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ASO positioning: what it is and guide to apply it

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ASO positioning: what it is and guide to apply it

Did you know that there are more than 5 million apps on the App Store and Google Play? And that 60% of the time that users spend on their mobile is using apps? The app market is growing and there is more and more competition. It is no longer enough to have a good product, you have to make strategies to reach users. It is essential to be well positioned if we want to be successful. Therefore, an ASO positioning strategy is really useful.

In this article we will explain what ASO positioning is and why it is so important to apply it. In addition, we will show you the main advantages it brings to those who use it and we will give you a few tips to develop a successful ASO strategy.

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What is ASO positioning?
Why is it so important to use an ASO strategy? Some advantages
How to do ASO positioning
ASO positioning + a good app = guaranteed success
What is ASO positioning?
The initials of ASO correspond to App Store Optimization, and, as its name indicates, it is the positioning carried out on the download platforms of applications for smartphones such as the Google Play Store or the App Store. ASO positioning is the process of optimizing an app to maximize its visibility on app platforms in order to increase its traffic and the number of downloads.

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Why is it so important to use an ASO strategy? Some advantages
According to Apple, search plays a huge role in how users discover apps, with search queries accounting for 65% of App Store downloads. Therefore, we can say that working the ASO directly influences the success or failure of an app.

Working on ASO positioning is as important as our application being useful and intuitive, since if no one finds us, what use will it be to having the best app in a sector?

That is why it is so important to use ASO techniques to position apps in application marketplaces.

As with SEO, anyone who applies this type of technique in their applications is rewarded with a series of advantages that undoubtedly make an app more competitive and receive many more downloads. The main advantages are:

Increased visibility: the better you implement your ASO strategy, the more visibility you will get and, therefore, your chances of getting users to download your application will be higher.
Organic downloads : an organic download is one generated directly from the app stores, without any external influence (Social Ads, Search Ads, Mobile Ads, etc.). By improving the visibility of your app you will get more organic downloads through search, rankings …
Increase your income: Normally, the most common way to generate income with apps is through PPC (advertising per click). The more visibility you get, the better your chances of getting clicks.
Less competition: it is a relatively new market and competition is still low. The number of apps that develop ASO positioning is much lower, for example, than SEO positioning in web search engines.
Low investment: as you will see below, making an ASO positioning strategy is based on following a series of steps that do not require much cost or investment. We will have to pay for some tools, as in SEO positioning, but this type of strategy is available to everyone.
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How to do ASO positioning
Applying ASO positioning techniques is much easier than you might think . In reality, it is only a matter of letting apps markets know what our application does and by which keywords we want users to find us.

There are very varied positioning factors that are found both in the application itself (on site) and outside it (off site) . Some are applied in a very logical way, such as the title of the application or its description. If we make correct use of them, our chances of getting higher in search results will undoubtedly increase.


ASO On Site positioning factors
The ASO On Site ranking factors are all those that are directly related to the application itself . These are fields such as the Title App or the description, which must be filled in with the most appropriate keywords. To reach the best decision we recommend:

Do a keyword search: we will look for keywords that are of high relevance (related to our business), high volume and low difficulty or competition.
Seek inspiration from your competitors – what keywords are your competitors using? You can use different tools such as the Keyword Density function of the TheThool tool .
Investigate the suggestions of the Store autocompleters: when we search for something in the Play Store search engine, for example, we are shown suggestions in the text field where we are typing. These suggestions indicate what most users are looking for
Use keyword search tools such as:
Sensor Tower : gives us the range of difficulty that an application has to position itself, the historical ranking of the keywords used, data on the number of downloads of our app, market trends …
Appkeyword : shows you all the possible autocompletion options. It helps us explore all LongTail keywords.
Appbot :gives us information about the reviews and ratings of the different apps, which helps us to measure the feeling of feedback from the users of our app, find the most used keywords in the comments …
The Google Play developer console has multiple uses, such as defining and optimizing the elements of the app file, or viewing statistics and responding to user comments, and it helps us to A / B test our file. app.
AppCodes: this free tool is very useful to search for keywords related to your app because you can see the keywords that your competition uses.
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Once you have the most suitable keywords for your app, you must use them in the following fields:

