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Why is it important to improve existing conversions on landing pages?
If you are selling products or building your brand online, you should create landing pages at some point if you haven’t already. Unlike publications on social networks, or paid media , landing pages exist in the  free phone number database ecosystem that you own and control. They give you the opportunity to speak directly to users who are interested enough in your offer to click through. And if you have come across this already, you should do everything possible so that these users remain interested and end up converting. With that in mind, here are 9 tips to improve conversions on your landing pages.

1. The speed of the page

If you are trying to improve your landing page conversions , it is essential to remember that every second counts. In other words, page speed is one of the most important factors in your landing page’s conversion rate . For example, a Google study found that 53% of mobile visitors leave a page if it takes them more than 3 seconds to load. Additionally, it was also found that adding just one second to the time it takes to load a page can decrease conversions by up to 7%. If you have problems with this, it is recommended that you carry out tests to see where your landing page should be optimized .


2. CTA (Call To Action)
Ideally, your landing page only has one function, and this is to push the user to act. Most of the time, this means clicking a button or filling out a form. With this in mind, your main CTA should be immediately visible when your page loads. The user must be able to click and start the action without having to search the page. In addition, you must ensure that your CTA is clear and accessible from mobile devices.

3. Forms divided into steps
Increase the conversion rate by reducing the number of options, that is, if the purchase process requires Forex Email List many questions, the conversion rates will be higher if they are separated into different steps. The first step should have minimal, low-importance questions, and the value of the information you ask should increase as you progress through the form. This makes it easier for the user to give you the information as well as prompting them to complete the process.

4. Remove external links
Many company websites have links at the top of their page such as “Contact”, “About us”, “Services” etc … While this is good practice for informational web pages, in this case it may be a mistake for your landing page . People love clicking links, and extra sites that are unrelated to your CTA and content can help people leave your page and lower conversion rates. You should minimize the chances that the user will be distracted and explore things that are not related on the web. Also, if you are required to add links that remove your users from the landing page, such as the Privacy Policy, it is recommended that this link be opened in a different tab than the one on your landing page. In this way, users keep the landing page tab open.

5. Use a CTA that engages
Holding the CTA button at the bottom of the landing page as you scroll through can be helpful for your existing landing pages . According to a study, using this tactic with the “Add to Cart” CTA generates 7.9% more completed orders. If the CTA never leaves the screen, users will never have to figure out how to continue the process.

6. Incorporates dynamic geolocation data
Existing landing pages can always be improved with new tricks. For example, your landing page can incorporate dynamic content that changes reflecting the relevant needs of each user. By accessing the location via IP addresses, your content can be personalized and reinforce each offer.

7. Partial data captures
One of the benefits of multi-step forms (3.) is that the form can save data as it is entered. For example, you can equip your landing page to capture form data at every step. In this way, you will collect useful information for retargeting that user if they leave the form before completing it.

8. Include the CTA in each row
The landing pages can vary in length from a single screen on the mobile phone or computer, so long forms on pages that seem to never end. While the best length for your landing page is determined by tests, a key factor to improve them is to make sure that the CTA button or opportunity to convert is on the screen at all times.

9. Integrate your landing page with the CRM
Finally, one of the most important changes you can make to improve your conversions on the landing page is to integrate your page with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) By connecting the landing page that generates leads with your sales and operations platforms, you can eliminate the possibility that prospects are wrong because of the human factor. And you can maximize your investment in ads by automatically targeting users based on the data captured by your landing page . Integrating the systems requires both technical and marketing knowledge. The details may vary depending on the specific sales funnel , the CRM you use, and the data you are collecting on your landing page .

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