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Characteristics of businesses that succeed with digital marketing

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Characteristics of businesses that succeed with digital marketing

The digital strategy of an organization is its declaration of behavior in this world or scenario, it is a kind of manifesto in which the way in which the company will face this is put on paper. In the strategy, Israel Phone Number List leaders embody the collective digital thinking model for daily decision-making and for the definition of action plans — thus leading to the efficient achievement of objectives. There, initiatives and available resources are also precisely synchronized, tasks are adjusted to the moment the company lives and decisions are adapted to market circumstances. But creating and executing successful digital strategies is a complex process, which requires a method to be effective – yes, we know that we have said this phrase a thousand times throughout our articles, but it is important to emphasize it. In this there are no magic tricks or hidden shortcuts, and it takes a lot of discipline and creativity to culminate with positive dividends for the company.

Environments that take digital strategy to the next level
You can’t be digital without a strategy! Let’s take it in now! Now, having it is no guarantee of success. Creating it is convenient, but not enough; because the strategy to be effective will need an environment conducive to its development. And that environment is only achieved with the convergence of internal aspects and behaviors – controllable by the organization – and external circumstances – which do not depend on the company or its members. Businesses are surrounded by things that affect their performance: employees, suppliers and the entire supply chain, customers, government regulations, and competitors; to name just a few of the important ones. All of this is what makes up the business environment. Well, for the organization’s digital strategy to be successful, the best conditions for its development must be created. Starting with the controllable: the organization itself and its team of collaborators. Business leaders must strive for a suitable ecosystem , in which the execution of what is planned and the growth of what is obtained is possible. If you do not work on adapting everything to the new realities that are sought with the digital strategy and some behavior patterns are not integrated, all efforts and initiatives could be in vain. From the elemental to the transcendental, each piece of the corporate puzzle must be put at the service of strategy; so that it develops with a high probability of success.


The characteristics and behaviors that create successful digital strategies
A digital strategy will be correctly constructed when the objectives sought by the business begin to guide its decisions and its actions in the digital world, when specific results and, consequently, specific users are pursued. A well-designed strategy will make the difference between two businesses that try to appropriate technology to attack Forex Email List , because everyone has access to the tools, but not everyone builds good plans and prepares to make the most of the benefits. Now, if some characteristics and behaviors are added to that preparation, if some attitudes are internalized, companies will be in a privileged position to face the new challenges in the competition for digital achievements. Next, we present what we consider to be the ten characteristics that should be promoted in businesses to enhance their digital strategy.

1. Planning
Planning is the first behavior that should be promoted within companies. This has to arise naturally in the work teams to be able to aspire to a promising future in the digital world. We have already said it: you cannot achieve outstanding results if you do not plan the action! Each step taken, each task undertaken and each procedure executed within the digital scenarios should be associated with a work schedule, a person in charge and an evaluation process. Organizations that plan create the perfect environment to impact the business with their digital strategy; those that don’t will be at a clear disadvantage.

2. Research
Companies that want to excel in digital must open up to research and encourage this practice in their collaborators. The orientation towards research serves to obtain new knowledge, and its application for the solution of everyday problems is an indispensable feature for today’s times. Digital strategies open to research perform better and achieve high levels of optimization in less time. Research should be seen by business leaders as a characteristic that drives their businesses to a permanent exploration of markets, competitors, technological tools and audiences. The research is the basic input for the enrichment of each tactic chosen by the company in the digital world.

3. Experimentation
This feature may seem redundant to the previous one, but they are different – although they always go hand in hand. Research is an attitude, while experimentation is a method. I can investigate without experimenting, but I cannot experiment without investigating. For clarity: when we talk to colleagues about which digital advertising platform works best for them, we are doing our research; And when we activate campaigns on all platforms to corroborate it, we are experienced. Instilling experimentation in the organization will serve to test, optimize, learn and change course whenever necessary. Testing things, as an appropriation mechanism in the digital world, turns businesses into true factories of ideas and innovation —a competitive advantage that is difficult for competitors to match.

