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Creating landing pages in HubSpot: 7 advantages and 2 examples

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Creating landing pages in HubSpot: 7 advantages and 2 examples

Do you know why creating landing pages in HubSpot can help you improve results? A landing page is a single and simple web page that allows you to collect data from a form. Landing pages are, in essence, the place where visitors can become registrants. This is why, when creating a landing page, it is very important to take into account its configuration and design , which must be customized to meet the user’s needs.

There are many tools to create landing pages , but not all have the same characteristics. Choosing the one that delivers the most functionality will help you get the most out of this key component in your Georgia Phone Number List strategy .

In this article we are going to present 7 advantages of creating landing pages with HubSpot and 2 good examples.

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7 advantages of creating landing pages with HubSpot
2 examples of landing pages created with HubSpot
Create landing pages: with HubSpot you save time and increase effectiveness
7 advantages of creating landing pages with HubSpot
HubSpot is a complete tool. I recommend it for the support it offers to the inbound marketing strategy in all its phases. In addition, you have to take into account the benefits it provides when creating landing pages , such as:

1. Create designs in an agile way
The first advantage of using HubSpot is that it allows us to create designs in a very agile and simple way. To create a landing page in HubSpot we must select any of the pre – established templates available, to which we can easily incorporate elements of our design. In this way, it is possible to choose, among other things:

How to locate the text.
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This flexibility helps to be very agile when it comes to thinking about what type of design to use. In addition, HubSpot has a Marketplace where you can buy or download templates for free , and not only for the landing page, but also for other elements, such as email or blog.


2. Personalization of forms
In addition to the tool to create landing pages, in HubSpot there is another one exclusively for forms . Through it, and in just a few clicks, you can access different typologies, so that it is possible to choose the option that best meets your needs in each case.

The process is very agile and allows you to configure different fields to collect any type of variable that interests you: name, country, telephone number, etc. Once the form is created, it is easily integrated into the landing page to collect the record.


3. Possibility of performing A / B test
This functionality is extremely useful, since it allows you to compare two versions of the same landing page . When we perform an A / B test , 50% of the traffic to the page sees one variation of the landing page and the remaining 50% sees another. After a while you can check the results of each variation, see which one works better and choose it so that the other version stops showing.

This will allow you to optimize the landing pages over time to achieve a better conversion. It is possible to perform the test on any page already published or when creating the landing page from scratch.

4. Speed ​​of launch
Another great advantage of creating landing pages in HubSpot is the speed of launch . All the points explained so far can be configured easily and intuitively, which allows, between five and ten minutes, to have a landing created, fully functional, launched and underway.

This is why HubSpot’s landing page tool is considered one of the most agile . And it is not only during the creation of the page, but also in the rest of the process, as we will see below.

5. Automatic sending of data
Once we have the landing page up and running, you can start collecting records. In HubSpot, the tool you use when creating the forms for the landing page is already designed so that every time you make a new form, all the data collected through it is sent to the CRM database. .

This is very convenient, since otherwise you would have to do it manually, which would imply that it would be much less agile and more laborious.

New call-to-action
6. The post-data collection workflow
Another very interesting feature is the post-data collection workflow. Once the user leaves their data on a landing page, you can start a workflow that HubSpot automates. There are different actions available, such as:

Refer the user to a “thank you page”: you have the option of referring the user to another page thanking them for having left their data. As to create a landing page, in this case you can also choose between several models that adapt to your design. It is even possible to include some other type of form or offer that may be of interest to the user.
Possibility of downloading a document: you can configure the option to download a file or access some information to appear.
Sending a Thank You Forex Email List– This is a way of thanking you right in your inbox.
Combination of actions: it is also possible to combine more than one action, for example, it is possible to refer the user to a “thank you page” and send them a thank you email at the same time.
All these points can be configured in a few clicks and in an agile way with the tool to create landing pages in HubSpot . The ability to configure the entire workflow quickly is one of the main advantages of this tool.

7. Specific analyzes
HubSpot also gives you the option to monitor landing pages to see how users have behaved on them. You can get data as interesting as these:

Number of views.
Number of shipments.
View-to-shipment rate.
Time on the page.
Bounce rate.
All this data provides us with very useful information that will allow us to know if the landing page is well optimized or we can improve it.


2 examples of landing pages created with HubSpot
Now that you know what are some of the main advantages of creating landing pages in HubSpot , we are going to see two different examples to show you the freedom that HubSpot allows us to create different designs and custom forms. In addition, we present some good practices that you may find useful to create your landing page.



This HubSpot landing page is simple and clean, without elements that can distract the user from the objective of the page. It has a descriptive call-to-action that visually stands out from the other elements, thus capturing the user’s attention and leading them to the action we are looking for, in this case, filling in a form.


In this other example, the title clearly and concisely exposes the offer of the landing, which will help us to capture the interest of the user. On the other hand, the option to Preview the downloadable content and the copy give greater context to the offer and invite the user to want to discover more.

Create landing pages: with HubSpot you save time and increase effectiveness
As you see, creating landing pages with HubSpot not only allows you to access an agile and simple setup process, but also helps you get the most out of them .

Its configuration options and functionalities give you the option to customize, and you will soon see that it is easier to convert your visits into records.

Now that you know the main advantages, it is time to take action and start creating your landing pages. You dare?


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