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Clubhouse: what is and how does the social audio that everyone talks about?

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Clubhouse: what is and how does the social audio that everyone talks about?

Everyone talks about her and it is no wonder. However, not everyone knows what it really is, how it works or what is its success. Since Elon Musk announced that he was going to use it, downloads in the Clubhouse app have skyrocketed . And not only that, the shares on the stock market have only grown (yes, in the wrong company).

It is for all this and more that as experts in digital Belarus Phone Number List we are forced to analyze how this social audio works and what repercussions it can have in all senses. Do we see it together?

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Clubhouse: the fashion social network
What is the cause of this hype around Clubhouse?
What is Clubhouse?
Clubhouse: highlights
What can be done at the Clubhouse?
In which sectors could Clubhouse gain ground and relevance?
If you are wondering how Clubhouse works, how to enter the app, how to get an invitation or why it could be interesting for your business, you are in the right place. Let’s go there!

Clubhouse: the fashion social network
There are those who would pay to participate in the conversations that are cooked in the new social network, which simulates collective telephone calls with certain advantages.

So far, the Clubhouse app is only available for iOS and by invitation. However, it is very interesting to analyze it and know where the trends in social networks are pointing and, therefore, know what the preferences of the users are.

Today seems to be dominated by hyperdynamic and perishable content, just think of Instagram stories , which are already on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as live content on Twitch. Now what is taking is social-audio, which is what we have with Clubhouse.

Are you going to waste the opportunity to be among the trending topics of social audio?

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What is the cause of this hype around Clubhouse?
This application has had growth worth mentioning. It was launched in May 2020, but only at the end of the year it had 600,000 users and, if we count that many people are excluded for having Android or not having received an invitation, the data is even more shocking.

In February it already had a real boom when Elon Musk , founder of Tesla, tweeted that he would be talking about his projects in Clubhouse , a gesture that was a true revolution. It is clear that such an influential person attracts many users all over the world. The conversation was with Vlad Tenev, CEO of the Robinhood app, and was also streamed Live on YouTube. Since then the application downloads have not stopped rising.

In addition, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the sudden success of this application has also been due, in part, to a growth in shares in the stock market for Clubhouse Media Group. Unlike what everyone thought shortly after Elon Musk made it famous, this company has little (or nothing) to do in reality with the social network. This is why many invested in the wrong company to follow “the masses.”

If you are still somewhat confused, we will explain what Clubhouse is and how we can benefit from it.

What is Clubhouse?
Clubhouse could be defined as a Twitch in audio version, since it is designed to create “rooms” in which users divide to talk about the subject they want in real time.

clubhouse rooms

According to the description in the App Store, Clubhouse is used to connect you “at any time to chat with the people you follow” or participate as a listener.

In these audio chat rooms there are moderators, speakers and listeners , with which we can limit ourselves to listening as if it were a live podcast or interacting only by voice, without using video, text or images.

As far as we have been able to verify, it has many possibilities, since we can listen to the opinions of great leaders or influencers of the sector that interests us, and participate in the conversation as one more. Digital Forex Email List, economics, politics or journalism are some of the sectors that are getting the most out of it, but there are also influencers, television series or everything that surrounds the world of the game. For example, one room is from the television program “Now I fall”, which appears under the name “Now low.”

How to get an invitation to Clubhouse?
The name “Clubhouse” is not accidental, since the idea is to create exclusivity and generate the atmosphere of a select club. Not everyone can access the application, as it only allows use with an invitation from someone inside .

Once we accept the invitation, each user can invite a maximum of one other person . You will see that you can follow the rooms or the people that interest you, whether they are your friends or celebrities. At the same time, you can create your own room.

What if I don’t have an invitation?
If you have not received an invitation and you do not know of a friend who is a user, an alternative is to register at Clubhouse . In this way, you will be able to see which friends from our phone contact list are inside. This way you will know who you can ask for the invitation. The negotiation will be up to you.