4. Assumption of risks
The fear of failure is something that has been deeply engraved in work teams. “Failure is bad” is a phrase that is not said explicitly, but is always present in the minds of employees. Well, for the digital strategy to succeed, this perception must be changed. Digital strategies must allow people to take calculated risks and, if necessary, fail without fear or retaliation. Managers must accept and get used to risks and losses from which something can be learned. In fact, experimentation – the characteristic that we have just addressed – will surely bring errors and will need this type of freedom in order to develop. The message should be clear: not all mistakes have to be bad, some can be the consequence of doing something new.

5. Diversification
One of the dangers to avoid in a digital strategy is excessive tactical concentration. It is common to find companies whose ecosystems are centered on few platforms, tools and actions – a practice that increases the dependency and vulnerability of businesses. Yes, we accept that some actions in the digital world are fun to execute and others not so much, or that many deliver results in the short term and others require more time and effort; but these cannot be the reasons that justify this tactical concentration. Organizations that instill the principles of diversification generally build good digital strategies, because they are recursive and encourage the constant exploration of options to strengthen their actions.

6. Perseverance
Most digital strategies are projects for the long term; therefore, giving up an activity early — due to an obvious lack of benefits — could be a costly mistake. Consequently, one of the most important characteristics that must be internalized in companies for the execution of the digital strategy is perseverance. Do not hesitate! If your effort is thoughtful, constant and carefully controlled, this will lead you to the achievement of the intended objectives. Now, persevering does not mean insisting to insist, but insisting with intelligence. The organizations that give just enough time space for their actions to be established and achieve good results are the ones that are best prepared to face digital.

7. Evaluation
Another valuable behavior for the appropriation of the digital is the vocation for the analysis of the results. The permanent review of what has been carried out and what has been obtained is a discipline that allows us to calculate the real value of things that consume resources in companies. The inclination for an incessant evaluation of achievements and acquired learning is a particularity that enhances the digital strategy in business. Evaluating means estimating what is obtained, and is a priority for the health of the strategy. Teams and companies must work hard to make evaluation an organic behavior. Digital strategies that transform businesses leverage critical thinking and use data and information to drive conscious decision-making.

8. Optimization
When we talk about optimizing in digital environments, we refer to the process of modifying a system or a task to improve its efficiency and reduce the consumption of resources. Optimization, as an organizational characteristic, is a behavior that ensures constant review of processes and their continuous improvement. With this attitude internalized by the teams, a rational consumption of resources and a positive return on investments will be guaranteed. This behavior, rare in modern companies, attacked by non-stop doing, will not only increase efficiency; It will also reduce the efforts required to achieve the intended objectives. Most of the previous eight characteristics presented end here: in continuing education for improvement. When investigating, experimenting, taking risks, evaluating actions, and optimizing processes; what is sought is to learn. If organizations commit to education, they will not make the same mistakes and will advance at a faster pace than their competitors do. Educating yourself in all aspects and at all levels – not just managers – is an enriching behavior for digital strategy, because it shortens paths and saves resources. In addition, with permanent exposure to knowledge, you will be at the forefront and will have better tools to compete in current markets.

10. Evangelization
Finally, evangelization – a word borrowed from religion to describe that a digital strategy is enhanced when persistently preached – is the best attitude for the massification of ideas and plans. Leaders must encourage the transmission of information within the organization to align collaborators and guarantee the correct execution of what has been planned. The more visible the strategy within the company, the better. The conclusion of all this is that success in digital scenarios is not tied to the use or selection of technological tools, but to the development of a clear and coherent strategy and the internalization of some particularities that put us on the right course. When the digital strategy is expressed with precision, a commitment is created with specific actions and with specific objectives. From it, a detailed schedule of tasks and activities will also be derived that will lead the company to a satisfactory immersion and the use of digital environments. This meticulous planning, added to the characteristics described above and outstanding operational efficiency, will give you very powerful competitive advantages.

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