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Chronicle [announced] of a manager tormented by digital marketing

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Chronicle [announced] of a manager tormented by digital marketing

Let’s agree: being a manager is one of the most complex and agonizing tasks in the business world; it is an exhausting journey and, in some cases, thankless. Hence the salary! The burden of responsibilities and stress is enormous. Its main task is to keep the company afloat – and sailing full – and create stability for their employees, customers satisfaction and dividends for shareholders. Not at all simple. Not? Very easy? DIY . Entrepreneurs have to lead and guide a heterogeneous group of people towards the achievement of  Chile Phone Number List general and specific objectives, interact with stubborn boards of directors and shareholders, compete against skillful and ruthless rivals, captivate a collective of users or consumers who are immersed in a market saturated with alternatives and, as if this were not enough, be updated and trained to face every trend or administrative theory that is created in the world, digital or analog.

The digital world is the biggest challenge since the industrial revolution
The transformation to digital came many decades ago and has accelerated over time. As a result of this, many new tools, platforms, actions and strategies emerged that managers had to assimilate quickly to make rational and instinctive decisions. It is precisely there, in that incessant struggle to develop and absorb each advance, acquire new knowledge and develop competencies that represent competitive advantages, where we place this chronicle. A narrative exercise in which we recreate what managers experience every day. A fiction that shows how complex and heartbreaking digital appropriation efforts can be. The suffocating sense of backwardness “I’m missing something!” “I’m sure there is an application that solves my problems with one click and no one has shown it to me.” “Could it be that there is a social network in which all businesses get multimillion-dollar sales and I don’t know it?” That is what we think and feel on a daily basis. Everyone. That is why we want to shorten your path: doubt never disappears and you will have to live with it. We have been working in the digital world for almost two decades and we feel it too. So relax.


If you do not overcome it, you will have problems, because that restlessness will make you feel like a technological Neanderthal and your instinctive reaction will be to gradually distance yourself from each advance, so as not to scourge yourself. Bad idea! This is how the way is paved to develop a digital disability that will grow over time. But why is that feeling so overwhelming? Basically, because many promote it. In fact, there is an industry that profits from it. The more behind you feel, the easier it will be to sell you gadgets, promotional plans, or magic tricks. And the world conspires in their favor, because all we see around us is a dizzying and constant evolution of digital. The ideal scenario for worry and the feeling of backwardness to increase in most managers.

Urged and insecure entrepreneurs and markets saturated by companies with irresistible offers to excel in the digital world. That is the combination we live in today. A dangerous cocktail for all of us who work in the digital world. Under this panorama we recreate this chronicle: a short story to describe a manager who decides to embark on Forex Email List transformation, the project that will change the direction of the organization. An objective that, he thinks, will be possible because it has an excellent budget, a competent team of collaborators and a complete directory of digital providers – all highly recommended.

The story begins by talking with designers
The first thing I have to solve is the website! With that in mind, our manager begins the digital transformation process. For this reason, on Monday he summons his team to work early. There is no time to lose! The digital world does not wait. Let’s forget about the ten years we’ve been hanging around and get the website resolved in one morning. Then, he meets with the web design and development providers they recommended, to discuss the project and draw up an urgent action plan. The first to speak are the designers: —What your business needs is a disruptive platform that impacts the audience… Everything enters through the eyes. You can’t spare resources when it comes to designing, ”they say.  His message and his arguments are clear: the important thing is the graphic design of the website . Everything else is irrelevant. According to them, in a world full of options it is only possible to stand out by being different and that differentiation is achieved with a superior graphic appearance. An eye-catching and innovative look & feel will guarantee commercial results.

With this emotional exhibition they captivate. Who, in their right mind, would want to look bad? “We can’t stay behind!” Says the manager, adding, “My neighbor’s website is awesome.” Ours has to shine! It is the turn of those who write hieroglyphics After a fun meeting looking at captivating photos, colors, shapes and examples. After “learning” about layout and look & feel , complexity arrives. What a mess! At the insistence of the technology area, our manager has to meet with the development providers. A group of engineers enter the meeting room. From the outset, they are more concerned with strange subjects. “Servants?” Security certificates? Source code? Information architecture? What are these people talking about? What I want is a website! I’m not interested in doing an express masters degree in systems, ”says our confused manager.

Engineers and web developers are more pragmatic – and boring, for some – than designers. His arguments are logical and rational. His tactic for seducing the manager and getting the bill is simple: Let’s make the importance of infrastructure visible. The digital transformation starts with the gadgets, they say. The project will only succeed if it has a robust and scalable technology platform. More than pretty, the website must be stable and usable. If you don’t use a good programming language, if you don’t work on navigability, if you don’t build with mobile devices in mind, everything will fail. Also, the world is full of evil hackers who want to attack your business, they claim. Their stories of information theft, bad support experiences, and hacked servers are very compelling and overwhelming the manager. Panic! It is the predominant feeling in the room.

“These people are indispensable!” Says the CTO. This is how Monday ends. The summary: euphoria and terror. Contradictions between providers are beginning to be noticed and the suffocating sense of backwardness grows. Cool, the only thing that matters is being visible On Tuesday, the manager and his team start the day by quoting a computer security training. The meeting with the engineers gave them nightmares and they developed extreme paranoia. But that little mishap won’t stop them, the day looks very entertaining. Starting today, the agenda will be full of marketers. The first to arrive at the offices are the specialists in search engine optimization – SEO , search engine optimization . A fascinating and enigmatic discipline for most mortals. Its premise is concrete: you can have a beautiful and technologically reliable site, but if nobody finds it, it will be useless. His speech is forceful. Search engines are the cornerstone of the digital world and in today’s context they are predominant. Obvious! Today we search everything on Google. A very easy to understand argument. The SEO agency representatives explain to the manager and his team that you can have a fantastic website, professionally designed and with a great infrastructure, but if the clients do not come across it, all the effort will have been wasted. That is why it is mandatory to appear in Google results . And they have the key to achieve it.

