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As an adult we buy what we like in childhood

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As an adult we buy what we like in childhood

I would like to elaborate on something that I have found important to take into account from a commercial point of view for our companies. We have all assumed it is true that branding, the ability to brand and communicate it properly and efficiently, has very positive effects on our business results. But there is research data that goes even pakistan phone number details further on these effects of branding on customers. It is confirmed that more than 55% of people, when using certain brands, we take into account in an important way, those that in some way we use, impacted or were important in our childhood. In other words, in marketing, past experience is important in many of our current commercial behavior, which when purchasing products in adulthood can be determined by childhood experience.


This may imply that if your favorite drink when you were a child and the one with which you have good experiences associated with it was Cola Cao, it is very likely that in your adulthood you have that brand in your home, and that you even impose it on your children, yes You perceive visits to the Burger King as satisfactory as a child, it is most likely that you will increase your visits to this establishment, that is, what was important or positively Forex Email List you in your childhood, may significantly condition your decision to current purchase when choosing one brand or another. I consider this information very important because, first of all, I believe that this connection occurs in a percentage of more numerous people than I thought, and of course it was widely accepted that we are a present determined in part by our past, but that loyalty the brand has such a long-standing relationship with the customer, allows us to think and take even more into consideration:

on the one hand (which I think we all accept) the need to enhance our brand,
and in another vein we also have to keep in mind that users are tomorrow’s buyers and decision-makers, so the brand must be quarried from now on.
In this last sense, it seems advisable to consider with this objective of making a quarry, starting certain commercial activities that in principle we would not have foreseen in our marketing plans. I mean with this that it is very feasible that brands aimed exclusively at adults, perhaps they have to take as a strategic factor, design activities where children are taken into consideration that these adults can accompany to the brand. Thus, in a car brand, regardless of the segment, it may make sense to encourage parents to go with their children to the dealerships so that once there they can have pleasant experiences not only for the decision-makers of the purchase, but also to their companions in the form of games, meals, etc?, this same can be transferred to the online world where you can consult the models that you commercialize as but have a children’s gamification section where the products and values ​​of the brand are included , videos, send them valuable content for children (videos, games, stories, idols, etc.), carry out online / offline campaigns for the children of our clients, scholarship programs for fun, study, or what we can think of, etc ?, in short, work a segment commerciallyThat is not our main business objective now, to convert loyal brand to real customers.

It seems interesting on a commercial level to work on a commercial plan for this attached segment, from now on so that in the future it generates benefits for the brand. With this type of commercial actions aimed at the little ones to help them have better experiences related to the brand, it also has a deepening in the loyalty of adults since they observe how our brand in addition to trying to satisfy them, intends that their children are happier, they are better cared for, with the commitment that the brand also has a contribution to their well-being. All this would imply a strategic decision of the company’s management, which would consist of serving current non-productive secondary markets, in order to expand our future market, an investment in the present to create a more profitable future.

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