Title / App name:
You must add one of the main keywords for which you want to position, next to the name of the app or the brand.
Choose a short and concise title.
Tip: once you have chosen the title of your app, you should not change it frequently, as it can cause you to lose positioning.
Developer name: the app developer is very important to the ASO. The longer a developer has been enrolled in the different app stores, the better the appraisal will be and, therefore, its positioning.
Description: the description, by itself, does not directly help the positioning of the APP. Still, it can be useful to use a keyword related to it. The main thing in the description is to highlight the main features and benefits vs the competition.
Category: it is essential to assign the category or categories that correspond to the app to facilitate positioning.
Featured Image: Use attractive images that attract the attention of users. A good featured image increases your install rate.
Keywords field : specific field to include keywords related to your app. Choose the ones that have the best positioning possibilities and, above all, remember to put the ones that you have included in the title.
Subtitle: in this text section, take the opportunity to describe the main and most interesting features of your app. You must include the keywords that have the most positioning potential.
Promotional text: this text field is not indexed. But it will be very useful to promote offers, events …
Icon: key to identify the app and differentiate it from the rest.
Screenshots: it is one of the most important ASO factors, as it helps to greatly increase your app downloads. You must include useful Screenshots that highlight your application against the competition. You can follow these tips to make the screenshots:
Analyze and observe the screenshots of the competition.
Sort and prioritize images.
Use all the APP screenshots available for each device.
Screenshot text should be large, short, and concise. Make it easy to read or they will lose interest.
Use high resolution.
Show a feature or two per screenshot. Don’t saturate users with too much information on each screenshot or they won’t pay attention.
Screenshots for Forex Email List must be vertical while those for iPad must be horizontal.
Keep the same style in the different images to respect the corporate identity.
Custom images → do not use image banks.
Videos: up to 3 YouTube videos can be included in the App Store, while in the Google Play store you can hang 1. Take the opportunity to upload an eye-catching video that highlights the functions of your app.
ASO Off Site positioning factors
On the other hand, we must also take into account the Off Site positioning factors, which, despite being related to the app, are not as easily configurable as the Onsites, although in one way or another we can work on them to improve the positioning of a app in the App Stores. If your application is well designed, fulfills its function perfectly and is well optimized, sooner or later we will see the results. Some of the main factors are:

Volume and speed of the installations: the more downloads we have, the better positioned we will be. On the contrary, if the number of uninstalls of your app increases, you will lose ranking.
It also takes into account the number of downloads you have in short times (download speed).
Reviews, votes and comments: having good votes and positive comments, as well as 5 stars in reviews will increase the number of downloads of your app, which, in turn, will increase the positioning of your APP.
Tip: respond to user comments and, above all, focus on applying the improvements that they suggest the most and appreciating these insights.
CTR: percentage of clicks per impression: a high CTR rate will increase the ranking of your app. A good strategy is to offer the app for free to boost positioning.
External mentions via the Web : very useful to help give credibility to your app and increase downloads.
Average mark: average value of the scores received. Obviously, the higher the better.
Include social media buttons: to improve your positioning in the App Store, Facebook likes will be very valuable. Before it stopped working, Google Plus scores were valued in the Google Play Store (being from the same company, authority was transferred).
Engagement: the fact that you have few uninstallations and, in addition, that your app is used frequently, will help give your app greater visibility.
Creation of a web page or landing page for the app: you will be able to give more visibility to the app and get more downloads if you use links to the download page of the app stores on the landing page.
In addition to everything that helps ASO positioning directly, engagement with the user is very important. If users uninstall the app or don’t use it, this will lower your ASO ranking. That is why it is not only important to follow the ASO tips that I left you above, but we must also promote the app through other channels.

Take advantage of social networks and paid campaigns in these media or in Google AdWords to increase the visibility of your app and the number of downloads.

ASO positioning + a good app = guaranteed success
The process followed for ASO positioning is very similar to the one we follow for SEO positioning . Basically it is about carrying out an intense search for competitors and keywords followed by an optimization of the app’s listing to increase its visibility. Finally, it is important to monitor all the actions you take and review the results to determine if the strategy followed is successful or if it needs to be revised.

If we combine ASO positioning techniques with a functional, fast and well-designed application, success is assured. Do you have any doubt left? Share it with me in the comment section!

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