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Activation is the moment when a potential customer, or current customer, gets on board. That is, when a consumer interacts directly with the product or service of a company. While the acquisition of a product or service entails that the content of a page redirects them to, for example, the landing page , the activation means that the potential  find mobile phone number australia has spent quality time and has experimented with your business, to the point of being ready to take another step in your relationship with the brand. Therefore, we are answering the question: What drives a consumer to the end of the funnel ? In Roas Hunter , we tell you: Activation can take different forms The activation itself can take different forms, and its importance varies depending on the industry. While in some it is the main vehicle within the sales funnel , in others it is hardly used.

For example, the concession stand at a sports stadium doesn’t start handing out food samples until a customer goes to buy a sandwich in the middle. The consumer does not get to experience the food (sandwich) that they have been sold until after they have made the purchase. With food samples, what you do is get the customer “activated” by trying it, and determine if it is worth going and buying a snack or not. The same happens with other types of transactions, and therefore, especially consumers who buy online, are more cautious about where they invest their money. Let’s see more examples of how activation begins in a consumer’s purchase cycle: A café hands out free samples from a supermarket to win new consumers A consultant gives free advice to people, so they can see the style and services of this. A publisher sends book samples to authors who edit their books themselves, so they can see the quality of the printed material and the different options. An online clothing store publishes videos and photos that show how clothes feel to people with different body types so that the person can see how they would fit.


A subscription fee in meals that offers a discount for a month so that the person is hooked on it and wants to continue subscribing in the following months. But activation can also be as simple as moving a customer through the funnel thanks to interactions with the web, and making it easy for users to manage, which will motivate them to make a purchase. Think of this as the moment when a consumer is “enlightened” and they take action to go from being a potential customer to a customer who has made purchases. Forex Email List marketing and activation go hand in hand For many workers in online service-based businesses, activation plays an important role in the sales funnel . Many of these companies rely on strategies such as offering free trial periods for software programs, or courses, or fremium software that gives them limited access to tools for page visitors to progress through the funnel.

The metrics you can use to monitor activation The metrics you should use to track activation depend on how your company handles this step. Similar to the sales funnel in general, the activation step “filters” consumers from activation to making a purchase. Some commonly used metrics are: Access to the landing page Time spent on the website Number of pages visited by a person Registered and conversion rate with those registrations Time elapsed between when you register and make a purchase. Make your product or service available in the different activation steps Regardless of the skills and persuasiveness of your salespeople, nothing substitutes for trying something to make the purchase decision. Only those who have tried a product or service really know what it is like. Get your customers to test your products whenever possible so they get a “real feel” for what you’re selling, and trust me, you’ll go a lot further in the funnel.

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