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Commercial actions: 30 examples to sell more

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Commercial actions: 30 examples to sell more

In the most competitive sectors, it is key to differentiate yourself from the competition to sell more, and one way to achieve this is to be much more active with your marketing strategy.

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The importance of having a marketing strategy
30 examples of commercial actions to sell more with images
Don’t forget to monitor the results
No one is surprised if we say that good marketing can help a company achieve its objectives, but of course, not all kinds of actions will be valid. Therefore, if you manage to allocate the Namibia Phone Number List budget to commercial actions that are really effective and that give results, you will be able to grow your business .

But what commercial actions are the most effective? For each type of business (whether it is B2B or B2C) and for each sector, some actions may work better than others. The key is to be in constant research and innovation so that your marketing department is not left behind. To achieve this you have to try new strategies, so in this article I give you 30 examples of commercial actions that work to sell more . Do you dare to change your sales strategy?

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The importance of having a marketing strategy
Everyone knows that it is essential to have a marketing strategy . But it is not only worth thinking about it since it must be reflected in a document that includes:

Objectives of the department
Commercial actions to be carried out to achieve the objectives
Budget for each of the actions
Details of the execution of each of the actions
And results , to measure those actions that work best and discard those that are not providing the expected results.


We must be aware that this document must always be alive, so the strategy must be reviewed on a recurring basis to be able to adapt it to the constant changes in which we live. For example, a clear example is whether to adapt communication in crisis situations such as COVID-19.

Finally, when shaping the strategy, do not forget to focus commercial actions on your buyer persona , that is, on your ideal client, taking into account their habits and behaviors.

In the next section we give you 30 ideas that you can apply to your marketing strategy, to achieve the sales objectives that you set for yourself.

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30 examples of commercial actions to sell more with images
Once we have seen what a Forex Email List strategy should contain and what to think about when creating it, we are going to see actions that you can implement to feed this strategy .

All these actions are designed so that you can innovate in your marketing strategies and turn your communication around with the aim of selling more. We start with the simplest actions and continue with those that may require a greater investment (both in time and money) or are more complex. Hope they help you increase sales!

1. Use reviews from other customers to convey trust and credibility
The testimonials of other clients are one of the most important sources of credibility for a company and they are increasingly taken into account, especially on the Internet. An example can be the search for a veterinary clinic, in which before going you read how they have treated other pets.

And is that before going to any new place we look for what others say about them, so why not use the testimonies in our favor and include them in our strategy?

Look for the most favorable testimonials and reviews and include them on your website and in publications (both organic and paid on your social networks). Surely this way you transmit much more confidence towards new potential clients.

commercial actions testimonials

2. Share your product or service in interest groups
One way to quickly reach your potential customers is to share your sales offers with interest groups. Imagine that you sell Mexican products in Spain, maybe you are interested in sharing it in groups like that.

commercial actions groups

Groups have a high segmentation power and usually have a broad participation of their members, making them an ideal platform to share your products, services or information.

3. Put your product for sale on Amazon
Amazon has become one of the platforms with more products and ease of purchase for the consumer, among other things, due to the possibility of fast and even free shipping through Amazon Prime, so it is an ideal strategy if you want to get one higher sales ratio. An extra tip, if you use these tips to position your products on Amazon you can increase sales.

amazon commercial actions

4. Use psychological pricing
One of the ways to sell more without changing anything about the product is to review the price. Playing with psychological prices and adapting the price to the environment and type of product you can increase sales. And it is that it has been shown that small changes in relation to the price help to influence the way people act. In this article you can learn more about psychological pricing.

5. Associate your product or service with good emotions
Many times in the buying process emotions influence. Therefore, if we manage to associate the purchase process with positive experiences, we can get the person to buy again. Small details like giving a candy to a pharmacy can make us buy there again.

Large retail companies work on it by ensuring that the experience in the store is as pleasant as possible. That is why they invest large amounts in olfactory design and marketing, among others.

