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Consumers are already digital, and what about brands?

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Consumers are already digital, and what about brands?

Technology has been integrated into the day-to-day life of consumers. The survey carried out by Toluna on the presence of the internet among users indicates that its degree of penetration is such that it is really difficult to disconnect. According to the study, for 85% of  how to type philippine mobile number , technology provides them with a certain degree of well-being and happiness. All told, 77% also recognize that it can be a cause of stress. In one way or another, today users spend much of their day connected. However, this integration has not yet occurred in the case of companies, who have so far failed to appreciate the importance of adapting to the customers’ way of life, of being there where they are, using the same tools, and speaking the same language.

Smartphones are specifically the devices that accompany consumers the longest; in fact, they are present for most of the day. 1 in 3 users say they check their mobile phone before going to bed, and even check it if they wake up during the night. For 58% of them, this habit of checking their smartphone constitutes the last action of the day, while 66% admit that they sleep with it. But the digital activity of users is not only based on the smartphone. The survey indicates that 57% of UK consumers use more than one device at a time. 40% of them sit in front of the TV with their tablet.


In contrast, both tablets and computers are devices to be used exclusively, according to 63% and 61% of respondents respectively. Despite the digital revolution, the kingpin continues Forex Email List to be television. The study indicates that 62% of users consume at least 3 hours a day of television, while only 48% of them spend the same time on the Internet. Another note to take into account is the advertising exposure by users. In this case, it is very similar, both online and offline. In fact, 26% of users are exposed to an average of 20 ads a day on the Internet, while this percentage hardly rises to 29% in the case of viewers. One more sample of the integration with the online medium. These habits of digital behavior and online consumption cannot go unnoticed by companies, who need to adapt their strategy to the new reality they are facing.

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