design and aesthetics but that, on the other hand, may not be technically optimized to obtain better results. For example, if we create a CTA with a great design, it must be taken into account that an image cannot be responsive when hovering the mouse and, this, at a strategic level, is not as efficient.
Once we have entered and designed our button and inserted the link of the landing to which we want to direct it, it can now be inserted into our blog or web page using the automatic integration code.

Advantages of using HubSpot to create CTAs
When creating a CTA, an integration code is automatically generated, which can be included anywhere on the web page or outside of it. In addition, it keeps all the tracking codes of that CTA to know metrics, such as, for example, from which page was clicked, who clicked …

HubSpot offers automated reports of all the tool’s data that allow us to draw conclusions for our projects and thus carry out a more efficient and optimized strategy.

New call-to-action
How can creating CTAs in HubSpot benefit my strategy?
As mentioned previously, having all the elements of a strategy integrated into an automation tool such as HubSpot and in which automated reports are generated allows us to obtain data with which we can draw certain conclusions to implement our projects .

A / B test
A / B tests can give you important insights when making decisions focused on optimizing your project. The elements in which it may be interesting to implement an A / B test are those that are not giving the expected results, with the aim of finding the best formula and continuing to optimize and improve the performance of your project .

HubSpot allows you to create two different versions for each CTA in a very simple way that are shown randomly to users who see that content, in order to put them to the test to discover which one works best, maximizing the results of our campaigns.

➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide
Some of the A / B tests that you can perform are:

Changing the CTA copy
Changing the color
Changing the location / layout
Adding icons
Adding an image from the ebook
test ab husbpot visualization
Smart CTA
This functionality allows that, depending on certain predefined characteristics of the user, different CTAs appear in their browser. Some of the SMART rules that may apply are: country, device type, language or lifecycle stage. This allows us to be closer and for the user to perceive us as more attractive and, therefore, to increase the chances of their conversion.

The way in which HubSpot allows us to create this type of CTA makes the job much easier, since, with other tools, it could become complicated considering the tracking codes, the best time to carry out the A / B tests, the type of CTA you want to offer on each page … And HubSpot lets you do all these things quickly and with agility. In addition, it allows us to analyze each of the SMART rules separately and thus optimize them.

Although, depending on the project, one or the other rules may be interesting, one of the most attractive is the type of device . Mobile traffic has increased and is increasing more and more and therefore it is imperative that the entire website is optimized for mobile and therefore also the CTAs.

Did you know that more than half of internet traffic is generated through mobile phones? This means 4,100 million internet users from mobile. As you can see, the importance of having the web and, of course, CTAs adapted to mobile is key.

test ab cta hubspot smart cta

Although the most classic CTAs are the buttons inserted in the text, HubSpot also allows the possibility of creating pop-ups and inserting them very easily, with only the URL of the page where we want them to appear (you must have the tracking code of HubSpot implemented).

Why are pop-ups important for conversion ? Because they allow to attract more the user’s attention. While browsing, the pop-up appears floating and, in most cases, it can even have a built-in form.

This makes it unnecessary to redirect the user to a landing; therefore, the conversion time is reduced.

HubSpot allows us to create 4 types of pop-ups:

Pop-up box
Drop-down banner
Slide-in box left
Slide-in box right
test ab hubspot popup form
As you can see, creating CTAs in HubSpot has many advantages, especially in terms of reporting, A / B tests and even in creating pop-ups. And you, do you use HubSpot to create your calls to action? If not, what platform do you use? Can you tell me in comments?

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