A good example of this type of action is Starbucks, which works to make the experience of buying coffee as pleasant as possible.

starbucks trading stocks

6. Use your customers as brand ambassadors
One of the cheapest actions in marketing is to make your clients “work” and turn them into ambassadors. It may seem somewhat daring, but if you stop to think about what we are going to tell you next, you will see what a recommendation strategy is like with some additions. If you can get them to bring you a client and give them, for example, a discount, it will surely be cheaper than getting a new client yourself!

commercial actions invite friends

7. Take advantage of special calendar dates
All times of the year have their traditions, and if we know how to take advantage of them we can also increase sales. From adapting the product or service to the time of year to adapting communications, any action is good to get the attention of customers. To do this, we recommend that you annually collect the most important dates for your company in a calendar so that you have room to work them well: design creatives, schedule an offer, make special announcements …

commercial actions special dates

8. Associate the products with others in the purchase process
If when we sell a product we prepare related products for the consumer or that he can associate, we can increase sales. This is what is known as cross-sell, a technique that you can easily configure in the shopping cart just before making the payment. For example, if we buy an iPhone on the Apple website, before paying for it the website itself offers you to add a case to the shopping cart.

commercial actions products

9. Make communication with your customers as easy as possible
The more available and easier it is to communicate with your company, the more likely you are to sell as well as have a satisfied customer. You can use new communication channels ( WhatsApp, for example) or extend the time availability of the sales team.

commercial actions attention

10. Make temporary sales or discounts
Sales or temporary discounts generate a purchase impulse, because they indicate a shortage of the product and an urgency to buy it. It is usually used by supermarkets such as Casa Ametller, in the example:

sales sales actions

One of the most famous and anticipated temporary discounts of the year is Black Friday , and an example of how brands take advantage of the moment to increase the purchase momentum of users who do not want to miss out on bargains.

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11. Use specialized dealers
It is important to have connections with specialized distributors and assess whether their services pay off for you. To do this, assess whether your target audience usually uses the services offered by these distributors, as well as the cost that you have to advertise with them.

For example, restaurants in Spain use “eltenedor”, which groups together many restaurants and offers discounts to users.

trading stocks elfork

12. Put specific ads on Google
You can use Google Ads so that your potential clients find you quickly and, above all, above your competition. To do this, it is important that you analyze well what keywords you are interested in positioning and the investment you have to make to appear in the first positions.

For example, when looking for custom furniture, we receive several options through ads, even before organic positioning, so the option of receiving clicks is much higher.

commercial actions google ads

13. Make advertising campaigns on social networks
Instagram and TikTok are the fastest growing social networks worldwide. If you carry out campaigns in these channels, segmenting your target audience, you will be able to reach potential customers very quickly. Campaigning in Ads is not as easy as it seems, since it is necessary to have knowledge of the platform itself, of segmentation, as well as of advertising in general, so it is possible that you may need the support of an agency.

commercial actions social networks ads14. Make your customers loyal
Did you know that many times it can be more profitable to carry out marketing actions on your clients than to find new ones? That is why many companies join loyalty strategies . In general, it is about having the customer satisfied both for the service or product, as well as giving them exclusive advantages if they join the loyalty club.

It is a resource widely used by airlines, which give points for the purchase of flights.

commercial actions build loyalty

15. Sponsor sporting events
Many, many people closely follow major sporting events .

So by sponsoring these events you can get enormous visibility for your brand. To do this, assess whether your buyer persona fits in with the viewers of the event in question, since, in that way, you will make this collaboration much more profitable.

New Call-to-action
16. Join a solidarity cause
If through the sale of your products you support a solidarity cause, in addition to helping that cause you will be able to attract new customers who are aware of the solidarity cause.

For example, McDonald’s “Mc Happy Day” campaign. On this day, all that is collected from the sale of Big Mac, whether in menu or individual, is destined to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation, whose reason for being is the Ronald McDonald Houses for families with children who receive hospital treatment from long duration, away from their usual homes.

CSR commercial actions

17. Place advertisements or communicate in specialized media or channels in your sector
It is important that you have a presence in publications in your sector, because you will ensure that you reach the right audience. Analyze well the specialized media in your sector and talk to them to see what kind of collaboration you can have.

For example, the legal news portal recommends legal books.

commercial actions specialized media

18. Use influencers to promote your brand
You already know the weight that influencers have taken in the purchase decision. To give you an idea, those products that “La Vecina Rubia” publishes on Instagram are usually sold out in a matter of seconds.

You can request collaboration with an influencer who is relevant to your sector or who addresses an audience that interests you who knows you.

In the screenshot you can see how influencer Maria Pombo promotes Springfield clothes.

commercial actions influencers

19. Work your profiles on social networks
Having a presence on social networks today is practically mandatory. Visiting the company’s networks is one of the queries that consumers usually ask if they are doubting whether or not to buy a product. In addition, it will help you create a community and reach new customers. You can create a trend through your own hashtags. But, above all, publish content of interest to continue creating community around your brand.

commercial actions social networks

20. Make XL size products
One way to sell more is to create XL size products. In a single sale you can sell more quantity and at a higher price. If they were two separate purchases, perhaps the buyer would choose another product.