Also, if you see that you do not have any known person in the application, you can sign up to a waiting list is like a “pre-registration”.


Clubhouse: highlights
A very interesting aspect of Clubhouse is that you can follow specific themes : there is everything, from the widest to the most niche.

Although practically everything can be talked about, since the use of colloquial or vulgar terms is common, the application can admonish or expel users who launch hateful, abusive or sexist messages.

In addition to all this, what is most striking about this social network is that it does not generate “empty” conversations, like those we are used to seeing on Facebook or other social networks. You will always have the opportunity to witness and / or interact with deep conversations that can last several hours . This is a great learning opportunity for users who participate and want to share their knowledge.

So, unlike other conversations dominated by “content creation”, in Clubhouse you will find spontaneous and authentic conversations . At least, for the moment this is the case, a feature that seems to behave differently from traditional social networks. We will see in the future how it evolves.

clubhouse home

What can be done at the Clubhouse?
Once you are inside the application you can browse, create and see other rooms . Up to 5,000 users can join in the same room.

You have the option to search for certain users or communities by name or by theme. In addition, you can have your own profile, with a photo and description, your own followers and followed people, as in any social network.

Every time you enter a room you will be muted (by default), but you can take a turn to speak and actively join the conversation. It is a very similar way to when we raise our hands in a debate. In this way, voices do not cut off each other or have cross conversations, as happens on other platforms.

We also have the option of being the “host” or any other member of the room who invites you to speak, or to remain muted. In this case, the experience will be equivalent to listening to a podcast, with the difference that it will be live and without a script in front of it.

Finally, you will be able to notify that you are leaving the room and leave, before moving on to other rooms. There are public and private rooms in which, as expected, we have to have an invitation to enter.

On the other hand, to understand this application in its entirety, it must be taken into account that Clubhouse users are divided into three categories: speaker, listener and moderator. Makes sense right?

A counterpoint that we can get (or not) is that conversations cannot be heard again. Plain and simple, it’s about real-time audio . Therefore, if any conversation interests you, either you take advantage of it 100% and give your full attention or you will not be able to listen to it again. In this it does differ from the podcast format. However, this item is still an important opportunity for engagement and maximizing the sense of urgency.

In which sectors could Clubhouse gain ground and relevance?
It is still early to make predictions and confirm in which sectors the use of this social network could be interesting. However, in addition to the influencers and celebrities , who already have their channels and followers, we may soon see some brands .

In this sense, it would be interesting for us to talk to their staunch elders and share ideas and opinions with them. Clearly, given the relevance of celebrities to the platform, collaboration with influencers could represent a channel for companies that want to land at Clubhouse.

Therefore, this new social network could mean a valuable opportunity for brands to spontaneously create a community loyal to their business, and thus develop collaborations with partners and influencers.

Once all of the above has been clarified, and after analyzing the most outstanding characteristics of Clubhouse, these are some sectors that can most be identified with the convenience of this app:

Technology: in this great topic we will be able to know all the news, opinions and criticisms from the experts of the technology sector that, to date, is one of the most using the application.
Digital marketing: how could it be otherwise, this will be another great channel to stay up to date, listen to influential people in the sector, exchange experiences and acquire new knowledge around social networks, organic vs. online positioning. payment, neuromarketing, inbound marketing , sales techniques, etc.
Hobbies : it is and will be a platform where you can interact in real time with fans of the world of fiction, culture and entertainment. We can talk and make recommendations for books, movies, television series, anime and anything else that we are fans of.
Politics: Another great sector that Clubhouse will take advantage of will be politics, in order to listen to opinions, debates, electoral campaigns, etc.
Clubhouse really has a long way to go yet, so it is still in beta. We will see how it evolves, how the audio trend influences and how it will acquire more and more relevance.

And you, have you already tried this social network? I’d love to read your opinion in the comment section!

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