With this new idea planted in the team, the SEO agency builds a long-term work plan, with clear tasks and activities and measurable objectives. An ambitious project, structured and very difficult to reject. Wait, isn’t the key to having traffic? Wednesday morning, everything looks good, they already know a lot about the digital world: they understand the priority of traffic, have conversations about infrastructure and information security and analyze in detail any graphic piece or online platform. But the meetings don’t stop. Today they have an appointment with a digital advertising agency. “Why wait for the seeker to find you, if you can pay to get out first thing tomorrow?” Asks the agency representative and continues, “And in front of the right audience!” Everyone is dumbfounded. -In that way? Is it possible? Asks the manager. -Of course! Affirms the agency executive. Also, SEO brings you everyone who searches for a keyword and the quality of that audience is not guaranteed.

“Wait, isn’t the key to having traffic?” “No,” says the publicist. The key is to have quality traffic. And that is what we offer. In advertising, in addition to choosing the keyword, you can segment so that your message is only seen by those who have a high probability of becoming customers of your business. Checkmate, SEO geek ! The possibility of shortening times and optimizing resources reverberates in the manager’s head. Sponsored links on the search engine results page and affiliate sites – at a low cost – are a very seductive alternative. The message is powerful for the team: they do not have to wait long to achieve the position in the search engine, they can buy it! “Ah, but it’s not just in the search engine!” The advertising executive emphasizes. The same thing happens on social networks. You can reach a large audience with an advertising action. “Long live the shortcuts!” Shouts the company’s commercial manager. Google Analytics has the answers On Thursday, about to end the week, with more doubts than certainties and consumed by anguish, the mathematicians appear.

“Who invited these people?” Asks the marketer, who is only interested in the glamor of the digital world and adds, as a joke, “Numbers are for accountants!”

Digital metrics analysts enter the meeting with astonishing confidence and at first throw a lapidary phrase: —If it is not measured and optimized, any digital effort will be wasted. Revenge of the nerds ! The marketer is silent and the manager has an affinity for analysts, because talking about indicators to a manager is pleasant music to his ears. The group of web metrics analysts explains to the company team the importance of continuous improvement for any digital project; They tell them about the value of data as a feedback mechanism and immerse them in an ocean of performance indicators. The manager’s eyes are opened when they talk about ROI – return on investment , return on investment – and when they draw dashboards in Excel. “Graphs and tables!” That’s my thing, that’s what I killed myself for in statistics class.

After the meeting, with an incredible saturation, and taking advantage of the fact that it is Thursday, the manager proposes to the team to go out for a drink at a bar. To make the atmosphere calmer, he tells them to invite friends. The meeting is going well, laughter and anecdotes from the meetings of the week. A friend of one of the team members who is present listens carefully to the stories and interrupts them: —Designers, developers, advertising, SEO … ?! Whats that for. That is the past. Today’s world is dominated by social media. That’s where the customers are. “Thanks for damaging the party!” The manager replies. Social media is what is in fashion Friday, finally! Deciding Day. Although there are more doubts than certainties, the team, paying attention to the spoiler of the previous day, sets about the task of finding a provider of marketing services on social networks, and they find a thousand – in the five blocks around the office-.

—Today we have to make this little topic of digital transformation clear! Says the manager, in a manager’s tone. We have been working on the matter for a week. Enough. Also, my schedule for next week is full of things. At that moment the representative of the social media marketing agency arrives . “Welcome to the era of new marketing!” -He says-. Today, what counts are relationships, that is why companies have to create communities. What you need is to hire us to be your community managers . We will create a content strategy for them, design reputation protocols and manage interactions. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Everyone will follow them on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube… They will be the stars of digital environments. A new universe comes to light – perhaps the largest of digital today. A universe allied with businesses that care about building relationships, making friends, talking with them and hooking them up. A universe that brings with it new positions within the company, suppliers, skills and tools. A universe full of opportunities, and threats.

Anguish turns to despair
Saturated by the week, the team falls into the trap. So many things and so little clarity. Everything seems important. Help! It is then that the manager takes the floor to decide and does so by opting for the easy: “Let’s do everything, so that we lack nothing!” Serious, costly and, sadly, recurring mistake by companies and their managers. Paradise for the digital industry! But hell for business. A huge waste of resources and rampant inefficiency. The meetings were of no use. The story does not end here … This chronicle ends here, but the story could continue for a couple of weeks because the manager can schedule meetings with: providers of email marketing , storytelling , marketing automation , artificial intelligence, mobile marketing … But we prefer to leave it that way, so as not to increase the anguish.

However, we cannot leave them lying around. We have to help them draw conclusions from the story. From our perspective, all the digital companies that spoke to the manager and his team told half-truths. They were all biased. Digital scenarios can be easy and fun when you understand their basic concepts and do things well, without hassle and progressively. Otherwise, they will turn into a nightmare. The lesson we want to share is simple: the key to the digital world is not to do more, but to do better. And to achieve this, you do not need to be an expert in computers, networks or operating systems. We know of excellent astronomers who do not master telescopes. To succeed in the digital world, what you need is to know its fundamentals, do a deep introspection of the impact of technology in the organization and in the markets, create a simple strategy – with clear objectives -, launch into execution with patience and evaluate each step. Neither design, nor development, nor SEO , nor advertising, nor analytics, nor social media make a separate difference. A good plan, yes. Design it. Then, choose the digital tools necessary to start it up, without falling into fads or pressures. That is the key for your business to transform.

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