21. Create webinars of interest
A very good strategy to get qualified contacts for the purchase is to prepare webinars on the subject that may interest your buyer persona. If you ask for their email to register, then you will have a communication channel with these people. This strategy works very well for B2B companies.

In the example, we can see how the company Hub Spot (which sells marketing software) conducts free webinars of interest to people who work in marketing.

commercial actions webinars

22. Go to fairs in your sector
Business events such as fairs are great opportunities to promote your products and to publicize your brand, as well as to establish relationships with other companies and potential buyers. We recommend that you look for those fairs in your sector that are relevant and go to them.

For example, every year the Mobile World Congress is held in Barcelona and brings together the world’s major telephone companies.

trade fair actions

23. Present your product as exclusive
The fact of showing your product or service as something exclusive will arouse the interest of consumers and even allow you to request some personal information, such as email, which can later help you in the sale.

For example, to buy on the Westwing furniture website it is necessary to be a member and register using an email. Thus they create a feeling of “exclusivity”.

exclusive commercial actions

24. Take care of your website
Taking care of your website and making it easier for users can increase sales a lot. You can use:

A good index to make it easy to find the information.
Pop-ups to catch the user’s attention and help them make a purchase or request information, as well as to offer them discounts.
In this example of the UNIR they allow you to leave your phone and they themselves contact you, facilitating the user’s work.

commercial actions website

25. Work on your branding and corporate image
Having a good corporate image can be as or more relevant than the service or product you offer. If this is very good but is not attractive to the consumer, it will not succeed. That is why it is important to have a brand manual and apply designs aligned with your strategy.

We leave you the example of TESLA, which has a design that transmits modernity and simplicity, values ​​that the brand wants to position.

commercial actions branding

26. Provide the payment methods to your client
Many times an impediment to the purchase is access to financing. If your own company offers it, you help the user to buy from you and not from someone else. An example is car or appliance financing in installments.

This strategy is recommended for products with a high price.

commercial actions financing

27. Capture a database and use email marketing
If you don’t have a contact database, you can take actions to get it. How? Using downloadable material of interest, at fairs, at events, offering discounts … And once you have a powerful database, you can use email marketing strategies to impact it and thus increase sales.

Here is the example of Australis. If you want to know how inbound marketing has contributed to the improvement of its results, I encourage you to download its success story at this link .

commercial actions email marketing

28. Create a blog to increase your brand awareness and digital positioning
If you create a blog in which you talk about topics related to your company optimized at an SEO level , you can promote the brand organically in search engines.

For example, for the Affinity brand we have created a blog for veterinarians and it has been a great success. You can download his success story here .

commercial actions blog

29. Open your sales strategy to new markets
Sometimes our products may be well received in other markets (other countries or ways of sale). To adapt to the sale in this new market, if we do not know it, it may be helpful to find a partner who knows well the sale in that new market.

For example, the Spanish brand Chupa Chups is very popular in the Asian market.

commercial actions new markets

30. Check out what your competition does … and do it better!
It is always important to keep your eyes on the competition to ensure that you do not fall behind, neither in quality of the product or service nor in marketing actions. Constantly watch what you are doing, see if it is working for you and try to improve it. We are not saying that you copy but that you keep an eye on what happens in the market.

Don’t forget to monitor the results
Once you have developed your marketing plan and chosen the actions to take, you should closely monitor the results of each campaign . If one of them does not work, you must investigate the reason and make the necessary adjustments.

With the results in hand and evaluating the impact of each of the campaigns, you will be able to choose those actions that give the most results. And which are they? It depends on your goals.

If your goal is to get clients, you can divide the cost of the campaign between the clients obtained, to know how much each one has cost you and thus be able to compare the results. If, on the other hand, your objective is to attract visits to your website, you can divide the total number of visits that come from a campaign (for example, social networks) by the investment you make in social networks.

All this, without forgetting that marketing is a 360º strategy and that normally the different campaigns give a global boost.

Finally, I leave you some last tips:

Always adapt marketing strategies to your sector of activity and your buyer persona.
Think ahead: digitization is increasingly important, and to help you you must use the most current tools.
If you need support in a specific campaign, it may be worth hiring a specialized agency, since you can achieve better results.
And you, have you already tried any of these commercial actions in your company? I would love to know how they have worked for you and what are the next ones you are planning to implement. Let me know in the comment section!

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