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A / B Tests in HubSpot: How and Why to Create Them

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A / B Tests in HubSpot: How and Why to Create Them

Do you know how to get the most out of all the work you are doing in your email VP Administration Email Lists campaigns? The test A / B allow you to compare two versions of the same content to see which performs better.

In HubSpot, doing these A / B tests is very easy, since it allows you to get the most out of the different elements of your content in the mailings, in the CTA buttons of your site or, even, in the landing pages ! The winning version will be the one that gets the most clicks, the longest viewing time and that, in short, is liked the most.

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How to create A / B tests in HubSpot?
Advantages of doing A / B test
A / B test in your emails with HubSpot: this is how you can do it
Put your creativity to the test, because you will see how the location, the format, the colors, the graphic elements or the type of text influence the decision-making of the users.

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Here’s how A / B testing works in HubSpot and why you should implement this technique in your digital marketing strategy.

How to create A / B tests in HubSpot?
With HubSpot’s A / B tests you can test the different elements of your content until we adapt to what users like the most. In this way, while half (or a lower percentage) of users see a version of your email, the other as many recipients will see the variation of the test.

The interesting thing about carrying out an A / B test is that you will be able to compare the different interactions thanks to the analytical part of HubSpot . This way you will know how to improve conversion or acquisition ratios without wasting time or increasing the investment cost.

For example, we can test the CTA button to see which one has a higher CTR, play with different subjects in the email to see which one gets a higher open rate, etc. The version that performed best after the trial period will be the winner and will automatically be shown to the majority of recipients.

The best thing to do when testing the content that works best with your users is to make a variation per version . That is, do not change too many elements from version A to B or you will not know what has most influenced some results or others.

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Advantages of doing A / B test
Now that you have an idea of ​​how A / B testing works, you should be more than clear about its advantages. However, I have compiled a small list of the reasons why I recommend it so much:

Greater precision in the success of our advertising campaigns : sometimes we invest a certain sum of money, we spend hours and hours developing the campaigns, but, after the result, we do not know why some ads performed better than others. When we play a lot or we need to achieve better results, the A / B tests will be your allies.
Measure the different variations of an idea in a single investment : for undecided creatives we know how important it is to combine different email models, landing pages, etc. to create the final version, the one that the target audience likes the most. All this without adding investment.
Make better decisions in the future : The more A / B tests we run, the closer we are to creating the content and offering that most appeals to users.
In other words, carrying out A / B tests serves to optimize conversions, a sign that it is the best way to attract and / or retain customers.

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A / B test in your emails with HubSpot: this is how you can do it
In the same way that we could configure a common email for our email marketing strategy, we can add the A / B test option. Now, you should keep this option in mind before creating the email, the landing page or whatever you want to test.

Once you log into your HubSpot account, in Forex Email List click on “create email” and choose the regular email from the other available options.

Then, choose the type of template you want to use and, in the same editor, you will find the option ” Run a Test “. Enter a name and you are ready to start setting up your A / B test with HubSpot! The rest will come out smoothly, since the usability of this tool is intuitive and comfortable.


HubSpot allows you to perform A / B tests as follows:

Using a slider you can decide the A / B distribution percentage for each version and the winning version. This is how you choose the percentage of contacts that will see variation A and B. While with some tools we have to allocate 50% of the sending of emails for testing, HubSpot allows us to choose lower percentages for each of the versions.
Define the metric that you are interested in analyzing with this A / B test: open rate, click rate or click through rate (CTR). This criterion will be key to determine which will be the winning version.
Set the duration time you want for the coexistence of both versions. Then you can check which one has obtained the best results. You will have to wait long enough to collect the data to make a decision.
Likewise, the variables that you can combine in email A / B tests are the following:

Sender of the email.
Subject line text.
Offer type.
The style and format of the content: configure different email layouts, but remember: do not change more than one type of element from one version to another.
The picture.
New call-to-action
CTA A / B Test with HubSpot
What about buttons that call for action?

An interesting strategy is to send an email with two versions (or a third, variation C) in which only the color of the CTA changes.

You would be surprised to check the different CTRs in each version for this change which, a priori, seems insignificant.

How do you know which is the best version? HubSpot will show you the statistics for each version, so you can easily view:

Number of clicks
Page impressions

A / B test on landing pages or web pages
In addition to testing the attraction of certain elements of the content in the email, you can perform A / B tests on landing pages or web pages. This way you will know which of the different versions that share the same URL has the highest conversion rates.

You can do the testing on any page already published or create pages or landings from scratch, but don’t worry, the process is very simple. You just have to decide the variation you want to test to easily edit it from the “Landing Pages” panel (Website / Marketing) of the HubSpot administrator.


Another interesting aspect that HubSpot offers is that, in addition to playing with two different versions in the A / B tests, with the “Adaptive Test ” option you add more tests to the equation.

These are the types of variables that you can adapt in the A / B tests of your pages:

The type of content: Experiment with different types of offers. Perhaps a 15% discount on ankle boots is more interesting than a 15% discount on flat shoes.
The style of the content and its format: play with the different structures or modules that your landing page template allows. One column of text on the right and one image on the left, one column of text on the left and the image on the right, a longer block of text compared to a shorter one, etc.
The featured image.
The form type: how many form fields should you add?
When you have already run the A / B test for a certain time, you will be able to see the statistics of each version in the Marketing / Website / Landing Pages part. There you will find the name of the A / B test that you have prepared and you can check its results by setting the date range and frequency. In this way, you will be able to choose the winning test so that the other version will no longer be displayed. And to continue adding.

Do you dare to create A / B tests with HubSpot for your email marketing campaigns ? With the right tools and a good strategy in mind, you will surely know how to take advantage of the situation to improve analytics. Share with me your results or doubts in the comments section!

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