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Content Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2021

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Content Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2021

The content marketing will experience a huge change in 2021, and marketers need to prepare for it.

The changes that we will see have ranged from the most subtle to the most extreme: what seemed like emerging technologies in 2020 have already seen a massive acceleration thanks to the extraordinary events of the last year.

So what are these trends that will change the content CMO Email Lists landscape in 2021?

In this article I will introduce you to the 6 most significant trends in content marketing in 2021 that you should know. Enjoy the reading!

list_altIndex of contents
1. Visual content marketing
2. Marketing of interactive content
3. Live content
4. Artificial intelligence
5. Micromoments in content marketing
6. SEO
The future of content marketing
1. Visual content marketing
The importance of visuals in content marketing cannot be discounted and will continue to have a major impact beyond 2021.

CMO Email Lists

Now that declining attention has become the norm and the amount of content being generated is increasing, marketers need images to tell provocative and memorable stories .

For example, while vibrant colors were all the rage in 2020, the pale color palette will be the trend in 2021, likely due to the result of the overuse of color in previous years.

We will also see more abstract designs that not only convey a story, but also grab the reader’s attention. 2021 will be the year of Picasso rather than Van Gogh.

These trends will influence the way marketers design images for social media, as well as the way they come up with ideas for infographics.

Visual content should be a priority, understanding what attracts users’ attention will make it easier to create attractive and relevant visual content for our audience.

In the following infographic you will find the graphic design trends in detail and how you can apply them to your visual content.

content marketing trends 2021

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2. Marketing of interactive content
One content Forex Email List trend that is already taking over the world is interactive marketing, something that will change all the rules of the game in 2021.

Interactive marketing includes augmented reality and virtual reality , an unexpected mainstay on social media.

Snapchat, in particular, has taken augmented reality to a new level with its filters and games, another feature that Instagram has also adopted with great success.

But for organizations to create augmented reality filters for their followers to use on their social networks will not be enough, interactive content marketing in 2021 will have to go beyond the social sphere.

Customers expect brands to create an interactive experience in their website design (even through a simple scroll), as well as their content and live advertising.

In 2021 it is very possible that we will see brands adopting even more QR or AR codes so that users can use their mobile devices and access interactive content, in addition to using them to avoid contact with physical parts.

We will also see brands implementing games on their web pages : from pixel-based games to puzzles.

The surveys will become another interactive feature that brands can use through your marketing (social media, web pages or email marketing).

Here is a video of a very interesting example of interactive content marketing:

3. Live content
Marketers around the world have been concentrating their efforts on video production, especially to stay on top of their users’ minds during quarantine. In recent years, video views have been far more effective in engaging audiences than any other content.

However, video marketing is going to change in 2021. Video production can be very expensive, however marketers have seen certain social networks improve video metrics, especially live video.

Live video has been rapidly becoming popular in recent months, something that has solved the problem with the high cost of audiovisual production. In addition, they are easier to produce and provide a more personal touch, something especially valued in recent times.

Brands don’t need the best video equipment to create live content – a mobile phone camera in selfie mode is enough to keep your audience entertained.

But it’s not just the profitability of live content that will be all the rage in 2021: Live content has the advantage of humanizing a brand by putting real people in front of the camera.

Of course, live content needs to be planned – you don’t want to be boring or make mistakes when speaking or demonstrating a product, right?

Even with these aspects in mind, live video is proving to be more engaging, more interactive, and more profitable than produced video content.

In the following example I leave you a live video that, in addition, has been recorded on YouTube for the access of any interested person at any time of the day:

4. Artificial intelligence
You have probably noticed that chatbots have become much more sophisticated in the last year than they were before.

This is because artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a significant leap after a disastrous deployment a few years ago.

The AI ​​that is now used to create chatbots is powered by machine learning software. In other words, these chatbots are learning more as they receive more information.

This has resulted not only in more effective chatbots, but in chatbots that sound more human . This is ideal for customer service, as it allows brands to keep their customer service teams focused on more complex problems that require a human touch.

But, in 2021, AI will not only be used by chatbots, it will play a very important role in data collection, content collection and even in the distribution of content and campaigns.

Like most technologies, brands will have to spend a great deal of time researching how to use AI and get the most out of it in 2021.

content trends 2021 chat

5. Micromoments in content marketing
While most brands focus on the end goal of a customer journey , in 2021 marketers will have to focus on optimizing every step of this process.

The importance of micro-moments has undoubtedly increased due to the increasing popularity of mobile search and marketing.

Therefore, consumers often participate in the buyer’s journey while the buyer continues to perform other tasks, imposing the responsibility of maintaining their interest in the brand.

It will not be enough to make your final goal (landing page or payment page) the central focus of your marketing campaign.

Every moment of the road to a sale must be considered and exploited.

Marketers will have to make sure that their message is seen as many times as possible. They will also have to figure out how to reach their target markets for when they want to be contacted.

AI will be a great stimulus in this field – using it to study what has worked in the past and understanding what will be needed in the future will make the content marketing process more efficient and profitable.

6. SEO
Search engines have been adapting since they were invented, but recent technological advances and the pandemic have opened up opportunities for businesses that they hadn’t realized they needed.

In addition, the way to optimize our content for SEO is also evolving. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have become very household names, and they’re changing search engine marketing and CRO in many ways.

Due to the popularity of voice activated devices, voice search is on the rise. This means that the type of queries sent to search engines has changed.

Instead of focusing on keywords and key phrases, marketers will have to tailor their content to long keywords, as well as full phrases, such as “Where is the closest Starbucks?”

Recent updates to Google’s search algorithm will impact brands too: Google no longer lists more than one link from the same website on a page, unless it is highly relevant.

New Call-to-action
The future of content marketing
2021 will experience some important technological changes, beyond those we have already seen, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence (in chatbots and data collection), interactivity in content, live content and search engine marketing. .

But we will also see changes in the type of visual content that people will find attractive, from colors to designs, and marketers will have to be aware that these resources will be a visual trend. You have to know how to stand out from all the noise in the digital world. In addition to these changes, marketers will have to focus and optimize the micro-moments that users live in their customer journey.

To finish, I would like to share with you an infographic in which we collect all these trends in a more visual way:

content marketing trends 2021-1

Brands that can adapt to these changes are sure to see substantial results in their content marketing campaigns in 2021 … and beyond. Would you like to share a trend with me? I read you in the comment section!

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